Saturday, June 15, 2024

Babalawo 109: Babalawo and their selling point

Babalawo 109: Babalawo and their selling point

Babalawo 109: Babalawo and their selling point 

If you don't like my post,just leave it because am not chasing any time sooner .

I have decided to press on people's head, thought and make a lot of enemies because I love doing that .

I am AJE NLA, the son of OBATALA. 

I can't be more proud than that and have not seen anyone having more pride in their ORISA as I have.

I have come across a lot of Babalawo and they don't have anything to offer .

If you are a babalawo and this get you angry, just report yourself to IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO.

Because if you failed to report yourself and you have grudges against me, I doubt if you would spent the next 3 months alive.

I am a table shaker and I would break the table for everyone because I really don't care .

Most Babalawo don't have anything to offer , neither do they have substance to give.

Have you ever asked yourself, what do I have to offer to my clients that is very different from other Babalawo?

I didn't get any proper training from any man , not that I remember but that doesn't mean I don't know what I am saying or doing .

I carry what I know and believe for my head, no be Joke.

If you don't have what to offer to people then you are not worthy of anything called a babalawo.

Almost everyone is angry at the way I see things or I do things and it make me wonder why are they angry ?

Am I spoiling market for them or am just too truthful?

Am I giving them a lot of shame or I embarrassed them?

Either ways, the mantle of power I have not collected from any man. Let them be angry for nothing because if they try getting angrier it's doom for them.

I told some few folks that in the next few years, who knows if Yoruba race would exist? But am very sure ORISA would still be in existence with a lot of followers making sacrifice to them.

ORISA only moved and work with people who have their loved at heart and do what is right irrespective of the race ,tribe or country.

I once write an article that in the future any babalawo without knowledge of the spiritual realm would be jobless. 

People asked if am a spiritualist or a babalawo and I replied, I am what I loved to be . I loved the spiritual aspect of life more than the physical.

Your love and interest in what you love most turns to be what the ORISA would give you most.

Whatever your interest is, find a way to be useful. You represent the ORISA on earth and their energy is within you.

There is a lot of reduction in power allocated to babalawo shrines across the globe and their work doesn't work as effective as before.. why?

As they loose focus in the work and have more interest in the reward, the potency of their shrine reduces.

As they have failed to understand and balance their spiritual and physical they would continue to have a failed work.

If care is not taken a lot of Babalawo would soon be jobless when people don't patronize them anymore because their work would not work again. As it has started happening, leaves are no more responsive , herbs are loosing their powers.

Yet the same herbs and leaves work like magic in the hand of the right babalawo with the ODU and energy of the ORISA within him.

Everyone is looking for ABIDO SHAKER to boost what they do.

Go and check Babalawo that you know and kindly confirm if his work is still valid and legit.

What do you have to offer.?????

What is your selling points ??????

I am AJE NLA, what I offer is balance .

Balancing your physical life and spiritual Life together while experiencing the spiritual aspect of Life .

My Job is to make sure that you balance your emotional and rational thinking in everything you do to bring out the best version of you.

Most important traveling and staying connected with your friends in various egbe orun in the respectful realms.

I remained AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

Thursday, June 13, 2024

What you need to know and have as OLUWO

What you need to know and have as OLUWO

What you need to know and have as OLUWO 

As an OLUWO , you must have some quality and be able to do some things before you become an OLUWO .

Many people are still in the believe that you must learn from someone or learn under someone and they believe that you must have some title added to your name and you must be a well known dignitaries.

Well , all those above are just bull shit because if you don't have what I want to say below , then you are as useless as a poo and not worthy of being called an OLUWO.

I am AJE NLA, the son of OBATALA... 

You need to understand that my articles are nothing but pure truth. If you don't like it,leave it.

Nothing you can do can change my mind about the world and what I write . 

To be an OLUWO, you must visit ORISA OLOKUN

OLOKUN is a very strict ORISA that doesn't take non sense, a lot of people can't stand in his presence because of his wrath . A breath from OLOKUN would kill anyone not worthy of his time.

After you visit OLOKUN, he would train you on how to be an OLUWO. OLOKUN is the teacher because IFA is reference as IFA OLOKUN.

If you don't learn from OLOKUN, you can't learn anywhere .

After you learn from OLOKUN, you would be taken to ORUNMILA and then to IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO, then you would be taken to OBATALA.

This training as OLUWO might take more than 4 years .

After graduation, the OLUWO would be imbibed in ODU and ODU IFA would be inside and within him.

My question is, how many OLUWO has ODU IFA synchronize in him or activated in him?

