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Most Babalawo can identify your problem but can't tell you solutions

Most Babalawo can identify your problem but can't tell you solutions

Most Babalawo can identify your problem but can't tell you solutions

I know this topic would sprout out a big confusion and even make some enemies but it is good. In as much as it is making more enemies I have no worry .

There are types of IFA and Babalawo

There are some IFA that sees all the heaven and earth with nothing hiding from them

We have some IFA that only see what is happening on earth alone.

We also have some IFA that doesn't see anything at all.

Why did I say all this?

They are only using eye opener or something that would help them to see part of people's problem .

They have olugbohun (animal horn enhancer) which they used to put authority in what they do.

Once you visit a babalawo and you see olugbohun, just run because they don't have any power whatsoever.

They would tell you your problem which would be very close to being accurate but when you pay them for the solution, the problem would not be solved.

This kind of Babalawo has a lot of charisma and they can they can sweet mouth, they can scare the hell out of you .

They would say there is danger if you don't do this in 7 days or else....

When does IFA tell us to scare people ?

Or create fear in people so that they can quickly come back and do what we ask them to do.

A lot of people have acquired problem from a fake babalawo using olugbohun to force things into reality in their life after making consultation for them. Thereby telling them of a danger coming if they don't do what he says .

We know there is consequences to everything, if you do IFA consultation and you didn't do what IFA says . 

IFA foretell coming events and how to prevent it and it is left for you to decide if you want to prevented or you want such event to happen . 

This are the consequences. Not any babalawo telling you or giving you 7days ultimatum or telling you something bad would happen. 

Any babalawo that is using olugbohun is not a babalawo. They are just a hungry nigga looking for what to eat .

I rest my case on this and I want to sip my Juice .
Power Test

Power Test

Power Test

For every power you acquire, you would be tested.

Sometimes the test is a very elaborate one and sometimes it is a simple test.

You can be tested in your dream, you can be tested via your close family, you can be tested by a stranger and you can be tested by anything and anyone.

The reason for this test is to confirm if you are ready for such power and to know how you would behave or use such power once it gets to you.

Those who are not having a good mine and intentions always failed this test.

These are the same people you see up and down with many rituals to have power and at the end of it, they have one member of their family to always paid the price .

I am AJE NLA, there is no shortcut to power and those shortcut come with their prices.
Elegba is 100,000 powerful than ESU

Elegba is 100,000 powerful than ESU

Elegba is 100,000 times more powerful than ESU 

While ESU devotee find it hard to accept that Elegba is different from ESU.

Well you need to confirm and ask your IFA or ask someone whose IFA is still active to confirm this information about Elegba .

Ask IFA if Elegba is the same as ESU 

Ask IFA if Elegba is the father of ESU 

Ask IFA if Elegba is more powerful than ESU 

I don't just formulate things in my head, I have seen this great ORISA and I know him very well so it is a great honour to tell the world about him.

Just like I mentioned that Aganju was the father of Sango, they couldn't do a simple task of asking their IFA . 

Yoruba Mythology is bigger than sitting in one corner and judge the world based on what you feel without proper knowledge of the Cosmo and ORISA at large.

Sometimes even when the spirits load my head with information, I would still have to go to OBATALA and ORUNMILA for confirmation.

Elegba was one of the IRUNMOLE that was sent to earth, up till today no one has successfully tell us the list of the 401 IRUNMOLE that were sent to earth when the earth was at her earliest age.

After some years ,this IRUNMOLE started joining forces to create new forces . That is when ESU was created or born.

ESU was always referred to as the smallest because as at that time he was the youngest, smaller in power compared to others .

This is the reason why they called him short man.

Elegba is a proud father of ESU and am proud of their family relationship.

If you don't look closely, you won't know the difference between Elegba and ESU because everyone thinks ESU is the same as Elegba but there are different.

Elegba has been living for years before ESU was born, how can they be of the same strength and power?

ELEGBARA Elegba being the grand father of all ESU doesn't get involved in many things, he sat and sent his boys ESU to do the work , this is why many people thinks Elegba is the same thing as ESU .

Don't come on this post to argue if you haven't confirm the authentication of this article by asking your IFA because if you jam talk, that is your problems. (You thought am going to say something, Nahhhhhhhhhh).

If you need to know more about Elegba,you have the options of consulting your IFA or going into the spirit realm to experience it .

My articles are not for you to accept or reject, that is your choice . All I know is that , I have not seen anyone talks in this things like I do and that is because they don't know them neither do they have the experience on them.

