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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Friday, December 8, 2023

How YEMOJA looks like

How YEMOJA looks like

How yemoja look like.

AFRICAN GODDESS named YEMOJA who dwell in the OGUN RIVER, with HAIR that was BLACK as MIDNIGHT and SKIN DARK BROWN like MOLASSES that pour from OAK TREE’S on a hot summer’s day. 

Around her neck she wore a beautifully strung necklace made with RIVER STONES.

Monday, October 30, 2023

species of Yemoja

species of Yemoja

 Species of Yemoja

There are so many species of Yemoja.
If you have been there you would know that they are so many and plenty.

Just like humans we have different species of yemoja.

After my visit millions of visit to Yemoja,have decided to write something about them.

Below are few species of Yemoja

Tall specie - This specie are long like up to 50m, so gigantic that you will fear God when you see them.

Not too attractive specie - This specie are not that good looking because of their Face but it doesn’t make them Bad.

Beauty and attraction species- This is the most common specie best known to man kind, they are the most populous and the most easily seen by Man.

I would not be able to go deeper than this but if you have questions, you can contact me on whatsap +2347031178647

Friday, October 13, 2023

Iyamoja Taboos

Iyamoja Taboos


Iyamoja Taboos

This are taboo for people who are iyamoja children not to feed her with or else it would remove you from being her children and you might loose your Life.

Iyamoja is very strict and doesn’t take nonsense from anyone.

Taboos include:

• Fish ( must not be used to feed the deity)

• Iyamoja followers and devotee must not eat fish ,this is not pertaining to all of them but once you are her children you would be Told

• Bitter kola, 

Guinea corn, 


Palm kernel oil

• Dog

: Yemoja is the fed while kneeling down. 

Some of the offering may be thrown into the stream or river near the shrine.
Meetings day for Iyamoja Children

Meetings day for Iyamoja Children

 Meetings day for Iyamoja Children

After you are not part of iyamoja Children, the next thing to do is to make sure you are attending their meetings.

Ofcourse its like a club or associate of its own.

Which have its ranks and chieftancy . Their ranks and chieftancy are topics of discussion of another day.

The days of the month when their meetings is done is for you to find out.

And if you dont kno they used to have meetings,then you know

Most people who claim to be daughter of Iyamoja or Iyamoja priestess are fake, many of them are just scamming people of their Money .

That is why the ORISA sent me to librated the world with wisdom.

For further knowledge please contact AJE NLA.

To get knowledgeable.
How to be Iyamoja Children

How to be Iyamoja Children

 How to be Iyamoja Children 

You can be iyamoja child or Children even though you are not Omo Omi.

Don’t forget that Omo Omo are people who are living inside the water before they are born (if you need more knowledge let me know)

You can also be part of them if you wish,

And to be part of Iyamoja Children, there are things you would do.

After doing it, you will be part of Iyamoja children.

Forget those fake and Un-knowledgeable who will just collect you money and never do anything for you.

Benefits of being Iyamoja Children is that you will be blessed beyond your imagination, you will live longer than normal people. You might clock 110 or so .

If you have millions of questions about Iyamoja, i would be glad to help you out.
How to identify Original Cult and Fake Cult

How to identify Original Cult and Fake Cult

 How to identify Original Cult and Fake Cult

Yes you heard that right.

Many people claims to be in one cult or the other e.g Ogboni Cult , Sango Cult , Yemoja cults and the likes of them.

But what you don't known is that many if this cult are what it used to be anymore. 

The purpose of creating this cult is not there anymore and so, many cult are into something else.

Initially cult were created to challenge rulers, authorities when they are doing bad things to the general public or when they are making life harder for the people, the cult will call them into order.

But if you look at today’s world, the cult has loose its purpose an functions. The cult can no longer talk on any issue.

Since we have discussed what the cult is all about, what then is the fake and original cult

Fake cult is what we have in the society today, but it doesn’t mean there is no original cult.

I will talk on Fake cult characteristics ..

Fake Cult are doing one initiation: There are two types of initiation, the outer initiation which is the one they do in their secret meeting house  and the dream initiation. If you find yourself in a cult and all they do is outer initiation without the dream initiation is Fake.

The dream initiation takes place in the secret meeting house in the spiritual realm where the member gathered to do meeting.

That is the first reason, many cults are not what it used to be.

The reason above is bigger than what you can imagine.

Second reason is that Many Cult are controlled by an Orisa Imagine being in Sango Cult, you will definitely see Sango Olukoso every day you went to meeting because he owns the Cult , he give the commandments and guides them in the Cult.

Sango mentors his Cult members and he appears to them the physical to guide and protect them.

Many cults of Today lacks the presence of the Grand Founder which is an Orisa. 

If you are in a Cult and you can’t have a talk with the Orisa of that cult both physically and Spiritually. You are in a fake Cult.

Fake Cults are into blood rituals, if you are in a cult and they are requesting human parts or blood, you are in a fake cult.

The reason why Fake cult uses those human parts is bevause of black power. Black powers work faster but the bad thing is that you die faster or quicker.