An OLUWO must not just be able to do IFA INITIATION for people, he (OLUWO) should be able to show up in your dream as your guide, guiding you in every thing you do via the dream.

If you do your IFA initiation and you have never dream of your OLUWO anytime or in your time of trouble. .. I am sorry to say that you haven't done a proper Initiation.

After your Initiation, you become the apprentice of that OLUWO and you learn in the dream from the OLUWO .

But today , most OLUWO don't have any ODU neither can they train people in their dream.

OLUWO today don't go and train or get train by ORISA OLOKUN. 

Everyone just do what they like and they have no ODU or power in them as OLUWO.

In the olden days , an OLUWO can cover a whole state and we don't have plenty OLUWO as today .

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

If you don't like it ...

Then let it go .

I owe nobody an explanation.

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

If you were a bird,what bird would you be?

If you were a bird,what bird would you be?

If you are a bird,what bird would you be?

People are always scared of bird especially odd birds like owl, Raven etc 

The truth is that we can't go in the spirit realm without the use of a bird or other means of transportation.

Those who are the children of IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO transform into a bird and travel into dream land .

While others may ride on their spiritual pet as they travel the verse universe.

Which bird or what bird do you like to be , if you are a bird ...

I would love to be a phoenix because of its undying strength and energy

I would love to be an eagle because of its sharp eyes and claws.

I would love to be a raven because of its dark secrets.

What about you, what bird would you like to be ?

Sunday, June 9, 2024

AJE NLA explain how IFA initiation is done in the olden days - IFA doesn't eat money, you need to watch and learn

AJE NLA explain how IFA initiation is done in the olden days - IFA doesn't eat money, you need to watch and learn

AJE NLA explain how IFA initiation is done in the olden days - IFA doesn't eat money, you need to watch and learn

Duration of video : 7 minutes

Author : AJE NLA

PHONE : +2347031178647


Language: Yoruba language

I am very sorry, I used my last energy to do the video, I am extremely tired as my worn are becoming large and I hardly have time for stuff I do before.

I would have loved to write out the translation but I am tired, I need some rest ..

If you find this article useful, please share it and let it go viral.

Saturday, June 8, 2024

Preparing for another Batch of OSUN Initiation next week

Preparing for another Batch of OSUN Initiation next week

Preparing for another Batch of OSUN Initiation next week 

Question: How many people do you initiate at a time ?

AJE NLA: I do it one at a time 

Question: Why

AJE NLA: Initiation consume much of my spiritual energy, it drained it. Now imagine doing Initiation for two people or more people at the same time. I don't know if I would faint because all my energy would he depicted.

More over doing it one at a time give me time for every initiate. Time to relate and interact. 

Time to discuss some personal issues and the way forward in Life .

Since it's one initiate at a time, your privacy is secured,you are free to ask and talk without remorse that anyone would be listening. You know what I mean .?

Question: can I come with friend and family during my initiation?

You are the one that would decide whether you want to bring a party to your initiation or not. It's your choice 

Question: Why do other Babalawo do Initiation for more than two people at a time .

AJE NLA: they want to use one stone to kill a hundred birds but at the end, it's all failure . They won't have time to interact with it initiate, no privacy and they want to save cost . Why must you manage resources when you have be paid individually?

I said Initiation drains energy , except you are not genuine or legit 

You want to attend to 10 people at the same time in 4-7days ? How would you be accurate?

Remember no human effort is 100% efficient., Looking at the stress level, efficiency would be reduced below 50%. It's just mathematics.

At the end, the clients complain that the babalawo does t have their time , they are super much.

I can't talk much...
A busy bee is always busy making honey 

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

Friday, June 7, 2024

Differences between omo Omi and alaragbo

Differences between omo Omi and alaragbo

Differences between omo Omi and alaragbo

In my previous article , AJE NLA explain the similarities between Omo Omi and Alaragbo and if you missed that article ,you can always go back and read it via ..

If I wouldn't want to waste any time on this and for full knowledge.

You need to read about alaragbo top secrets via here , 

you can also find the difference between iyalode and Alaragbo via .

After glancing through those article above,I think it is time for me to say one or two things about the differences between Omo Omi and Alaragbo.

Omo Omi are mermaids born by mermaids while alaragbo are the sub groups of IYAMOPO.

You can read about the differences between IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO here . 

This would let you know more about IYAMOPO.

Also you really need to read about the differences between IYALODE and Alaragbo.

I wrote all this article and I am also making reference to them to avoid repetitions .

