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Saturday, January 27, 2024

Why can't I do my IFA initiation by myself?

Why can't I do my IFA initiation by myself?

Why can't I do my IFA initiation by myself?

IFA is not one of those lie lie religion that lie to people and yet those religion didn't address the current situation of things in today's society .

In the bible, the mantle of power must be passed down from someone to someone, Elijah pass the power to Elisha .and so on and so forth.

You as a non initiate, you don't know the secret names of those ORISA, yes most ORISA has a secret names and power word that are sacred to them,only few OLUWO knows this .

You as a non initiate don't have the spiritual Power or authority to summon the ORISA .

You as a non initiate don't have the experience or knowledge on what to do.

I know we want everything to be written down but no matter how civilized the world has become, the secret words, passwords and secret teachings of IFA in the spirit realm can never get outside to the outside world.

Even some initiate of IFA don't have a close relationship with their ORISA due to their fault directly or indirectly.

Directly because of the person that did the INITIATION for them didn't do it right or indirect fault of the initiate by not doing the right thing, many initiate ignore their IFA after Initiation and run away thinking they have done the most important thing, the initiate would run and stay away as far as possible from IFA .

Most initiate thinks after IFA initiation, they would be smiling to the bank every day but it's not so. Though doors would open for you as an initiate but that is not the purpose of Initiation.

Many who want to be initiated into IFA try to buy as many book as possible to learn how it is done. 

I wish it was that easy.

I used to tell people ,no book in the world would tell you or teach you the most important thing. 

Take for instance Dangote in Nigeria had not been involve in any seminar teaching people on how to be rich, yet he is rich.

All book authors are just there to make some cash , nothing more.

Many people in the diaspora has been initiated by someone who has not been initiated. 

They think IFA has a backdoor where they can smuggled themselves in?

IFA INITIATION cannot be done by yourself even if you know all the material and ingredients to do it.
Many Babalawo don't know about the spiritual aspect of IFA, they only know how to do spiritual work

Many Babalawo don't know about the spiritual aspect of IFA, they only know how to do spiritual work

Many Babalawo don't know about the spiritual aspect of IFA, they only know how to do spiritual work 

It is not only Babalawo that has all the power, the moment you are initiated into IFA , you have your own share of that power .

Don't let anyone confuse you with what is not unless you are a fool or they did something else for you in the name of IFA .

That is only when you would not dream about spirituality.

Most Babalawo are not aware of the spiritual realm, some are aware but they tend to prevent people from it because it is the only way people would get to know the truth.

So they prevent you and the moment you start sharing your dream with them for guidance, they are jealous and they try to block you off from dreaming. 

Funny things, you will go to them for compliant and they would still do you more harm.

Be careful of those people.

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Online babalawo and the fear it brings

Online babalawo and the fear it brings

Online babalawo and the fear it brings 


Every babalawo now has a shop online to make money .

So those all the scammers too, they want to make money.

But then the fake babalawo because if their good pr job and publicity,they tend to have many followers and those numbers decieve a lot of people.

They think OLODUMARE answers prayer through the number of fake followers you have?

So the fake babalawo with a very large numbers of followers got all the job,the contract, the spiritual work .

And if their work doesn't work, you blame all babalawo and call them fakes.

My brother, You are the one that is carried away with numbers 

Problem of online Babalawo are not limited to the followings

Many are scammers 

Many don't know what they do

Many give false narrative and Information 

Well, I can't talk more than this .

I have seen Those who called themselves OSUN children displaying a giant snake etc 

I wonder if OSUN is snake related, those are one of my reasons for writing about OSUN and Eleriko.

If you have a question you would like me to talk on, I would be more than happy to help.

Every babalawo cannot be your babalawo

Every babalawo cannot be your babalawo

Every babalawo cannot be your babalawo

I know we would want to argue with this title but it is the truth and nothing more.

Some people are wicked people, when they see a good babalawo that doesn't want to do evil, they believe the babalawo doesn't know his work.

While some other people who wants legit work only come across evil and wicked babalawo,who will add more problem to their problem.

Other reasons why every babalawo cannot be your babalawo are the following.

Not everyone knows what they do

If you tell some babalawo what you want, they ended up doing something else for you. That means they don't know what to do.

