Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Why do I wake up tired and drained? And how to regain energy

Why do I wake up tired and drained? And how to regain energy

Why do I wake up tired and drained? And how to regain energy 

This are just simple things you need to know .

Many of us are in one spiritual groups or the other and the groups we belongs to are doing one activities or the other .

If your egbe orun are having party, you would dance and dance till you can't dance anymore.

If this happens there is tendency that you would wake up tired and drained 

There are times you are having a lot of spiritual Battles any time you sleep, when this happened you would wake up tired and drained .

Other times it be that you didn't sleep in a proper sleeping position, you would wake up drain 

In fact there are many reasons why people wake up drained and tired but we only speak about this three reasons for learning sake .

The solution to this cannot be find only , I am very sorry that I won't be releasing the recipe or what to do anytime you wake up drain and tired but the least you can do is to do consultation.

Monday, June 3, 2024

Other traits of a babalawo you need to know

Other traits of a babalawo you need to know

Other traits of a babalawo you need to know 

Every one knows 16 rules of IFA and guidelines every babalawo must follow but there are some hidden things you need to know that can't be found anywhere 

This are what people don't really look for in a babalawo and it matters a lots to what they do.

A babalawo should be wiser - when you call on your babalawo for any problem, he should be wise enough to know what to do. A babalawo should be able to balance his feelings , emotion, reasonings and all others.

Babalawo who can't manage their feelings ended up sleeping with female clients or use charm to marry a female client . They have wives more than the president the country , Na so poverty take dey start.

He should be able to interpret dreams and give you a good meaning or insight to your dreams and problem .

A babalawo should not be doing trial and error method to solve people's problem because it involves their life , should know what to do at every point in time.

Many babalawo are good in trial and error method, they would tell you to first do this, if it doesn't work they would tell you to do another things and you continue to do a lot of things til you have no penny to do anything again.

A babalawo should be a very high spiritual person. He should know more about what is happening in the spirit realm and the rules guiding each realms.

It's so painful that 99% of Babalawo are not in the spirit realm neither do they know what is happening in the spirit realm.

They have failed to realize that being a babalawo Is more than knowing how to read ODU IFA, it's bigger than knowing the verses of IFA, it's bigger than knowing spiritual works .

If you have all this (ODU IFA, knowledge of verses of IFA , spiritual works books) and you have no knowledge of the spiritual realm neither are you wise, then you have failed as a Babalawo.

There is more to what they are teaching you or what you learned. There is more to what you don't know.

A good Babalawo should know how to calm people down and assured them that they have no problem . 

Sometimes I wished I can saw all things but I can't say anything. I am just a vessel of truth, sent to say what they have failed to see or learn.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA



Let us carry out this simple assignment to find out if there are forces in our dwellings. Ofcourse, everyone should know that if there are forces in your home, things will not go well, there will be bad dreams, cobwebs within the house, dissapointment and other bad experiences.

 Infact, with forces in your dwellings, no amount of spiritual things will work for you when you use it no matter how effective or costly it is.

Put one cube sugar or one spoon of sugar in each of the corners of your room. After 5hrs or more, check if there are ants on the sugar.

a. If no ant, then there are too powerful forces in your house and have gained much ground there.

b. If there is small ants on it, it means there are forces in the house but not much

c. If there is plenty ants on it and they almost finish sugars within a shot while, it means your house is free from forces.

In the case of when no ants in the sugar at all, put native or sea salt (salt measured in cups in the market, not sachet salt) beside the sugar. After three days, pack eveything and put another sugar there to see if ants would come on it. Keep doing it till you're satisfied with the outcome. You can do it in your shop as well.

Sunday, June 2, 2024

Reason why some soap doesn't work

Reason why some soap doesn't work

Reason why some soap doesn't work

While we failed to understand some things before using them, a lot of people used soap every now and then but can't say much about them.

The believe that soap answer all problem yet it has its limitations.

