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Saturday, March 2, 2024

Can an ONISEGUN cast IFA?

Can an ONISEGUN cast IFA?

Can an ONISEGUN cast IFA?

Onisegun is not a babalawo though onisegun can be an IFA initiate or initiated into IFA .

Most onisegun are more focused in herbs and what they are used for .

Onisegun can tell you the million uses of a single leave be a use that is what they do.

While a babalawo can not do anything without consulting IFA even if he had an idea what the problem was but he would take permission from IFA before doing anything.

People's problem are more than the actual problem and you have to look deeper to know the root causes of the problem.
What is IFA’s take on interracial marriages?

What is IFA’s take on interracial marriages?

What is IFA’s take on interracial marriages? 

Before I answer this question let us understand interracial marriage.

Interracial marriage is a marriage involving spouses who belong to different races or racialized ethnicities.

IFA is not against interracial marriage.

IFA is a high spiritual state that answer all questions of Life. 

IFA don't dictate what you must do or should not do but we should always consider individual taboo.

Some people's taboo is that they must not marry a fair lady etc. 

Many conservationist are afraid that their race may be extinct in the future and they feared for their legacy,that is why many are working hard for their race survival and the survival of their family gene and traits.

Finally, IFA has no issue with what you decide to do. It boils down to your decision and what you want.

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Can I inherit my Father's IFA when he passed away?

Can I inherit my Father's IFA when he passed away?

 Can I inherit my Father's IFA when he passed away?


You can't inherit your father's IFA when he passed away.

Ifa deals with Initiation and it initiate the soul. When your father passed away,he join his ancestors and he become egun .

Everyone has their ODU IFA which would be revealed after IFA initiation.

You are not the one initiated why must you used his IFA or why do you think you can use his IFA .?

The tendency that you and your father would use the same ODU IFA is very slim.

Kindly share this video ..

Monday, February 26, 2024

Knowing More about ileke (beads)

Knowing More about ileke (beads)

 Knowing More about ileke (beads)

Activating it and recharging your ileke

Most people don't know that it is rechargeable like power bank, you have to charge it every day after the day is over because it is a spirit on its own .

To activate your ileke you don't need to kill any form of animal. It is not until you put blood or kill an animal before you activate everything.

You don't need blood to activate your ileke.

Sometimes we have to go the ancient way of our fore fathers.


Friday, February 23, 2024

Sex in the shrine renders the shrine useless

Sex in the shrine renders the shrine useless

Sex in the shrine renders the shrine useless 

I know you would want to cry for seeing this truth, you want to make money at all cost and you are still not making the money .

Many babalawo are doing babalawo when they are supposed to be fighting for the life, they have not fought the battles of their life yet they want to battles someone's battle.

A woman came for consultation and because zhe is Omo Omi you decided to have intercourse with her with juju just because you want to use part of her AJE.

This is an example that you still have battles to fight in your life as a babalawo.

There is no shortcut to anything. If you won the battles of life, everything you do will come easy and simple such that you would not have to look for shortcut.

Many babalawo have sleep with different kind of woman in their shrine and they still think the shrine would be powerful.


The spirit in the shrine has left the shrine since if you don't know., Know this now.

ORISA are pure beings that don't like all this nonsense you babalawo are doing.

If you have slept with someone in your shrine before, go and throw away that shrine and everything in that shrine like IFA INITIATION pot etc. Because nothing would work in that shrine no matter what you do. 

It would not work,you have to start from the beginning all over again.

This is the hardest thing to do and that is why it is difficult to be a babalawo because you have to be disciplined.
The fight between OLUWO and Babalawo - The main reason many left IFA

The fight between OLUWO and Babalawo - The main reason many left IFA

The fight between OLUWO and Babalawo - The main reason many left IFA 

If I don't say the truth, you can't find it anywhere.

Have come across a lot of people who really wished to be practicing IFA ,they have taken a giant step by doing their Initiation and they left after the INITIATION never to come back and they are not happy about it.