Not every babalawo power can work for you 

Some powers are not good for you 

Babalawo are more powerful than the other

Your choice, if you are not patience.. you are likely to fall for fake babalawo

If you believe in money, you are probably going to fall for those evil babalawo.

If you want something to happen faster than normal, you want it quickly.

You are likely to loved fake babalawo that promise you something within 3 days or so and eventually it would not work .

And many more .

I always take my time , to explain and to also teach.

I always take my time in doing spiritual work. 

I do spiritual work etc based on the days allocated for each ORISA.

Am AJE NLA +2347031178647

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Why is initiation important in IFA

Why is initiation important in IFA

Why is initiation important in IFA 

IFA initiation is important because of the following reasons 

1. Without IFA initiation our spiritual authority would not be activated.

2. Without IFA initiation we would not be one with the universe

3. Without IFA initiation we would not be able to travel the other realms 

4. Without IFA initiation we would not be able to know who we are meant to be and how to do it .

5 without IFA initiation our spiritual growth would not be accelerated 

Monday, January 22, 2024

Can I learn IFA online ?

Can I learn IFA online ?

Can I learn IFA online ?

No you can't learn IFA online.

No amount of knowledge can be found on the internet because IFA is an inner spirituality that has to be done and trained by a master majorly an ORISA.

An ORISA would be assigned to help you grow Spiritually and it is this ORISA that would help you in all you need .

IFA has no shortcut and don't look for a shortcut because you won't find.

Looking for IFA verses and quote online is not the best way because most of what is online are false teachings .

Sunday, January 21, 2024

How accurate is your Holy book of ODU IFA?

How accurate is your Holy book of ODU IFA?

How accurate is your Holy book of ODU IFA?

I am here to break some tables and I would like some Babalawo, iyanifa and everyone into isese to  come and share their mind .

Some people see me as a threat and they wished that am dead. So they wished.

I was at the fore front of a great spiritual battle in the spirit realm, I was fighting side by side with SANGO Olukoso, OGUN lakaye , OLOKUN, IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO, ESUZ YEMOJA , AGBODERE, the host of heaven and the rest of millions of egbe Orun who are my family.

It was on the battle field that I met an ORISA of death, I haven't taken his permission to say it .

The ORISA said AJE NLA would you be happy if I can help? I never reject a request from an ORISA.

He said those who wished you dead would die in days without any traces of sickness or anything, I stop fighting and I ask some questions.

He said you have been trying and a little help would do no harm. I was filled with gracefulness and gratitude. I can face some other things that really matter.

I have received cal from more than 10 people who are willing to pay me monthly in as much as I can be protecting them, praying for them and making sure nothing happens to them.

If money was what I ever wanted, I would have said yes to such a sweet offer since I would be taking in millions but I said no. No other substitute for No. Just No.

This experience make me understand why church business is booming, many people are not ready for spirituality, they needed someone to do the heavy Job while they enjoy their life. They don't mind paying millions to you.

This is why pastors are selling anointing oils and do whatever to make money, some even paid pastors monthly for covering them against evil. I wonder if God is for Sale or Is God that scarce to see?

I never forget the topic, how accurate is your Holy book of IFA?

Many people has tried to link IFA and the ORISA with the biblical stories and people. 

Many people say that ELA who was born by his mother without physical contact with any man is the same Jesus. How can that be?

It is very foolish of you to think or say that.

IFA has been in existence a million years before the birth of Christianity. How are they related? 

You must be a fool to make such assumptions.

Don't forget that IFA has been passed down from generations to generations without any book or textbook .

Why do we need a text book called Holy Book of ODU IFA now?

Do our fore father's used this book ?

If you have an answer to this then let it be the right answer.

Babalawo are becoming more lazy day by day, they are looking for ways to make the work easier but it is not meant to be an easy task, being a babalawo is a lifetime dedication.

Why do you think a book can explain all that is inside IFA ?

So many babalawo are using Google to browse for ODU IFA and whatever.

If you are one of those, you are fake.

Babalawo are the closest thing to an ORISA. Babalawo is always in the company of ORISA, they live, eat ,sleep and do all things together.

But the babalawo of today are not ready for such full dedication. They want shortcut.

