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Materials for worshipping / Feeding ORISA OKO

Materials for worshipping / Feeding ORISA OKO  This are the list of items used to feed ÔRISÂ OKO Feeding materials: Kola nuts Bitter kola Pigeon Hen He-goat Snail Melon soup Pounded yam Cassava flour meal Ram

Taboos of ORISA OKO

Taboos of ORISA OKO This are what ÔRISÂ OKO doesn't like And are his taboo.  Taboos : Palm kernel oil Fresh yams Must not carry masquerades or allow masquerade to enter the grove


ORISA OKO Shrine  This are what make up ORISA OKO shrine.  Ojubo (Grove) The grove consists of the following: A pot where freshly fetched cold water is kept Sword Palm fronds Human image carved with iron.  This image is usually painted w…

Simple oriki of ORISA OKO

Eepá òrìsà o  Òrìṣà Oko Àgbà ìràwọ̀ Òrìsà to torí òkèlè iyán fún ni ogún ọmọ Ẹlẹ́rẹ̀kẹ́ egusi The Òrìṣà of the farm  The elder of Ìràwọ̀ town The Òrìṣà who because of one morsel of pounded yam will give his devotee one hundred children À…

Symbols of ORISA OKO

Symbols of ORISA OKO These are the symbols and what represent ORISA OKO  Symbols of Orisa -Oko: Cowry shells Sword Camwood Efun – Native white chalk Bees