There is no two reasons for such but because the babalawo who took or collect the IFA INITIATION job ,and gave the INITIATION job to OLUWO ended up having a fight the the OLUWO.

This fight makes the Initiate run away from such babalawo and OLUWO. The Initiate doesn't want to be part of their war affairs .

And I am asking myself,what could be the 'cause of the fight?

What causes the fight between OLUWO and Babalawo is nothing but money.

The OLUWO want to collect bigger money when the OLUWO found out how much the client pay for IFA INITIATION.

The babalawo is not ready to add anything to their initial agreement and this lead to war.

In most cases the INITIATION is done but the ORISA didn't approve the INITIATION.

The Initiate would then start having problem after IFA INITIATION, jumping from one babalawo to the other and the Initiate would be discouraged and leave IFA thinking it is not pure .

If you are such a babalawo or OLUWO that has fight with each other in the past, go and buy coffin because you would die before the end of his year.

This is a messaged from IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO. You can't escape death.

You have been destroying IFA and you have been a black bad egg or black sheep within IFA and you would be removed.

Because of you, Many souls are lost and many have inherit problem .

If you paid a lot of money to babalawo and the babalawo is fighting with OLUWO during your IFA initiation, run for your life because if you don't run, your life would not balance for the next 5 years.

The ORISA would not accept and approve the INITIATION, you would not be happy because of the fight,you would not be able to feed your IFA and even if you feed it, it would not give you that big changes you deserve.

I don't know when money become such an important factor that is causing a lot of people to misbehave.
Many more reasons why Putting lamp in your shrine is good

Many more reasons why Putting lamp in your shrine is good

Many more reasons why Putting lamp in your shrine is good

In the olden days, there is always a lamp in every shrine that existed.

The lamp serves as Energizer that energies the energy in the shrine and purify the shrine.

The spirit in the other realms loved to be wherever there is light, so putting light in your shrine attracts a lots of good spirit which would make your spiritual work standout and have more effect anytime you do spiritual work.

If you travel to your egbe orun meetings, you would see that in the spirit realm there is no electric light whatsoever there .

They use lamp as a source of lights and we hold meetings there .

Each ORISA has a spirit that work with them, this spirit love light from lamp,it's like they recharge their in er light from the lamp while blessing the offering we provide .

It make the environment conducive for them to operate and this are one of the many reasons why we must have lamp in our shrine.

If you put lamp in your shrine,you would feel an energy increase and presence of the ORISA.
Hygiene is important part of spirituality

Hygiene is important part of spirituality

Hygiene is important part of spirituality

Yes Many Babalawo are not hygienic in nature, you would visit some shrine and you would be like vomiting.


Because the shrine is extra dirty,so dirty that even the babalawo don't sleep in his own shrine.

Most Babalawo think that is the best thing to do, they think the shrine should be dirty so that client would take the dirtiness for authentication.

If your shrine is dirty that you can't sleep in your shrine, how do you expect the ORISA to come to such shrine and accept the sacrifice?

I have OBATALA, ORISA ONIMERE, ORISA OSUN, ORISA AJE, and ORISA egbe in my Room. We sleep and wake up together because we are family.

Like I always say, I don't have to beg before I feed my ORISA and I don't have to make Noise on Facebook before I have money to feed my ORISA.

I don't need to make a video of myself in my shrine or temple before the world would believe me, after all I don't do it for the world. I don't for myself and I don't need anyone's permission.

I can never be broke or run out of Cash to feed them that I would beg for Money because I am AJE NLA the son and heart beat of all the ORISA, the spirit of OBATALA is in me and I have the blessings of IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO.

It is not perfect scene but my shrine is clean in its own way .

I have a feeding calabash for each ORISA and their offering is always in their calabash except for OBATALA whose feeding is not in the calabash.

I make sure I sweep it every day after waking up, I remove the offering after some days and replace it with a fresh offering .

I wash the calabash after disposal of each offering every time before putting a new offering.

You can't be here and be hearing an offensive odour , if you would smell anything it would be the scent of incense and lovinda that would arouse and blow your mind.