IFA has been passed down from generations simply because the moment you are initiated into IFA and as a babalawo, that is the moment you start your training in the dream.

Ancient babalawo are thought what they know in their sleep , The dream state is where they learn all what they learn.

ELA is not dead, the elders and others are not dead. How many babalawo has their contact in the spirit realm?

If you agree that IFA thought the purest babalawo via the dream.

Do you think a Holy book of ODU IFA written by someone can ever contain all what IFA would teach you in your dream?

Someone wrote that book to help those who are a baby in IFA to grow, it was never a manual to IFA and don't try to make it one..

I wrote an article about transgender LGBTQ and I quote the odu IFA that support it, I actually went to ORUNMILA to ask that question and he gave me insight to it . Here we are where many babalawo would only quote what was written by someone who tried to make money from holy ODU of IFA . They quote it and quote it and they claimed that I needed help.

Don't lie, many babalawo are online babalawo.

Real babalawo learn from the dream , how many of you learn from the dream?

So I ask again,  How accurate is your Holy book of ODU IFA?

We have many versions or should I say many people try as much as possible to document what IFA says but can it be as accurate as learning it from IFA himself ?

Many argue that IFA doesn't exist, many says that IFA is not an ORISA that he is just a Spirit.

Many says am too full of shit but I ask, how accurate is your Holy book of ODU IFA.

No matter how hard you try, you can't be as accurate as learning from IFA himself.

The best way to learn is to learn from the ORISA themselves , enough of all this book reading and pointing fingers .

Learn inwardly from the source.
Of course the main reason we can't learn is because we are full of impurities, chasing money and thinking of building house, marrying as many wives as possible in the name of ORUNMILA.

ORUNMILA must be so proud of you.

So many people only heard about the big names of IFA , ORUNMILA and many others but they can't tell the difference between those names .

The secret to having a good connection with IFA is to remain pure,set some rules that would keep you in line with IFA .

I know, babalawo must eat but IFA is not sleeping.

Some times I woke up without a penny and I never worried about a shit, I know I would never go HUNGRY , I know money is just a value because of the value we attached to it. 

Money was never a priority to me and it doesn't really have value than the Knowledge. Between money and knowledge, if we are to choose I would choose knowledge over money.

Don't ask me why but it is my choice, you can choose money over knowledge because you think money cam buy the books in the world but knowledge is not found in books.

IFA is spirituality that can only be learn inwardly not something a book can teach you.

Though all interest start with a book but we must not stop there..

I think I should rest a little ...

Let me wait for those who would fire some questions at me.

Friday, January 19, 2024

Indiscipline in some Babalawo and Pastors

Indiscipline in some Babalawo and Pastors

Indiscipline in some Babalawo and Pastors

I have come across a lot of things that make my head swell and I wish I never hear them.

I have heard stories of Babalawo and spiritualist wanting to get intimate with a female client 

The moment they see some glory on you, they tell you something like you must be an apetebi, you must be the wife of alfa or pastor for your problems to be solve.

Most of it is a lie .

Some spiritualist are so indisciplined that they can't hold themselves together anytime they see a woman.

As a babalawo,you need to be more discipline and serious.

Don't say ORUNMILA married more than one wife and you start misbehaving up and down.

Don't hide behind the ORUNMILA stories and use it to do many evil.

If you have fell in this trap before, am sorry. It's one of their sign that they are fake babalawo.

TB Joshua is gone but look at the blunder the world is saying about him today?

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

When you see this sign, you are dealing with Fake babalawo

When you see this sign, you are dealing with Fake babalawo

When you see this sign, you are dealing with Fake babalawo

Someone ask me how can you recognize a fake babalawo from Original Babalawo.

For me a fake babalawo is one who has failed to identify his spiritual purpose, a fake babalawo is one who is still fully not aware of the spiritual change that is happening in the spirit realm .

These are the few features of a fake babalawo

Always in a hurry : They are always in a hurry that you should buy their product or do spiritual work with them. They just want to rush you and they are in a hurry hurry kind of thing. They don't know that life is in stages and in process, you don't rush things and things don't just happened. It take time.

More interested in the money than your spiritual growth:  They obviously don't have anything to offer than the money you want to offer them. They don't give spirituality. Just spiritual work and no essence of the divine whatsoever.