In my previous article I wrote on how long it would take a soap to stop working on you., You can read it via .. https://www.orisa.com.ng/2024/06/how-long-can-spiritual-soap-work-on-me.html .

Today we want to talk on why soaps failed to work on people .

It is possible you are using a soap and nothing seems to work and your friend uses the same soap but the soap works for him/her .

This is to show that nothing is wrong with the soap but rather something is wrong with you.

Below are reasons why soap failed to work for you

1. Your star - Not all star are eligible to use soap, if you are born under the star (Irawo) that must not use soap. Even if you bath with spiritual soap from today till eternity it would not work, instead of it to work for your progress, you would be going backwards.

2. The root cause of the problem - Soap works but it doesn't answer all problem. Soaps work easily when you have little problem. Believe me people's problem are more thicker than the other.

When you didn't address the root of the problem,when you failed to identify why and why things are not working for you. There are some problems that would not make soap to work, taking for example if IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO are the cause of your problem. If you like use soap from now till eternity it would not work until you solve your problem with IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO. Until then would you be able to use soap that would work or do spiritual work that works for you.

3. SEX, -  You went to do soap and you can't wait for a week or more while using the soap for the soap to settle down with you and start working for you, you start using soap today and the next day you had sex. My brother, the soap may not work for you anymore and you would just be using that soap for using sake. It's essence is gone.

If you want to have sex while using soap, wait for two weeks after using the soap before you had sex with anyone, and after having sex make sure you do some cleansing, after doing cleansing don't touch the soap or use the soap for the next two days for your body to readjust and reactivated back to your normal self before going back to using the soap again.

This are few things many babalawo would not tell you but are really causing a lot of trouble for some people out there.

I remained AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

Saturday, June 1, 2024

How long can spiritual soap work on me - Duration of spiritual soap

How long can spiritual soap work on me - Duration of spiritual soap

How long can spiritual soap work on me - Duration of spiritual soap 

Almost everyone believe in soaps, be it restoration soap , blessing soap, connection soap, wealth soap and all sort of soap.

The question is , how long would the soap work for you, how long can you use soap,how long would the soap continue to work after you didn't use it again?

I want you to know that soap has a very limited lifespan.

If you are used to using soap,well you can testify to this.

There are some soap that would stop working the day you stop using them

There are some soap that would work for a month after you stop using them

The maximum duration a soap can work after it finished or you stop using it is three months.

This is why people that loved using soap are always using soap , they can't stop using soap.

Soap has a very little time to work but it work faster, it pick up very fast.

If you start using soap today, it would start working before the next 7 days . In the next 7 days you should be seeing changes .

There is soap for almost everything, if you need a husband there is a soap for that 

If you need a wife ,there is a soap for that 

You want connection, there is a soap for that 

You want to be famous, there is a soap for that

You want your mouth to be sweet anytime you sing or talk, there is a soap for that 

You want to be protected, there is a soap for that 

There are millions of soap for almost everything.

I am not a soap based Person because I believe in solving the problem from the root before using any spiritual work like soap or whatever.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA
Spirituality without Initiation is useless

Spirituality without Initiation is useless

Spirituality without Initiation is useless

I am not here to say this things because of anyone but I am here so that you may learn .

So many people believes that they are spiritual simply because they are having dreams and can predict what would happen to them before it happened.

My question remains that, if you have such gift and powers why haven't you solved your own problem ?

The answer is simple, no matter how spiritual or how gifted you are, if you haven't done your Initiation all those powers would just be sleeping in the spirit realm without manifestation in your real life .

A lot have changed in me in recent times , I tend to only give audience to a few who are ready for the truth.

Just like someone message me and said they have this power, they are always winning in the dream but they still don't know why life is a hell for them.

I told them, you can't really be free without the help of others in the universe or the help of the ORISA.

All those battles you are fighting would definitely waste your time and the more you fight that battle the more you become stagnant in Life.

Those who are fighting you are not aiming to kill you but to delay your progress in Life .