This is what many musicians and politicians are going today, quick fame and quick death.

Am not saying more than this but you can get the rest in your mind.

Am AJE NLA, guidance of AJE IN all spiritual existence 

IYAMOJA shrine

IYAMOJA shrine

 IYAMOJA shrine

As a devotee of iyamoja you need to have her shrine where you can appease and feed her .

Pèrègún tree is also part of her symbol which is an evergreen to show where the shrine is located.

 This is planted to designate the shrine of Yemoja. 

A strip of hand woven cloth is tied to the corner of the shrine known as "ASO ÌYÁMÒJÈ".

 Yemoja grove or shrine is usually situated near a stream or river. 

It is inside this shrine that Yemoja us usually fed. In absence of the stream or river near the community where Yemoja is to be fed.

Osun shrine is used as an alternative.
The Gospel lie about Marine spirit

The Gospel lie about Marine spirit

 The Gospel lie about Marine spirit 

Have searched the bible from genesis to Revelation have not seen where the bible talk about Marine spirit, neither did it mention bros J having a conversation with them.

Asa matter of Fact matters of water was avoided in the bible, the bible says the in Gen 1:2 that the earth was without form and the spirit of God was trembling on it.

So far so Good you have been made to believe that Marine spirit are evil spirits which torment people up and down.

So far so good you have been told that marine spirit destroy people destiny etc.

Marine spirit are created by Olodumare to serve as servant that bring wealth and prosperities.

They are like servant that serve you and they clear your path to glory.

Marine spirit are in their thousands and they followed Omo Omi to this world to serve and make their Life easy and enjoyable.

There is nothing evil about them.

Unless you are trying to injured their friend and master with your evil act, that is when they would act.

Just like human beings ,we have our dark side for who ever offended us, the same thing applies to them.

You can have your own marine spirit too that will serve you but first you need to be a child of Yemoja before you can have your spirit.

For more knowledge and guidance, Am AJE NLA. Talk to me on whatsapp and i will tell you
Yemoja Symbols

Yemoja Symbols

 Yemoja Symbols

This are the symbol of Iyamoja.

If you are iyamoja devotees you need to have this symbol in your house and alter.

And if you wish to be iyamoja devotee and Child, WE can connect you with Her.

Iyamoja is the mother of all Life and sometimes referred to as the mother nature. She is not just the mother of Fishes.

Iyamoja can live for a million years and they bless their children with riches.

: Yemoja symbols are palm nut shells. 

A hole is drilled into them and string is passed through it and made like a bead. 

This bead is painted with Osun (Camwood)

 Also her symbol contains Igba(Calabash) with water from the ocean known as "ÀWÈ YEMOJA" .

Pèrègún tree is also part of her symbol which is an evergreen to show where the shrine is located.




This days everybody want to belong to one society or the other.

The Reason being that people have come to understand that they need higher power to do many things in Life.

Yemoja would not kill you for being in her cult.

One of the advantages of being in yemoja Cult os that you will not die of water. Be it drowning from water in the dream and in reality.

Yemoja cult protects you from other evils , this means that you will be untouchable by anyone

Yemoja would not ask you to make sacrifices with people , naaaaah

Yemoja are loving people and if you have been there and men, you will not want to come back

To Join Yemoja Cult is not hard at all, follow the right path.

and if you are far, we would redirect you to a closer one near you.

Contact AJE NLA for details 07031178647 whatsap only
Feeding / Appeasements of IYAMOJA

Feeding / Appeasements of IYAMOJA

 Feeding / Appeasements of IYAMOJA 

As Yemoja devotee and daughter and son, these are few things out od the items used to feed iyamoja

You can be her daughter too or her son if you wish, we can link you up with Iyamoja in the spirit realm by doing the rites and ritual for you and you will be her daughter. 

Yemoja feeding materials are:

• White Kolanuts with four valves, 


 Kolanut with four valves.

• Liquor, 

Corn pudding (Ègbo), 

yam porridge,

 Melon and garden egg soup,

 Ekuru (ground and cooked bean)

• Snail, 

sugar cane, 

Hen, duck, 


This are the material used for feeding iyamoja

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Facts about YEMOJA

Facts about YEMOJA

 Yemoja in the Yoruba language, Yemanya in other language, well, both are correct. 

Below are  facts about this mother of fishes.

1:  She is also known as a river divinity

2: Yemoja represents the collective concepts of aquatic life.

3: She is not an Irunmole but an Orisa.

4: A very close to sango deity that is also known for her limitless patience and compassion.

5: Like Osun, Yemoja suffered from childlessness for a considerable period of time before she was blessed with children.

6: Yemoja is similar to Osun because of their association with water.

7: Yemoja simply means Iye-Omo-Eja, which means, the mother of fishes.

8: She is said according to Obara-Owonrin to have transformed herself into water with other ( Osun and Obà) because of parrot feathers.

Find out if you are the sons and daughters of Yemoja bu consultation with IfA

Contact AJE NLA 07031178647.

Sunday, October 8, 2023

Difference between Omo Omi and Irawo Omi

Difference between Omo Omi and Irawo Omi

 Difference between Omo Omi and Irawo Omi

Many people want to know the difference between this two. Omo omi and Irawo Omi.