The son of OBATALA

Sunday, March 31, 2024

Dream of being arrested by Police

Dream of being arrested by Police

Dream of being arrested by Police 

Incase you don't know , some people are always having a dream of bring arrested by a law officer ,a police wearing black .

If you fall in this category and you have prayed ,you have fasted and you have moved from one place to another looking for a solution.

The meaning is that you have offended IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO and you must beg them , you must look for someone who can speak to them on your behalf to remove this problem from you .

You need to consult a babalawo to see a solution for you 
Yoruba kings and wife taboos

Yoruba kings and wife taboos

Yoruba kings and wife taboos

Kings in the olden days marry only virgins

Kings in the olden days are believe to be next to ORISA and ORISA don't eat left overs.

Any woman that has lost her virginity cannot be given to the king because it is believe that she is a leftover of another Man .

How many king today can boast that his wife was once a virgin?

When the king himself cannot boast that he was selected by IFA ?

The king makers cannot boast that they are preserving culture ...

Look at the set of liars and thief's who are supposed to protect culture but turn out to be thieves and liars .

How would our culture stand the test of time with this bunch of people?

The king is taking a wife that has been disflowered by another man, the king is eating another man's left over  

The king is doing a taboo. A first class grade taboo for that matter .

Now listen to a small highlights from AJE NLA, the son of OBATALA.

In the olden days we have more structure and more enlightened, everyone know their place and where they belong .

Infact before the demise of the current king, the town already know the next five generational king to ascend the throne . This is possible because of structure, faith in IFA , faithfulness towards one another and everyone values their worth more than money .

Today not everyone has a value anymore. They are bought with money and they don't even know their own value anymore .

What a shame 

In those days, every family prepared his daughter in preparation to be selected as the kings wife because they understand cultural values .

I wished I could talk more .

The son of OBATALA 

Saturday, March 30, 2024

IF OBATALA really created the world, why do we have different races ?

IF OBATALA really created the world, why do we have different races ?

IF OBATALA really created the world, why do we have different races ?

This is a question from someone very close to me and I had already explained to him but I think the world need to know the answer as well.

Civilization started from somewhere, everyone is trying to picture how early life looks like . Most religion had their own story of creation but am so sorry to break your heart because those stories are not true.

Why would their God confuse them because they work in unity to build a giant tower that could reach heaven?

Another question is that, was it the same sky above our head that is referred to heaven or there is something different the people of babel were doing differently that is not recorded .

Does it mean that God doesn't like unity among his people ?

I know they would said that it was the devil that escaped from heaven that went there to confused them.

All this motherfucking religion are only good at pointing or putting blame on something or someone . They never accepted responsibility.

Still on still they assume that one man has died and carry all their sins away when in the real sense no one can take responsibility for another man's action because of the law of karma .

If you want to look deeply then you would understand that the law of karma and other laws state that everyone is responsible for their actions.

How can someone used his child for ritual and claim that someone has died for his sin?

It is just a way of running away from responsibility.

No man or bros J or Pastor can take your responsibility, it is just like eating and you don't want to defecate. You have eaten and it is a must to defecate.

Understand this Law and you would understand life better .

I am a man of law and I quote law before action ,thanks to OBATALA and the ORISA .

Nobody actually has the story of creation or how the human race expanded but I would say one or two things to give you hints.

Creation started with one or two people or even few. Who knows .?

They are more spiritual and advanced in everything than people of  today . Nobody took them as a slave to teach them what is entirely different from who they are or are meant to be

All I know is that the earliest people are together at a place and due to one or two reasons they have to move ahead  ...

Wanting to discover themselves more, they have to leave their normal gathering and travel to another place or even create their own settlement .

Many cities in Yoruba were founded by people who their IFA told to leave that particular place of their dwelling and move ahead to form another settlement . 

If a child is born different, the father may be chase out of the clan or community for being different.

Such child may be seen as a calamity .

This is another reason why people spread across the globe.

When we talk about language, spirituality bring about inspiration and such inspiration can lead to the development of language.

Someone develop Morse code, I believe it is from inspiration. Now Morse code is accepted in army and other military operations.

This is how people of those days developed their own language.

This is how people spread across the world . 

There are instances where a family give birth to a child that doesn't resemble the parents but resemble their grand parents. This is to show that in our gene DNA we have all sort of codes in it which are just sleeping or inactive.

Human beings have gone through a lots of evolution over the years and our body keep on adapting to the environment we found ourself .

We know creation started from Africa and the race with the red colour become jealous and has burnt down many books of history, site of history , created a new religion and capture others to prove their superiority.