Without your Initiation, all those powers would only he sleeping and waking up with you. All those powers would remain in the spirit realm .

You need your initiation to merge the power with your physical body into one.

This are one of the reasons for Initiation.

When you do your Initiation, you invite other ORISA too to help you out in your battles .

I couldn't say much.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

Friday, May 31, 2024

Igba AJE (AJE Calabash) and the dark side untold

Igba AJE (AJE Calabash) and the dark side untold

Igba AJE (AJE Calabash) and the dark side untold

We all loved the fact that we don't like to be poor or lived in poverty .

There is not doubt that AJE OLOKUN is in calabash.

If someone said to you that they want to give you the calabash of wealth,what does it mean?

Normally AJE is inside calabash, invoked in it by a competent babalawo and the receiver would be initiated into AJE OLOKUN.

This process is AJE sise (AJE OLOKUN Initiation).

After the INITIATION, you would have your own ORISA AJE OLOKUN which you would always praise , make sacrifice to everyday .

Having ORISA AJE OLOKUN in your house doesn't guarantee that you would be super Rich because you don't know the kind of head you choose or the destiny you bring from heaven.

Of course having the calabash of AJE means that you would not be poor or living in abject poverty and your life would go on smoothly and gently but don't be faster than your shadow.

Having the calabash of AJE doesn't mean that you would sleep at home and one stupid spirit would be bringing money to you .. never .

What it means to be initiated into AJE is that you have AJE OLOKUN with you and you should put in more effort to whatever you do .

Everything would begin to work out gradually for you if you have AJE OLOKUN calabash.

If you go for contract, it would be giving to you because everyone want to associate with AJE, they would see the sign and symbols of AJE OLOKUN on you .

AJE OLOKUN has a clause, it doesn't work if you still have spiritual Battles in your life to win because AJE doesn't know how to do anything except to bless. She doesn't fight and if there is a spiritual attack or draw back on you, it would prevent AJE OLOKUN from working.

If anyone promises to do AJE OLOKUN Initiation for you or promised that after you have the AJE Calabash, you would be extra rich. Run away from them.

If anyone claims to do any AJE calabash for you and they said you would be receiving bank alert without doing any physical work, just know that you are initiated in a cult or money rituals.

So many Babalawo have scammed a lot of people in the name of AJE, those Babalawo would claimed that they would do calabash of AJE for you and your problem would be over. They are 419.

AJE is a booster to everything we do, AJE doesn't work alone because it doesn't fights . If you offend IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO for instance and you want your AJE to work, it would not work. In fact you would be drooling in poverty.

In my previous post, I analyze that we have spiritual AJE calabash where the ORISA would give you  AJE after a long test and deliberation.

The ORISA individually also blessed people with AJE, the egbe orun also have their own calabash of AJE that they give to their members that is super active and helpful to their egbe orun.

AJE calabash in short is available in every realms and with all ORISA . They may choose to give you or not and that is left for them to do.

IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO also have their own AJE calabash. If you win their loved and they loved you, they would come and give you AJE calabash.

All those ORISA , egbe Orun have AJE calabash which are always giving to people in the spirit realm .

When we talk on the ones done on earth here.

It is either you do AJE Initiation or they do some sort of money rituals for you in the name of AJE or they initiate you into some stupid cult where they would lured and lied to you that it is AJE .

I remains AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

If you have questions and you want to know more, you may contact me and booked a session.

If you loved to share this article, kindly make reference to the source before we invoke your soul and lock you spirit somewhere you can't find for defiling orders .

I am AJE NLA,the son of OBATALA. I have more insight and full knowledge of what many people don't really know . May be they are not looking or they are more focused on something else while I focused more on spirituality.

All this write up are what I have seen, experience and have had my share in it before I decide to write about it .

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Thousands of reason why you need cleansing after sex

Thousands of reason why you need cleansing after sex

Thousands of reason why you need cleansing after sex 

We have been having sex with another person and we don't know that we need to clean our body after sex .