Always against nature. - They tried to do things which are naturally against nature . Taking for instance they can promise you that you would get rich in seven days, they can claim that there is something you must do to make sure a particular person is yours for life.  When it comes to love, let nature do her thing.

They are more interested in what they can gain than what they can offer.

Their spiritual work is not standard but their charge is too expensive.  They exploit your weakness, they sell product that would relief you at the moment but doesn't take way the problem.

They make a big deal out of everything. They got angry over small issue etc. They feel they have all the power in the world and so they misbehave.

They are power drunk and not having an ounce of humility at all.

Am OLUWO AJE NLA. +2347031178647

Next generations Babalawo, the son of OBATALA.

Monday, January 15, 2024

Is IFA for Sale, Many Babalawo would loose their Job

Is IFA for Sale, Many Babalawo would loose their Job

Is IFA for Sale, Many Babalawo would loose their Job

IFA is not for sale, IFA is not for everyone though we all need IFA to guide us through our daily life.

I have seen many people go into IFA because they are told they would be rich if they do IFA initiation.

Was that the real purpose of IFA ?

Many of what I know today was because I have a good teacher and the fact that people always ask me, I would also go in the realm to ask the ORUNMILA, OLOKUN, OSUN or YEMOJA etc. Without forgetting OBATALA.

As much as I am, I hide from people because I know they are not after spirituality, they just want their pocket to be full with money. 

I run away from friends, family and close associates. I live a boring lonely life and am happy cos I know am not alone at all for any seconds.

IFA has started creating a new hybrid of Babalawo and IFA is evolving.

Many people are shouting IFA is taking over the world but they don't know they would be out of job soon as a babalawo.


Because my last discussion with ORUNMILA was that it should never be digitalize no matter what.

It should remain how it has remained but modified .

Many Babalawo would loose their job sooner than you think because IFA would be an inner thing, inner experience where you have to explore the universe after your initiation and you would be having the new hybrid babalawo as mentor or physical guidance to guide you on your path and to make Consultation for you where needed .

So technically some babalawo would be jobless as they can't go in the spirit realm and come back, how can they teach their followers ?

The Era of the book of account is coming to an end.

And all book of account are going to be close soon such that no spiritual work in any book will be as effective as before.

I had a call from a priestess In an European country today, and I must say it is something entirely.

They think we need to put more articles in the net for people to read and I ask, why can't we see Chinese ying yang Spirituality on the internet, why cant we see all about illuminati, budha etc and their secrets on the net? Why IFA ?

So I took up the challenge, went to ORUNMILA temple in the spiritual realm, have a good talk with ORUNMILA. He then open my eyes to see what he has in plan.

See, if you want to stay relevant in IFA ,you need to learn to travel the spirit realm.

I don't have anything or knowledge to give to any man, all I can give you is show you the true path to spirit realm. 

If you are pure enough, they show you the way.

Don't forget 90% of what you read online is Faaaaaaaakeeeee
IFA knew all secrets

IFA knew all secrets

Nothing is hidden from Ifá in this Universe. If you do something secretly and you think no one see you, Ifá will reveal what you do secretly. 

IFA said 

There's no secret without the knowledge of Olódùmarè

Casted Ifá divination for Jẹ́nmin the offspring of Òsun

There's no secret without the knowledge of Olódùmarè

Casted Ifá divination for Ẹ̀mínlàáyìn the offspring of Òrìsà

All the hidden secret

Ifá shall reveal everything.

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Is there repercussions / consequences to doing divination without the necessary Ebo?

Is there repercussions / consequences to doing divination without the necessary Ebo?

Is there repercussions / consequences to doing divination without the necessary Ebo?

I know there has been a lot of controversial topics around this particular topic and I would like to make more emphasis on it.

First of all, it is your Life.

Whether you do it instantly or not, it is still your Life.

If you make consultation about something and IFA fore seen death on the client, the decision whether to follow what IFA says on the Ebo or not is left for the client .

After all, the client is the owner of his Life.

One thing about consequences is that it always happens whether you do something or you don't do anything. There is consequences to every action taken whether goood or bad, and there is also consequences for not taking action at all.