In short, Omo Omi are mermaids while Alaragbo are feminine energy relating to water.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

Erindinlogun in new view

Erindinlogun in new view

1.Erindinlogun Dida Is a system of Ifa Divination that has 16 houses of information erindilogun it'self is an aspects of Ifa divination tools. 

2.Apart from followers of Ifa, Olosun and Olobatala, Erindinlogun is also used principally by the worshippers of Sango. The diviners who employ it to this extent, refer to it as Iranse Sango (Sango Servant).

3.In the Erindinlogun system of Ifa divination, a set of sixteen cowry shells are used for the divination and during divination, they either face up or down. 

4.As a matter of fact, a cowry shell has two faces: the male and the female. (up and down respectively). 

5.During divination these cowry shells are shaken and thrown on the ground, falling either on the male or female face.

6.The female face stands for the identification of each odu. Thus, the cowry shell is different from the divination chain in which the two faces dictate one odu at a time. 

7.When only the famale face (the concave side) is up out of the sixteen cowry shells, the odu that we have is called Okanran.

8.If it is two females faces, we have Ejioko. They are arranged in the following order of hierarchy.

Okanran = when the face of 1 female is up

Eji oko = when the faces of 2 females are up

Ogunda = when the faces of the females are up

Irosun = when the faces of 4 females are up

Ose = when the face of 5 females are up

Obara = when the faces of 6 females are up

Odi = when the faces of 7 females are up

Eji Ogbe = when the faces of 8 females are up

Osa = when the faces of 9 females are up

Ofun = when the faces of 10 females are up

Owonrin = when the faces of 11 females are up

Ejilasuebora = when the faces 12 females are up

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Similarities between Omo Omi and Alaragbo

Similarities between Omo Omi and Alaragbo

Similarities between Omo Omi and Alaragbo

There is one or two similarities between this two egbe orun.

Though the concept of this article might not talk in details about it or let me say AJE NLA would only talk about one similarity between Omo Omi and Alaragbo.

The reason for one similarity is because of those who are good in copying and stealing articles without proper salutation or reference to the real writer.

The similarities between Omo Omi and Alaragbo is that both Omo Omi and Alaragbo are water based egbe orun.

They both lived inside water

They choose to have their meetings in the water or at the top of the water or beside the water or anywhere they chooses .

The origin of this two egbe orun (omo Omi and Alaragbo) is water .

They can't do without water and any member of this egbe orun always dream of water, either they see water or find themselves swimming of playing with water .

Well,I have tried to explain a little about Omo Omi and Alaragbo.

If you wished to know more about them, I think you can search for Omo Omi on or search for alaragbo on to know more or you can contact AJE NLA the author of

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Fortified your children ready for their future

Fortified your children ready for their future

Fortified your children against their future 

The world is not wicked yesterday but it became wicked today and it would be an extra wickedness tomorrow and the day after .

So many bad news up and down on the internet and in your environment.

What are you doing to protect your children from bad and evil families, bad and evil friends, attack from evil neighbors and jealous church members, how do you intend to protect your children against all this.?

Do you think reading the Bible everyday would do that for you or going by the old ways of our ancestors the tradition?

Let it sink in you that the hardship you are facing right now may be triple or double for your children if you didn't fortified them earlier today against tomorrow.

Nigeria is seen as a bad country but as bad as Nigeria , so many people are buying cars worth millions . Are we not in the same Nigeria?

A fortified child would never walk with bad friends because he would know their intentions, a fortified child would always be guided in choosing friends .

A fortified child would not go to where he/she would be killed because his mind would warm him/her and he would adhere 

A fortified child would not eat what would kill him/her because they would see it .

A fortified child can't be kill or poisoned in their sleep .

Infact there are many benefits of fortifying your children .

By the time they grow old, life would be easier for them and you would enjoy seeing them do wonders .

How many of you remember your parents ?

You are already struggling and you think you don't have enough talkless of giving to your parents .

Do you want your child to be struggling the way you are struggling that you don't have any penny to give to your parents ??

The solution is to fortified your child.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA
Characteristics of ESU

Characteristics of ESU

Characteristics of ESU 

Esu is an Orisa of peace

Esu is an Orisa of harmony

Esu is the defender of truth

Esu is the strength of the weak

Esu is the protector of the defenseless—the unprotected

Esu is the avenger for evil

Esu is the "Road" opener

Esu is the "Road" blocker against the wicked

Esu is a trusted ally of Orunmila

Esu is a reliable friend of all the Orisas

Esu is a trusted friend of the honest

Esu is a non-compromise; therefore, he cannot be bribed or bought

Esu is not malicious; therefore, he does not take sides.