Some people don't know that sex is an ancient rites and if care is not taken, you might face some bad consequences of sex after having sex.

Some people would agree with me that after sex their life turned around for good while others witness a backwardness in their life after sex.

The same concept of sex is the same reason why you witness progress when dating a particular person and at the same time you witness backwardness when dating another.

If you wouldn't argue much, sex is a portal and a way to communicate with our higher self or the universe at large, you can't find that anywhere .

Someone called me sometimes ago that he is still having sex in the dream with the lady he broke up .

I told him to do one or two things and he has seen changes ..

Without no further delay, below are the few reasons why you need to cleanse your self and body after sex .

To close portal that has been opens during sex

To disconnect yourself from your sex partner 

To disconnect communication in the spiritual real between you and you partner 

To avoid being used in the spirit realm

I can't talk more than this, remember

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Is IFA for everyone ? - The time of the awakening is here

Is IFA for everyone ? - The time of the awakening is here

Is IFA for everyone ? - The time of the awakening is here 

My articles are not for shallow minded but for the eyes that love the truth and the ears that love the truth.

I used to say that nothing can beat the time of old, the ancient times and world where we do what is best for everyone and everything goes the way it should .

I wrote an article on how I was Initiated on the spirit realm one time like that, there were many comments and criticism because they never believe it to be true, I wasn't looking for their approval or credibility because I am not here for anyone. I speak my mind and the truth for  those who loved to hear would .

Everyone believed that everyone must be initiated into IFA which is not true.

This believe that everyone must have IFA is the same reason why many woman are now Initiated into IFA when they are not supposed to.

Women don't enter igbodu, I have written about it in one of my articles and many still find it hard to believes. Nothing can beats the ancient ways of the world. Search my blog www.orisa.com.ng for igbodu or click on https://www.orisa.com.ng/2024/04/igbodu-ifa-and-woman-truth-and-lies.html

I am the son of OBATALA and this give me some privileges of meeting a lots of the ORISA , this contribute to my inspiration and the way I write my articles .

I know ORUNMILA the father of IFA, he is like a father to me because he is teaching me a lots of things every day . ORUNMILA introduced me to ELA and a lot of the spirits that work with IFA .

So if am writing , I know what I am saying .

Last week I wrote and ask, can we use soap to wash our IFA and IFA pot? Nobody says anything because they know they are not doing it right. Click it via https://www.orisa.com.ng/2024/05/can-i-use-soap-to-wash-my-ifa.html

They have forgotten the old ways of the world and I am here to beat the drum in their ears to remember.

I once believe that we can't know the ORISA for our head except through IFA initiation or after IFA initiation.

 The world is changing and that is because the world is going back to ancient times.

 We are in the year of dragons , the year of old. Many people are now having visions , many people are now awaken in their spirit, many people are Initiated in their dreams and the ORISA are far more active than ever before.

All this things are happening because we are in the year of the dragon, the world is back to the beginning and the spirit is high moving around everywhere for everyone who is ready.

Like I asked in the topic, is IFA for everyone?

The answer is No.

We know that woman don't enter igbodu so automatically IFA is not for woman rather than doing IFA INITIATION,women would do ORISA Initiation and in most cases it might be OSUN Initiation, YEMOJA Initiation, OYA Initiation, and in some exceptional cases a male ORISA would be the ORISA of their head eg SANGO.

Before you embark on your INITIATION, the first thing to ask IFA guru and any competent babalawo is to ask ;;;;

 who is the ORISA for your head.

They would consult IFA to know the ORISA of your head and then they would also consult to know what would be best for you to do between IFA initiation or the ORISA Initiation.

What have come to notice is that they have turned everything into money making machine and they are telling more lies to make more money for their pockets than the truth .

They (Babalawo) would tell you and lure you into doing your IFA initiation, they would now tell you that this is the ORISA of your head and you would still come and do the ORISA Initiation thereby making you pay twice, thereby making you pay double.

 One for IFA INITIATION and the other for the ORISA of your head Initiation.