Cleaning is very important in IFA and it goes a long way in your purity .

Can you eat in a dirty environment? 

Respect the ORISA 


Wednesday, February 21, 2024




It has been awhile since we teach ourselves knowledge of Ifá that we can use to shape our lives and engagement with our community. Today's teaching will come from the Odù Ifá Ògúndá Ìrosùn. 

Ifa advises us to avoid blind argument. Ifa warn us to be careful of controversy that may land us in trouble. We should be conscious of our environment. Ẹbọ is the weapon against evil plans of our enemies. Pray earnestly and you shall be victorious.

Ifá warns us not to be judgemental. We should always try to listen to the narration of all parties before we pass judgement.

Listen to the verse of Ifá that teaches us this moral:

Orí yéye ní mògún
Ìpín aláìsẹ̀ ló pọ níbẹ̀

Adifafun Ògúndá tí yóó pa ẹran tí o wa fi ẹjẹ rẹ yi Ìrosùn ọmọ Ìyá rẹ lẹnu
Ẹbọ ni awo pe ki wọn o se
Wọn sì gbẹbọ lọpọlọpọ wọn rúbọ
Njẹ Orí yéye ní mògún
Ìpín aláìsẹ̀ ló pọ níbẹ̀.

Plenty skulls at the justice ground

The head of the innocents are many there
Casted Ifá divination for Ògúndá who would commit crime of slaughtering animal and people would accuse Ìrosùn his brother as the one who committed the crime
The Ifá Priests advised them to perform sacrifices

They performed the sacrifices
Plenty heads (skulls) at Ògún shrines
The head of the innocents are many there.


Ògúndá and Ìrosùn are brothers. They used to walk pass the Mògún (the ground where justice is served).

Whenever they passed this place, Ògúndá like to say

"Orí tó sẹ̀ àti èyí ti o sẹ̀, ẹkú ìkàlẹ̀ (the head of the culprits and the innocents, you are well done)". But Ìrosùn always get angry with his brother for saying that because there's no way the head of the innocents will be cutoff at the Mògún. Irosun used to argue with his brother.

One day, Ògúndá wanted to teach his brother life lesson. He killed the animal of their neighbor with knife in the night and spilled the blood on the ground to the place Ìrosùn was sleeping.

He put the animal and knife closer to Ìrosùn as if Ìrosùn was the one that committed the crime.

In the morning, the owner of the animal was looking for his pet and found the spot they kill his animal. People began to trace the blood path. They got to the house of Ìrosùn.

Irosun was sleeping. They saw the animal and knife beside him. People concluded that Ìrosùn was the one who killed the animal and after committing the crime, he came to sleep.

Irosun was taking to the King palace for final judgement.

Mind you, the head of anyone who steal or committed crime in that town always cut off at the Mògún. The King and Chiefs with the people of the town were sitted when Ìrosùn was brought to them. Irosun was saying that he was innocent but people had the evidences that he was the one that killed the animal. 

As the King was about to pronounce his final judgement, Ògúndá raised his hands that he had something to say before King passed his judgement. He was allowed to speak. Ògúndá revealed to everyone that Ìrosùn was truly innocent of the crime that people alleged him. He was the one who killed the animal and put it in the house of Ìrosùn. He wanted to teach him a great lesson that not all the people accused of committing crimes are truly criminals. Ògúndá said he wanted everyone to know that the heads of the innocents were being wrongly cut off at the Mògún. This was why he always tells his brother that "Orí tó sẹ̀ àti èyí ti o sẹ̀, ẹku ìkàlẹ̀ o"

Ògúndá had performed sacrifices for Èsù and gave offering to Ògún before he did what he did.

The King, chiefs and people became remorseful and pardon Ìrosùn. As from that day, the King will first do proper investigation on matter bring to him before passing judgement.

Aboru abọye.



Monday, February 19, 2024

Would God punish us for doing IFA

Would God punish us for doing IFA

Would God punish us for doing IFA 

While I was having a discussion with a friend, he said the only reason why he didn't like IFA and Yoruba Tradition was because he thought it was a sin and he thought God would punish him for doing IFA .

