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How to be Iyamoja Children


 How to be Iyamoja Children 

You can be iyamoja child or Children even though you are not Omo Omi.

Don’t forget that Omo Omo are people who are living inside the water before they are born (if you need more knowledge let me know)

You can also be part of them if you wish,

And to be part of Iyamoja Children, there are things you would do.

After doing it, you will be part of Iyamoja children.

Forget those fake and Un-knowledgeable who will just collect you money and never do anything for you.

Benefits of being Iyamoja Children is that you will be blessed beyond your imagination, you will live longer than normal people. You might clock 110 or so .

If you have millions of questions about Iyamoja, i would be glad to help you out.

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