Taking the above example , if the client do the necessary Ebo and sacrifice the death on the client may be averted and if the client decide not to do the necessary Ebo or sacrifice then the client would be faced with the death consequences.

So when we talk on consequences, we shouldn't make a big deal out of it, we shouldn't make it look as if IFA is the one doing evil on those who has failed to do the needful.

Something like IFA would punish you for not doing it in the next seven days... BLA BLA BLA 

What concern IFA with that exactly?

The Odu that specifically addresses the consequences of not performing prescribed rituals or offerings (Ebo) is Odu Irete Ogbe. 

The client own his life and must be responsible for their actions.

New age babalawo need to learn and understand how consequences work, it's not a do or do affairs.

It's not something you must force people to do, because if you force people on anything, you have your own consequences to face as a babalawo as well.

So as a babalawo,you are to guide and let people make their own choice . Not forcing them on what they must do. You are to act neutral so as not to interfere.

You must not feel bad if the client decide not to do the needful with you or in your shrine, you don't need to scare them with high and inappropriate word that would make them to come back to do it.

By doing so, you are also crossing your limit and you will be dealt with.

I am AJE NLA, +2347031178647.

Contact me for Consultation, guidance, share of thoughts and emotion.

Talk of the mind and expression.

IFA consultation, etc.
Understanding Religiosity in the African Diaspora: How Orisha Worship Survived in Brazil

Understanding Religiosity in the African Diaspora: How Orisha Worship Survived in Brazil

Understanding Religiosity in the African Diaspora: How Orisha Worship Survived in Brazil

by Jaimee A. Swift
Journalist, activist, and on an never-ending quest for equality.

Nestled on the northeastern coast of Brazil, the city of Salvador, the capital of Bahia, can be described as the mecca of Candomblé. While Bahia comprises the second largest Black populous in the world, falling short to only the African continent (specifically, Nigeria) itself, the Yoruba religion, Ifá arrived to the shores of Bahia and integrated itself into Afro-Brazilian society and would later catalyze into the religion, Candomble.

From 1530, when the first Portuguese colonialists arrived in Bahia to 1888 — sixty-six years after Brazilian independence from Portugal and one year prior to the country becoming a republic — the importation and exploitation of Africans thrived; leaving the Portuguese with the legacy of producing the largest slave economy in the world. While the Portuguese enslaved several Africans, according to Sheila Walker, a scholar on Afro-Brazilian culture and religion, it was the Yoruba people “from present-day Nigeria and Benin...whose religious culture has remained most intact and influential in both Brazil and elsewhere in the Americas.” It is from the Yoruba culture, in which the divination system of Ifá originates and Afro-Brazilian religion Candomblé is derived.

In the Yoruba context, Ifá is regarded as an integral and essential a part of Yoruba history, mythology, religion and folk medicine. Intrinsic to Ifá are the divinities known as Orishas, which are manifestation of Olodumdare. Having their own unique characteristics, distinct chants, colors (which are known as ileke), numbers, foods and even literature, the Orisha have full autonomy and authority over the forces of nature as well as the power of working for or against humanity. The Orisha pantheon is seemingly limitless, as hundreds of entities comprise the pagoda include Èṣù (Deity of Justice); Orunmila (Deity of Wisdom, Knowledge and Divination); Osun (the Deity of Love, Beauty and Intimacy); Obatalá (Creator of Human Beings as well as Owner of Ori or heads) footnote; Ogun (Deity of Hunting, Iron, Technology and War); Sango (Deity of Thunder, Fire and Lightening); Oya (Deity of Wind and Magic); Yemoja (Deity of the River and Motherhood), and Osan-in (Deity of Phamacology--Herbs, Leaves and Medicine).

Just like many other religions, Ifá has its own unique story of creation—where Obatala molded human beings with clay and skeleton, the skeleton supplied by Ogun, the Orisha of Iron. According to Dr. Wande Abimola, author of “Ifá Will Mend Our Broken World“ and the foremost scholar on Ifá, Olodumdare provided the vital breath force known as Emi and Ajala, another potter of heaven, provided the inner or spiritual head. Ile-Ife, the ancestral home and city of the Orishas, is also the cradle of humanity. Prior to the creation of Ile-Ife, the earth was submerged with water and the Orisha descended from Oke Ara — a mountain in the vicinity of Ile-Ife from whence the divinities descended after the creation of the Earth — to create dry land from water. With only a parcel of dust combined with a chicken and chameleon, dry land began to appear as a chicken scratched and spread solid earth in various directions.