I laughed and reply.

Between IFA and Islam which one is the oldest religion?

He said IFA .

I asked again, between IFA and Christianity which one is the oldest ?

He replied and said IFA .

So I ask what would happen to those who practice IFA before Christianity or Islam ?

Did God eliminate the world?

The truth is that the foreign religion turn out back on our true religion and identity.

They enslave us and turn us into something else.

I said can you mention one alfa that has not done IFA initiation before in his Life .

He said No.

I.said have you seen one Pastor that can come out and said he has not done IFA initiation before?

The truth is that many of this people knows the truth and they follow the truth but they want others to remain in the dark so that they can make a lot of money from their foolishness.

OLODUMARE created all religion, why would he tag you a dinner for doing or practicing IFA?


Thursday, February 15, 2024

Can you be Awo without Initiation?

Can you be Awo without Initiation?

Can you be Awo without Initiation?


Awo is referring to all IFA initiate.

How can you be bearing a name of something you are not 

Can they call you Jesus and you would answer?

You would definitely not answer because it is not your name.

The word Awo means keeper of secrets.

The moment you are initiated into IFA, you eyes would open and you will begin to see many things which you are not seeing before and you must keep it as a secret.

Monday, February 12, 2024

Spiritual work cannot work alone, most times it need spiritual backings to work

Spiritual work cannot work alone, most times it need spiritual backings to work

Spiritual work cannot work alone, most times it need spiritual backings to work.


This is a revelation from the ORISA to me AJE NLA and I must say it out to the world.

Do you know that each spiritual work is an attribute of one or two ORISA ?

Many babalawo don't know this and when you tell them the truth they would ignore or deny .

Sometimes we would have done all the spiritual work in the world and nothing changes for us . That is because the spiritual work doesn't have any societal backings whatsoever to make it work.

In most cases I don't give spiritual work, I prefer you to do the necessary things my IFA recommend for the client. Eg feeding of a specific ORISA after which I can give a spiritual work to the client if the client would accept it because after feeding of the ORISA there is no need for spiritual work, you just have to give it time to work.

Some times the ORISA have withdrawn their backings for a particular spiritual work which they have given to mankind over the years probably because they want to create another one or the previous one has been abuse .

Spiritual work cannot work without the support of the ORISA involved in such work .

This is the reason why most church that do spiritual work has a shrine hidden somewhere to back up their spiritual work and to make it effective.

Take it or leave it.

This is just the truth and nothing more than the truth .

Babalawo that give you Spiritual work has the backings of the Irunmole to back up what he does . The IRUNMOLE are the ones with authority that back up whatever the babalawo does or say .

Most Babalawo has lost their power because of money and through sleeping around with women .


Sunday, February 11, 2024

Can I redo my ifa initiation in different place if I didn't see positive results in the first initiation

Can I redo my ifa initiation in different place if I didn't see positive results in the first initiation

Can I redo my ifa initiation in different place if I didn't see positive results in the first initiation

It is up to you 

If you have the financial status to do so. No problem

But I think we can consult IFA to know if the IFA you did was legit or not.

Most people got a fake IFA and some people got a legit IFA .

After the consultation if your IFA is fake, you would throw it away and do a new IFA initiation from a legit babalawo

If after consultation your IFA is legit, we would have to do some stuff to make it active and activated which may cost some money

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Are IFA traditionalist atheist?

Are IFA traditionalist atheist?

Are IFA traditionalist atheist?

IFA, or Ifá, is a Yoruba religion and system of divination practiced primarily in West Africa and the African diaspora. 

It's not accurate to categorize practitioners of Ifá as traditionalist atheists.

 Ifá practitioners typically believe in a pantheon of deities known as Orishas and engage in rituals and ceremonies to honor these deities and seek guidance through divination. 

We are not atheist because we believe in OLODUMARE, we believe I'm the ORISA .

Who is atheist?

An atheist” is “a person who does not believe in the existence of a god or any gods. Or believe in supernatural.

