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Saved yourself from being used for rituals

Saved yourself from being used for rituals 

If you are a strong member of egbe Orun, I think you need to ask them for protection.

If you don't know the name of your egbe orun, I think you need to ask or consult IFA .

If you have not been feeding your egbe orun, I think it is time to start doing that now.

No where is safe anymore .

We all know that OLOKUN is for protection but your egbe orun can also do their bits in protecting you.

Your egbe orun are more closer to you because they are your first love, first family .

Your egbe orun would tell you when to go out and when not to go out.

Infact let us embrace our tradition to keep ourself save from all the wicked people up and down.

Do your IFA initiation

Do your egbe orun initiation

Do ORISA in Initiation

Feed your egbe orun

Feed your Ori 

Feed ORISA OLOKUN for protection from poison , kidnapping, etc.

On a final note 
All ORISA has the power to protect .

I remained AJE NLA 

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