Many people don't have the resources, they have summoned all they can to do just one Initiation, why not make the one Initiation count? 

Why not make it a worthy Initiation that doesn't have to require you turning them to an automatic teller machine (ATM) ?

Apart from the money involved in the two different Initiation, how many people are ready for the commitment that comes with having more than one ORISA ??

AJE NLA has done consultation for quite number of people and OBATALA strictly says they needed ORISA Initiation.

I have done more than one Initiation and has a matter of fact I can't remember how many ORISA Initiation I have done in my life and dream. This is why it is possible for me to have more than one ORISA . 


I have done ORISA ONIMERE Initiation

I have done OSUN Initiation


I have done egbe orun initiation

I have done Elegba Initiation

And many other Initiation that can't be spoken off in this article .

I have met not Less than 83 people who has done their Initiation in the spirit realm and few are now my apprentice to learn the old ways of Life.

The ORISA are more awake now and they are initiating their children via the dream .

On a final note, before you do Initiation Confirm which ORISA is the ORISA for your head, if IFA is for you then do IFA INITIATION.

If OSUN is the ORISA for your head, then do OSUN Initiation,have your own ORISA OSUN and forget about doing IFA INITIATION.

If SANGO is the ORISA for your head,do sango Initiation,have your own ORISA SANGO and forget about doing IFA INITIATION.

If OLOKUN is the ORISA for your head,do OLOKUN Initiation and have your own ORISA OLOKUN then forget about doing IFA INITIATION.

And any ORISA that chooses you .

We have misleaded people making it look as if other ORISA are useless, the way people clamour and shout IFA , you would think other ORISA are useless and less useful or powerless.

Which is absolutely false.

In those days, one of those reason why babalawo do IFA INITIATION is because of the wisdom that comes from IFA , also it is only those who want to be a babalawo or a diviner that do IFA INITIATION while others are entitled to ORISA Initiation .

Today Babalawo has commercialized IFA initiation, propagate a propaganda that IFA is the only ORISA ,

another propaganda is that IFA is the most powerful ORISA ,

They propagate that everyone must do IFA INITIATION when IFA initiation was not meant for everyone in the real sense of it.

I remains AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

If you think this truth hurt your ego and you are so sure if yourself ,well 

Let us meet at the centre of the ocean at any day of your choice and let us settle this out once and for all.

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

The beauty of Anger

The beauty of Anger

The beauty of Anger 

When I was going to church, I was told that anger is a bad thing and it must be killed .

Killing anger and becoming a sheep or faithfooooool is one of the worse decisions anyone can make.

Anger is a beauty on its own and if you embrace that beauty , you would see and enjoy a lot of her.

Anger is not about reacting to everything anyone says or do towards you because you have to be wiser with your anger.

Imagine pastor sleeping with your wife and you couldn't get angry because one imaginary bros J told you that forgive and you becomes a faithfooooool.

If anyone get you angry, out of that anger speak your mind and leave the scenario. You don't have to touch anything or anyone. Just words of mouth expressing yourself in a beautiful way is all that is needed.

If you are elegbe Omo Anger is good for you.

At that point when you are angry, all your spiritual friends and family are with you instantly.

If some people slap you in anger, you would die. If only they can be creative with that anger .

They would bring files of the good and bad character of the people who angered you to judge if they deserve cane or not.

A client explain how he was cheated and he said he was angry, I simply told him to get more angry.

I told him, I can't stop him from getting angry or preach to him. I simply told him to get more angry . 

Getting angry opens some spiritual channels for you and help you to enter some realms of power , that is why you must be creative with your anger and not destructive.

Next time you are angry 

Stay angry for the rest of the day and be thinking of what to do with your anger .

Go to bed with your anger and go and do wonders , the portal which you open via anger would still be opened for the next 16hours ..

Sometimes you need to get angry to go to spiritual war and fight off some battles of your life .

But you are restricted to get angry and so many evil keep on piling up on you.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA