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Are those worshipping ORISA going to Hell

Are those worshipping ORISA going to Hell. 

Those worshipping ORISA are the true children of ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ. 

Those worshipping ORISA are the only people tuned with their destiny. 

For correction, they are not worshipping ORISA. What they are doing is a religion on its own. 

The white man has succeeded in making our religion inferior by giving it names and attributing our ÔRISÂ to devils and Monsters. 

For your knowledge, there is no Hell in Yoruba Religion. It was created by the church, to create fear and to control the masses. 

Where do you go after you die? Searcg the answer from this blog
I already posted the answer to that. 

Once you have a clear mind that their is no hell, then you are ready to progress spiritually. 

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