Many people cant tell the difference between omo omi and irawo Omi but i am here today to tell you the difference between Omo Omi amd Irawo Omi.

Omo Omi are children of Orisa who are related to Omi eg Osun.

Omo Omi are Children of Orisa Osun, Children of Olokun, Children of Yemoja ,children of Olosa, Children of Agira and other Orisa Omi.

These Children are living with these Orisa inside the water and while living inside water ask for permission to come to earth and are giving the permission to do so.

After coming to earth many of them forget their roots or where they are coming from. Many of them neglect their mates and family in the Water even though they always give them signs but they fail to listen.

That is why many of omo omi always have issuee and problems because they failed to acknowledge their families.

Where as the irawo omi is talking about the star at which OLODUMARE created you.

Your star also determines who you marry and what kind of work you do.

To know if you are Omo Omi , contact me for all details ..

Friday, June 16, 2023

Difference between OLOKUN and YEMOJA

Difference between OLOKUN and YEMOJA

Difference between OLOKUN and YEMOJA 

These tow great ÔRISÂ are beyond comparison. But for those who are not Yoruba religion practitioners, hence we need to make it clearer. 

OLOKUN is always and almost reference as a male deity whild YEMOJA is always reference as a woman deity. 

OLOKUN is attributed to the zodiac stars of Pisces while YEMOJA is attributed to zodiac star of the moon. 

When it comes to the wealth of the world, OLOKUN has the largest wealth in the universe compare to YEMOJA. 

There is no IFA readings and divinity without OLOKUN and that is why it is reference as AJE OLOKUN. IFA OLOKUN a soro d'ayo.

More explanation of IFA OLOKUN meaning is already talk about on this blog. 

OLOKUN is one of the ORISA that was created by ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ long before creation of Man. He even featured in the bible. Read all about OLOKUN on its archive of this blog

Though many times YEMOJA is mistaken for OSUN but they are not the same. 

YEMOJA is more closer to the people than OLOKUN. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

OSUN AND YEMOJA Children upbringing

OSUN AND YEMOJA Children upbringing


OSUN has a very contagious laugh that is quite effective in gatherings.

She loves to make everyone in the ORISA FEAST happy. 

PRIESTESSES of OSUN are known to be GOOD LOVERS, but a bit on the LAZY side when it comes to work. 

They would rather rely on YEMOJA to do most of their chores, including raising their children. 

This is a trait of OSUN because as siblings YEMOJA is the Oldest Sister and OSUN was the BABY and spoiled. 


YEMOJA is therefore  known as the MOTHER, the OWNER of MOTHERHOOD. 

Everyone looks to  YEMOJA as a role model when it comes to mastery in childrearing and nurturing.


OSUN is the youngest sister to YEMOJA as the legends reveal.

 They of course shared the same rival of any sister. 

They are also mistaken to be one and the same but they are completely different. 

One is of SWEET WATERS while the other is of SALT WATERS.

 OSUN resides in all the RIVERS and LAKES of the WORLD. 

YEMOJA resides in OCEAN WATERS, referred to as SEA WATERS.  

The OCEAN Waters has a very strong HEALING POWERS with enough salt to heal all well into future generations if MAN doesn’t completely forget this gift that has been giving since the beginning of time. 

While SWEET WATERS will bless one with sweetness.

It is very powerful energy when the two cross and meet at the sea shore. Very powerful healing rituals are done there.


Both YEMOJA and OSUN are sister gifts whom both come into this world to heal mankind.

OSUN resides in a very powerful place in Yorubaland, OSHOGBO, NIGERIA. 

The actual cave is still in tact today. 

The entrance to this cave is of a YELLOWISH-TERRA-COTTA like color it almost resembles a huge face. 

The surrounding areas is a very think bushes and near it you will find carved STONE statues of ESU LAROYE who is the door opener for the blessings of OSUN. 

These blessings are bestowed on people during the OSUN FESTIVALS.  

Hundreds of thousands people visits this place to be blessed by the ORISA GODDESS OSUN to pay their respects 

Sunday, June 4, 2023

Similarities between ORISA (Orisha) OSUN (oshun) and YEMOJA (Yemaya)

Similarities between ORISA (Orisha) OSUN (oshun) and YEMOJA (Yemaya)

Similarities between ORISA (Orisha) OSUN (oshun) and YEMOJA (Yemaya)

I know there is a lot of misconception about this too great orisha and sometimes their worshippers doesn't even know the differences between OSUN and YEMOJA. 

Before I write another article on their differences, let is first of all talk about their similarities. 

Their similarities is what make most people think they are the same thing, some even thought it's one orisha with many names. But the truth is that they are different. 

Their similarities are. 

They are both water ÔRISÂ. They relate to water elements and live in water. 

They are both reference as Female: one is a reference as Mother Nature (YEMOJA) while the other was a woman turn to Orisha. 

They are both Related to AJE and gives AJE (wealth and prosperity to their daughters and sons). 

They both give Children to the barren and Infertile.