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Monday, August 21, 2023

Facts about Oya

Facts about Oya

Oya, the divinity of wind has facts that I really like about her. 

Have you get to know Oya?

 If not below are 15 amazing facts about this great divinity.

1: Oya is said to be the wife of Sango (divinity of thunder) and his favorite wife because of her affinity with Sango.

2: She is also once the wife of Ogun ( divinity of metal and creativity) according to Ifa's sacred odu.

3: She possessed the power of fire while her husband, Sango possessed the power of rain.

4: She is not an Irunmole but an Òrìsà.

5: Some Babalawo are of the opinion that Oya is not are real name but ÀRÀKÁ it is.

6: Oya is a restless, tempestuous, impatient and extremely powerful òrìsà.

7: She is quick at meeting out justice to offenders and she is quick to anger.

8: Inspite of all this (6-7) however, she is a very honest and devoted.

9: She is highly principled and does not tolorete undisciplined behavior, dishonesty or cheating of any sort.

10: While on earth, Oya gave birth to nine children this led to people calling her "ÌYA- NSAN" (mother of nine).

11: Oya is associated with the stream or river. In fact, the River Niger is named "ODÒ-OYA" (Oya's river) after her.

12: Her symbols are:
• a pair of Buffalo horn
• Edun Ara Oya (Oya's thunder stone).
• designed and decorated switch
• pot filled with water known as "BÙMU OYA"
• Beads, known as "KELE OYA"
• Calabash with cover plus a coarse hand woven cloth known as "LÀBÀ OYA"

13: Some of her praise names are:
• Obinrin to tori Ogun da irungbon si ( the war like woman that grows beard)
• Oya òrìrì ( Oya the visible terror)
• Alégéngée obinrin ( a tall and elegant woman)
• Oya ó dówò fun wa ( Oya we beseech you, protect us)
• Oya a ríná bora bi aso ( Oya who covers herself with apron of fire)

14: Oya feeding materials are:
• Hen, Duck, Pig (female)
• Mashed yam with palm oil, corn pudding, honey comb, cotton wool, okro leaves.

15: Taboos include: Palm kernel oil, sheep( ram/ewe), Dog.

Monday, June 12, 2023

Part of the body associated with OYA

Part of the body associated with OYA

Part of the body associated with ORISA OYA

If we are to loom at it in a keen way, we would understand that each orisa represent each part of the body. OYA is not an exception to this. 

There are some parts of our body that are associated with OYA. 

OYA  governs the wind pipe and lungs, therefore she is the FIRST BREATH and the LAST BREATH of life
Orisa responsible for Death

Orisa responsible for Death

Who is the Orisa responsible for Death in yours cosmology? 

OYA is the Orisa responsible for transition into other world. 

Transition into other world is also known as death. Without death, there is no transition and without transition into other world, there is no OYA. 

OYA is more than just a wife of SANGO. 

She is the escort into IKU, KU (DEATH) or from the PHYSICAL WORLD into the SPIRITUAL WORLD.