Dubbed as the “African Rome”, Candomblé in Salvador da Bahia in Brazil is seen and valued as an intrinsic force of cultural and societal values as the African spirit permeates an officially Catholic city of more than two million people. Whether it be in the fifteen-hundred plus Candomblé temples or terreriros; the presence of the maes e pais de santo (priestess and priests of Candomblé) or in the acaraje, “a black -eyed pea fritter cooked in red palm oil”, a delicacy of some Orishas served by Afro-Brazilian women known as baianas, Ifá has reconstructed itself in an Afro-Brazilian cultural and societal context.

Prior to the religious freedom and “respectability” the faith has accrued today, Candomblé was viewed as an inferior and barbaric religion. Under the Portuguese colonial regime during the 19th century—as typical of European imperialism—enslaved Africans were forced to a policy of assimilation or rather cooptation; as the Portuguese vehemently denied the right for Africans to exercise their religious system but enforced their own.

Though the Portuguese imposed their Catholicism, Ifá thrived as its indigenous core values syncretized with the inflicted Christian ones due to the heavy populous of Yoruba peoples in Brazil. Within this new religious dynamic, Ifá in Brazil was cultivated as the Orishas —unbeknown to the Portuguese—were canonized and edified by way of the pantheon of the Catholic saints. Although syncretism was an essential form of preservation to sustain African religiosity in Bahia, an important element to note is that Ifá — as a Yoruba tradition — was exercised in Catholicism as a mechanism to culturally and religiously survive and used not so much to adopt the Christian faith but to adapt. The Christian saints were merely symbolic vessels for the Orishas that were appropriated to comply to the religious imperialism of the Portuguese.

According to Sheila Walker, a scholar on Afro-Brazilian culture and religion, “Africans could adapted so well to outwardly observing the feast day of the saints as they were acquire to do so because they could perceive the spiritual beings they were honoring not as European saints, but symbols of the people who were oppressing them, but also as representations of the Orisha whom the saints most closely resembled.”

The Ifá tradition in Brazil not only infiltrated itself by way of syncretism but also through means of commercial trade. Several freed black Bahians participated in trade with Africa and many of the products that were imported from the Gulf of Benin were materials used in Candomblé such as red feathers, dyes and fabric. According to Patricia de Santana Pinho, author of “Mama Africa: Reinventing Blackness in Bahia“, within these materials included secret religious directives and information which connected Brazil and Africa despite the Transatlantic divide. Not only were intercontinental messages sent between Bahia and Africa, many devotees of the Ifá tradition in Africa traveled to Bahia to reclaim the religious practices that vanished from the continent yet were protected and conserved in Candomblé temples.

Many believers of Candomblé, though possessing a duality of faith in both Catholicism and Candomblé practice the faiths respectively, essentially what is practiced in Bahia is Ifá itself; as the practices of Christianity were not so much as influential to Ifá as Ifá was to Brazilian Catholicism. Despite the fact that many devotees are now equipped to end the hybridized notion of Orisha and sainthood, there is a duality that remains among the new generation of Afro-Brazilians who practice Candomblé, who recognize their faith as an indigenous African religious entity but still use overt Brazilian Catholic symbols in Orisha worship.

Though images of the European saints still stand in Candomblé houses, portraying Orishas who are not visually portrayed and many Candomblé priests and priestesses have been baptized Catholics, Walker describes these “two spiritual realities” in Bahia as non-contradictory and even complementary as it ultimately represents and eternalizes African Orisha worship.

Even in the midst of oppression, colonialism, and racism, Ifá, as form of African religiosity, was able to survive within a Pan-Africanist paradigm in the African Diaspora, despite Portuguese slaveocracy and imperialistic methodologies to thwart the religion. Though Candomblé in Bahia represents what Pinho calls a “scale of Africanism”, these “Africanisms” are African nonetheless; as they represent and perpetuate the intrinsic power and force that prolific political scientist Ronald Walters described, which “drives African-origin people to continue identifying with the source of their cultural origin.” Edited by Omo Oba
ORISA mantra and Meditation Prayer method

ORISA mantra and Meditation Prayer method

ORISA mantra and Meditation Prayer method

Have been working closely with the ORISA and they have giving me the go ahead to drop the mantra.