What can I say? Humans would forever remains human, fighting for land ,power and superiority.

We are still fighting today, fighting for freedom from religion , for freedom from economic and political influences, freedom from family problems and everything that has to do with Humans .

Only those who are ready to walk in the spiritual realm would life be easy for  .

Spiritual people are protected In one way or the other and those who know the law are super protected .

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA 
Elegba is not the same thing as ESU

Elegba is not the same thing as ESU

Elegba is not the same thing as ESU 

Not all babalawo know the difference between Elegba and ESU .

I know the difference and I can tell the difference because I have seen them and I know them like the back of my hands .

I know many would still argue because they don't know and are not ready to learn.

99% of Babalawo don't know the difference between ESU and Elegba .

Esu is a neutral force. There are some instances that ESU would not do anything rather than stay neutral.

For instance a war between the ORISA , ESU would not want to take side . He would let them solve it out .

Most Babalawo would say that ESU is the same thing as Elegba but that is wrong .

Elegba gave birth to ESU though I can't tell you who the mother was.

Still doubting, many babalawo holds a fake Opele and a fake ikin with a fake IFA.

Even if they ask IFA a thousand times, it would still not give an accurate answer .

Elegba is a highly principled ORISA that can't be seen everywhere because if you do rubbish, he would spank you even though you are his devotee .

This are one of the many reasons why many people don't have it or don't know about this ORISA .

Incompetent babalawo are everywhere and they are the ones spoiling IFA and yet they are seen with chieftaincy beads up and down.

They don't know anything about ancient ORISA neither do they follow the ways of the ORISA .

I am angry at everyone because they are not doing their Job very well.

They don't like me and I don't like them, I would called Aganju for you and you would met like ice before the next day 

Aganju is the Father of SANGO,he is the larva inside the volcano. 

You don't want to mess with him.

On my blog I have few documentation on some ORISA and I am still hoping to write more 

Elegba is much alive and active and if you mess with the AJE NLA the son of Elegba, na you go tell the stories for others to run for their life .

When you visit ESU's compound you would called Elegba grand Pa cos he is a legend and legend don't make noise .

Their reputation proceed them at all time.

ESU always find the neutral ground for every thing but Elegba would call a spade a spade.

Friday, March 29, 2024

Who would you pick between Elegba and ESU?

Who would you pick between Elegba and ESU?

Who would you pick between Elegba and ESU?

Sometimes the ORISA choose you and you must not disappoint them 

I have come in contact with most ORISA than any higher rank Babalawo or Araba of any cult or groups .

I know I am giving you guys headache, you just have to wait till I clock 100 to die because you my death is not in your hands .

To have an ORISA sometimes they choose you for who you are or meant to be.

Many want to be in this path but can't afford all it takes.

Only if you are a good person and faithful with the ORISA you are holding, only then would you have more ORISA to work with you and help you in all you do.

I am not a writer of books and I don't intend to write one.

Only if ORUNMILA could have spoken on this hidden secrets but he didn't.

Any way, are you ready for ELEGBARA, Elegba 

The mighty warrior .....

Who would you pick between Elegba and ESU?
The stone and it's secrets

The stone and it's secrets

The stone and it's secrets

Every rock has a spirit and what it represent 

Not everyone believe in what I say because they are yet to experience it and because they are not pure of heart or due to other reasons .

Many don't know that rock is an important part of Life that carries the DNA of many relations and families .

In the olden days , some great men turned themselves to Rock for them to save their family, clan and villages from war and many other disasters .

Go and check the history of many villages with rocks , you would understand that rocks are more than just rocks , they are history .

You can't deny this fact that the bible talk about rock and the christians think Bros J is the Rock of Salvation. No wonder they all loved to go on top of a rock to pray .

The Muslims also speak of rocks and in kabba there is rock .

I was urinating on a rock when it speaks , I have to look for a way to beg the rock and I move on.

People would think am running mental cos of this expression of the rock speaking to me but I am in a good mental state of health.

The facts that they have polluted with mind with the love of money, they all wanted to be rich with good cars and houses.

The fact that they want to enjoy their life when in the real sense they don't know how to enjoy.

I would drop an article on how to enjoy life to its fullest cos I am enjoying my life .

The rock plays a major roles in faith and religion but many still don't know it's significant.

If you go to Jerusalem or where do the christians go to? You would see them praying to a rock . A rock representing one family which is not in any way relating to your family yet you go and pray to another man's ancestors .

I would still explore more and talk on this issue of rocks and his belief but first let me relax on this .

The son of OBATALA