We are believers ,we are not atheist.

Monday, February 5, 2024

IFA consultation via dream

IFA consultation via dream

This is a friend of mine that wished to do consultation with me ,he spoke with me on Facebook and said he didn't have any money for consultation but wished to do his consultation.

The next day he messaged me with the result of his consultation which happens in his dream..

He said he saw me.

Well, he is not the first person to say I appeared in his dream .

Sunday, February 4, 2024

Are there common symbols that are universally recognized in African spiritual traditions?

Are there common symbols that are universally recognized in African spiritual traditions?

Are there common symbols that are universally recognized in African spiritual traditions?

African spiritual traditions are diverse, so it's challenging to identify universally recognized symbols. 

However, some symbols like the Eye of Horus are found in various African cultures and hold spiritual significance for many. 

The eye are use in celestial church and other religion.

Some people believe it is the third eye, this and that 

We have the palm which is used for IFA and Christianity believe in Palm such that they celebrate palm Sunday .

The African spirituality also uses Pot which form the basis of many spiritual path.

Saturday, February 3, 2024

21 things that would not make spiritual work to work

21 things that would not make spiritual work to work


(1) Eni ti owo Aiye ba wa lara re, to ba lo Ogun, tabi to ba se Ogun fun rara re, ko le sise

Anyone with bad mark on their body

(2) Aini Imo to peye lori Ogun ti a Nse, ati lilo re

Not having proper knowledge of the spiritual work giving to us 

(3) Aitele Ilana ati Igbese lori awon Ogun ti a nse

Not following the instructions giving to us

(4) Ai lo ojulowo awon Eroja to peye, Ayederu Eroja

Not using quality ingredients while preparing the spiritual work

(5) A i ni Igbagbo (Faith) lori awon Ogun ti a Nse

Not having faith in it 

(6) Ogun ti Eroja re, ko ba ti pe daadaa, Ko le sise

A spiritual work that is not having enough ingredients

(7) A i bikita Eleda eni to fe se Ogun, boya Eleda re ro mo Ise to fe se

Without consultation of the spiritual head may be the head doesn't want that particular spiritual work 

(8) Okunrin ko gbodo ma ba Obinrin ni Ibalopo (Se..x) lati eyin (Doggy Se..x)

Stop having doogy still during intimacy 

(9) Jije Nnkan Eewo, O ma Nfa ki Ogun ma sise lara Eyan

Eating the taboos

(10) Ko dara ki eni to ba Nlo Ise Ajo maa je:- Obe Ila, ati Eran Okete ni gbogbo igba, Nitori pe, awon Ounje naa ma Nba Ise Ajo Ogun je lara eyan

Stop eating any draw soup 

(11) Eni to ba ni Imule awon Agba lara, Ko dara ki eni naa ma je Eran Abiye bi:- Adie, Pepeye, Tolotolo ati Eye, Ki onitohun ba maa ri ija awon Iyami Eleye (Osoronga). Nitori pe, ODU OSA-MEJI ELEYE ni

(12) Okunrin ko gbodo ma fi Ise to ba lagbara ba Obinrin ni Ibalopo (sex)

(13) Bi Obinrin ba Nse Nkan Osu-(Menstruation) re lowo, Okunrin ko gbodo ba ni Ibalopo (S..ex), Ki gbogbo ogun to wa lara re, ba ma baje

Don't have intercourse with a menstruating woman 

(14) Bi Obinrin ba Nse Nkan Osu- (Menstruation) re lowo. ko gbodo lo Ise Ajo lasiko naa, Ki awon Ise Ajo naa ba ma baje

When a woman is menstruating she must not use spiritual work 

(15) Bi Okunrin ati Obinrin ba da Ato- (Sperm) sara loju Ala. Ti won ba lo Ise Ajo, ko le sise

(16) Ko dara ki Okunrin ati Obinrin ma to (Urinate) sori Ewe ni gbogbo igba, Ki Nje ki Ogun sise lara eyan