Am not dropping it on my article neither am I giving it out for just anybody.

I am selective in my spiritual work, I don't do all sort of work and I don't do Spiritual work for everyone. You want to know why?

Taba pori Aja, Ape ikiko ta Fi se

When we invoke the dog's head, we would definitely invoke the pot used in preparing it.

If you have spent millions on fake babalawo, I would not do Spiritual work for you because you prefer fake things to original unless OSUN says otherwise.

If you are a yahoo boy or girl , I don't do Spiritual work for you. Am not an accomplice to a thief.

If you are not contended with what you have, I would not do Spiritual work for you. You would always be looking around for what is not lost.

If all you care about is money, Life is a vanity and I don't do Spiritual work for such people, they are looking for what will not last forever.

If you are looking for Power, I am not your type. I would not do Spiritual work for you. You are an evil person, power cannot be given to you.

If you have more than one babalawo or spiritualist, I would not do work for you. You are already lost and dead. I can't waste my energy

And like that and so on.

My rules are endless. Am not here to cashout as other Babalawo and my price is out of this world.

Even if you have the money and OBATALA says otherwise, I will turn you down.

Now you wonder, did I ever have customers?

It's not how much or how many people I have, it's the little people who are ready and selected that I choose. It doesn't mean that am perfect.

My purity is more important than anything.

How do I survived if I have chased all customers away? I hustle and I have other biz I do . I believe in the work of my Hand.

Some people say babalawo don't do that. Well, It's their choice but I can't lower my standard for money or anything in the world and am only here for those who are ready to grow Spiritually.

I have given this mantra to just two people in the world, the first person was in Belgium and the second person was in Ibadan.

The two people gave me a wonderful good feedback.

The mantra is for you to meditate and perform some white rituals  if you don't have any money do the anything.

The mantra is there and it works . It is absolute and perfect.

The first person uses OBATALA mantra,she felt and saw the king of all ORISA himself .

The second person saw herself in the deep of the ocean with my mother, Yeye OSUN.

I am not your regular babalawo.

I have gone above that level and have passed that height where you think I am.

My name is AJE NLA, +2347031178647.

Saturday, January 13, 2024

What exactly are we doing for the betterment of our tradition?

What exactly are we doing for the betterment of our tradition?

What exactly are we doing for the betterment of our tradition?

What development are we working towards?

What will our children meet after we are gone?

Lot of Babalawo/Iyanifa see this Ifá as their personal business, their source of income but still if Ifá is your source of income, what outcome are you giving Ifá?

From all what we are gaining from Ifá, what exactly is Ifá gaining from us?

In the whole world today, we have 190+ countries, how many countries is using Ifá as their official way of life? 

Many of we Babalawo/Iyanifa will travel oversee, after coming back, we will start singing:

Ifa is taking over the world

The novice do not know

The question is, where exactly is Ifá taking over? 

Is it in America? London? Germany? Or in our bank account?

Let us start promoting our spirituality not with ordinary words but also with action. Ifá is blessing so let us show Ifa some blessing from what he has done for us.

Friday, January 12, 2024

What ORUNMILA promises all IFA initiate

What ORUNMILA promises all IFA initiate

What ORUNMILA promises all IFA initiate

After initiation to Ifá 

Ọ̀rúnmìlà never promise you all the money in the world but Ifá promised you that you will never lack again.

Ọ̀rúnmìlà never promise that you will never have problems again, but Ifá does promise that you will always overcome them.

Ọ̀rúnmìlà never said you won’t have enemies but you will always be victorious.

Ọ̀rúnmìlà never promised that you won’t make mistakes again, but he promised that Ẹbọ, Ètùtù, Ìpèsè etc will always correct them.

Ọ̀rúnmìlà promised us all security and peace of mind for the rest of our life as long as we are following the right path.

    Ẹ̀làbọrú Ẹ̀làbọyè Ẹ̀làbọsísẹ
A kú Ọjọ́ṣẹ̀ Barapetu lónìí, Ifá/Orí/Ajé wọn yóò gbà ọ̀sẹ̀ wa

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Thursday, January 11, 2024

If I eat my IFA taboo what would happen to me?

If I eat my IFA taboo what would happen to me?

If I eat my IFA taboo what would happen to me?

You as an IFA initiate why would you want to eat your taboo knowing fully well that it is a taboo?

This taboo are there to keep you in spiritual balance, as you know our body is made up of energies. So also the food we eat are all made up of energies.

The energy vibration from the food IFA says is your taboo might not be good for your spiritual well being , hence IFA warn you that it is a taboo .

Many people always love to test what will happen if they do what they are not supposed to do.

Well, eating your taboo after knowing fully well that is a taboo attract a very severe spiritual punishment, you are disobeying a spiritual law kept in place to keep you save .

It's just like knowing though shall not kill and you went ahead and kill yourself, there is a severe punishment.

You know and then ridiculous act stupid. The punishment is a great one.

Apart from the punishment, such taboo might lower your vibration and affect your spiritual consciousness. 

It might weaken your spiritual defenses creating a loop hole for enemies to penetrate.

In the Ifa tradition, the Odu Ose Meji addresses the concept of taboo. It provides guidance on respecting and navigating societal and personal taboos.

Odu Ose Meji in Ifa tradition advises on respecting cultural and personal taboos.

 It emphasizes the importance of adhering to societal norms, maintaining ethical conduct, and avoiding actions that could lead to negative consequences or disruptions in one's life. 

Prevention is far better than cure . Don't do or eat what is your taboo than doing it and start looking for solution.

Remember the scare can never go without leaving a mark .

Am OLUWO AJE NLA. +2347031178647 for IFA consultation, Divination, spiritual guide 

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Can I bo (feed) IFA without doing IFA initiation?

Can I bo (feed) IFA without doing IFA initiation?

Can I bo (feed) IFA without doing IFA initiation?

Is there a short cut to climbing a tree?

It is when you do initiation that you have your own IFA.

IFA is personal to those who are initiated , so if you have not done your initiation there is no IFA for you.

Oh I get it, some babalawo would tell you to feed IFA .

How can you feed something you don't have?

Wake up from sleep and Fake babalawo up and down.
Is OSHOLE really bad in IFA

Is OSHOLE really bad in IFA

Is OSHOLE really bad in IFA 

IFA doesn't have anything to do with money rituals and other names giving to it .

Ifa core teaching is how to balance the spiritual and physical life together.

Ifa teaches on balance in all aspect of Life and most importantly how to live a happy Life there by giving you insight to everything.

IFA talks about patience in all aspect of Life and hardworking.

If you lack patience and hardwork, you would be looking for shortcut to success.

And those who are having this traits are always introduced to blood money or money rituals by one fake babalawo or pastor or imam.

And they would package it for you as OSHOLE.

Whatever happened to you, is your own palava.
How many wives can a Babalawo have?

How many wives can a Babalawo have?

How many wives can a Babalawo have?

I know we may have come across many babalawo having more than one wives and many of us want to know how many wives can a babalawo Has?

In this era of do what you like, we shouldn't forget that a babalawo is a representative of ORUNMILA on earth and babalawo should try as much as possible not to disappoint ORUNMILA.

One day I travel to the spiritual realm and I was lucky to say down with ORUNMILA to tap from his infinite wisdom, we all knew that ORUNMILA is the ORISA for wisdom .

In our discussion this question pop out, I ask ORUNMILA how many wives can a babalawo have?

He said a babalawo must not have more than one wife.

I OLUWO AJE NLA ask ORUNMILA why many babalawo are having more than one wife.

ORUNMILA answer and said, many of them are not contented with one wife, many of them are having more than one wife for social status .

ORUNMILA said having more than one wife may not give you peace of mind because woman would always be jealous of each other, and there is no how you would be 100% satisfying in all ways because they would be comparing whatever you do for them with the other wives.

There is no crime in having one woman at a time, if one woman decides to leave your house, you can marry another one.

Today, Babalawo are having more wives and it's a normal because hardly would you see a babalawo with one wife.

On a final note, the choice whether you want to have more than one wife is yours alone, but remember that ORUNMILA doesn't want babalawo to have more than one wife .