(17) O dara ki Eyan ma lo ISE AJEGUN TODAJU ni gbogbo igba. Ki gbogbo Ise Ajo ti Eyan ba Nse le tete ma sise lara ni kiakia

(18) E je ka sora lati maa ba won bu awon AJE, EMERE ati OSO (Witches & Wizard)

(19) E ma je ki Kainkain ti a fi Nwe ma jabo lowo wa ni gbogbo igba ti a ba Nwe Ose lowo, Nitori pe, o ma Nba Ise je lara

(20) E je ka sora lati ma yan Kainkain (sponge), Leyin ti a ba ti we Ose tan

(21) E je ka sora lati ma nu Omi ara wa, leyin ti a ba we Ose tan. Omi naa gbodo gbe mo wa lara
Agbigbo the death bird

Agbigbo the death bird

Agbigbo the death bird

Agbigbo is portrayed in f!Sf! Ifd as an evil bird. 

It is regarded as a treacherous and dangerous bird who acts as 
an agent for Death and other supernatural powers.

 One ese IFA 
claims that this bird was originally a bastard born by one 
of Qrunmihl's wives. QrUnmila taught him, along with his own 
children, the secrets of divination but he proved himself a 
bastard when he deceived QrUnmila forcing the latter to curse 
him with the aid of E~u. 

This was how he became a bird of 
the forest. Several ese IFA also explain that Agbigbo got the 
tuft of hair on his head because of his treacherous deeds. 

In the following excerpt, Agbigbo acts as an agent of Death. 

He goes about carrying the coffin of Death and in front of the 
house of whosoever he puts down the coffin, the householder 
is sure to die soon after. One day he carried this coffin to the 
house of <)runmila but he encountered E~u outside the house. 

E~u intervened and begged Agbigbo to accept birds and animals which <)r\lnmila had used for sacrifice instead of himself. 

When he had left, E~u cursed him with the result that the coffin 
got stuck to his head and could not be removed. That coffin 
is now represented by the tuft of hair on the head of the 
Agbigbo bird. 

Irinmodo the queen of all tree

Irinmodo the queen of all tree

Irinmodo the queen of all tree

lrinmodo A road leads here from this direction,
A road leads here from that direction. 

The junction of two roads forms a pointed spot.
Ifa divination was performed for IrinmQdO
Who would be installed as queen of all forest trees.

Ifa installed lrinmodo as a queen.
Qrunmila married IrinmQdO as a wife.
Ifa installed IrinmQdo as a queen.
In ese IFA , IrinmQdo is said to be the queen of all trees. 

This tree is perhaps the tallest and biggest West African hardwood. It is taller and more imposing than Ir6ko. 

But unlike Ir6ko, it thrives only near fertile river valleys. In the following excerpt, ORUNMILA. is said to have installed IrinmQdo as the
queen of all trees. 

lfa made IrinmQ<io a queen.
Ifa made Irinmqdo a queen.
Qrunmlla married Irinmqdo as a wife.
Ifa made Irinmqdo the queen of all trees. 
The cockroach - The insect that love to go where it would be killed

The cockroach - The insect that love to go where it would be killed

The cockroach - The insect that love to go where it would be killed 

The cockroach is depicted in IFA as a stubborn creature who would not perform sacrifice. The cockroach also likes to go about where hens are many, regardless of the danger involved.

In the excerpt which follows, the story is told of how Cockroach demonstrated his stubborness by refusing to perform sacrifice and by using his smooth, brown wings to sweep the floor
disdainfully in the midst of birds. 

It is the house rat who makes the middle of the sittingroo;m his pathway.
lfa divination was performed for Cockroach
Who was searching for food in the midst of birds.
He was told to take care of Mc;>l~.
He was told to perform a sacrifice.
He took his Ifa priests for liars.
He took E~u for a thief.
He looked fearfully to heaven
Like someone who would never die.

He bluntly refused to perform sacrifice.
<)runmila said that to eat half a rat
Is taboo in the city of If~. S
Cockroach must not trail his (>dim cloth36
Pompously on the floor in the midst of birds.