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Thursday, January 25, 2024

Is it wrong for Christian to marry Onisese (Traditional worshipper)

Is it wrong for Christian to marry Onisese (Traditional worshipper)

Is it wrong for Christian to marry Onisese (Traditional worshipper)

There is nothing wrong or bad about it.

It is wrong if you feel bad that people are thinking bad about your decision.

I wonder why you would let people be the one to decide what to do.

Onisese are not evil people.

There is nothing wrong in marrying a christians are onisese and there is nothing wrong in a Christian marry Onisese.

This is the matter of love , love is a universal language that is higher above human religious Beliefs and dogma.

Your Pastor wouldn't allow it because he would loose his tithe and offering and would not have dominion over your life .

They paint onisese as bad people the way they painted our brother ESU as Satan .

On a final note, there is nothing wrong in marrying who you want to marry, the choice is your and you shouldn't let anyone influence or decide that for you.
Relationship consultation with IFA via AJE NLA

Relationship consultation with IFA via AJE NLA

Relationship consultation with IFA

I know many ladies who wished they have someone very private that can answer their relationship questions.

They don't want to make the wrong decision in Life.

Am AJE NLA, I can do some consultation for you on your relationship, asking some vital question like 

Are we compatible?

If I marry him would I suffer?

Does he genuinely love me?

If you fall in those and wished for a divine answer,I would be more than happy to help.

Am AJE NLA +2347031178647

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Causes of Many Broken Homes

Causes of Many Broken Homes

Causes of Many Broken Homes

So many people especially ladies still thinks that their pastor has more authority over them than their husband .

Who paid the dowry between the Pastor and Husband?

Who did you knew first between the Pastor and your husband ?

So because that man is a pastor , you forget he is human being like you. I am not shock that many house wives are sleeping with their Pastor. Is it for anointing or for what exactly.?

So you went to your Pastor and download all that happened in your house to him.

What does Yoruba Tradition tell you? 

Yoruba believe and teaches that whatever happened in the family must remain in the family, no outsider must known about the good and bad of the family, not even close friends .

Why must you invite or tell an outsider about your Marriage? No marriage is perfect, even your pastor is also having issues with his wife at home .

In problem and hardship in marriage, the only person to talk to is ORISA OSUN 
Relationship and it's Spirituality

Relationship and it's Spirituality

"There is a spiritual dimension to every relationship, no matter what its origins, whether it is acknowledged as spiritual or not. 

Two people come together because spirit wants them together. 

What is important now is to look at the relationship as spirit-driven, instead of driven by the individual.

The role of spirit in our relationships is to be the driver, to monitor our relationships for the good.

 Its purpose is to help us to be better people, to bind us in such a way that we maintain our connection, not only with ourselves, but also with the great beyond. 

Spirit helps us fulfill our own life purpose and maintain our sanity."

— The Spirit of Intimacy: Ancient Teachings in the Ways of Relationships
No perfect Relationship

No perfect Relationship

Many Out There Are Still Looking For A Flawless Man Or Woman They Can Build A Future With Which Is The Reason Why They've Not Been Able To Build A Good Relationship. 

And Those Who Are Looking For Flawless Aren't Flawless, 

They Are Just Looking For A Man Or Woman They Can Control.

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

What to do when he dump you abruptly

What to do when he dump you abruptly

What to do when he dump you abruptly 

It's so shameful that many ladies see relationship as cashout way of Life. They don't want to do anything or should I say they placed their hope and life on their boyfriend.

If I should count, I can't count not less than 346 woman that has called me in this new month of December, and for what exactly?

My boyfriend left me over a little quarrel, can you make him come back to me because I love him , I don't want to loose him.

I AJE NLA after receiving such call don't know what to say because they would not listen to the truth.

I told whoever call me to calm down, first of all I don't do such stupid spiritual work. Forcing someone on yourself is not my work because it is against the spiritual law . Don't force anything to happen at any point in time.

Rather be a better version of yourself, work on yourself and be better at it . There are millions of buys out there, why do you want to die over this particular guy?

I know the answer, it's because of Money. He has money that he spent on you and it is because of the money you fall in love with him.

In this situation, it's a win win thing. He slept with you as a lady, probably use something to sleep with you to enhance his wealth as usual.

After sleeping with you, he has gotten the better juice of your destiny and dump you, he move on to the next girl and you are Sad?. Why? Haven't you been paid for your service ?

If you have a G boy has boy friend , you need to do a powerful restoration or else ......

If such guy dump you, my sister there is nothing for you.

If you need money, hustle. There is a high tendency that ladies found more favour than men because they are our mothers.

Before them use you, use your sense.

If a guy dump you, work on being a better version of yourself and he would bite his finger for loosing you.

Guys are not after how many rounds you can go, guys are not after how many cigarettes you can smoke, real guys are only looking for a well cultured woman who knows her left from her right.

Women are my mothers and I hate to see them suffer. Guys respect ladies in whatever you do.

If you know you don't need her, don't waste her time.

Well, if a guy dated you for more than 2 years and he didn't marry you, go and report him to IYAAMI ELEYE and destroy his entire Life because wickedness begot wickedness. An eye for an eye.

No forgiveness for the wicked soul.

Well I am not preaching wickedness but I just don't like ladies to be badly treated.

Sunday, December 17, 2023

Spiritual and Natural Sex sweetener for Couple

Spiritual and Natural Sex sweetener for Couple

Spiritual and Natural Sex sweetener for couple 

This post is strictly for couple, or I should not drop it but rather wait for people to connect with me and I would give it to them.

If your husband is saying you are no more sweet and he is chasing other young girls around, this work will make him think twice before going outside .

If your wife is cheating on you with other men outside in the name of saying you are not good enough, my brother you don't have to be good but sweet. She would think twice before going outside .

This work is for couple who are not cheating on themselves but want to add extra sweetness to their sweetness .

If you need this work, kindly message me to have it.

I would also describe how you will use it.

This spiritual work is not to tie anyone to anyone, it is just to make copulation more sweeter than normal , making you guys more attractive to each other and create more loving bond.

Not to force anyone not to do anything else in their life or tie them down spiritually to you. ... No.

Contact me for it.

Friday, December 8, 2023

Dreaming of having sex with your Ex

Dreaming of having sex with your Ex

Dreaming of having sex with your Ex

Whether it is a fresh breakup or it's been a long time breakup and you are still seeing your ex in the dream having sex with you.

Having sex with your ex in the dream is a big problem and it would affect you negatively.

It doesn't matter how long you guys have broken up, you are still connected in the spiritual realm .

You need to break every connection you had with your ex on the spiritual realm.

What you need to to is very simple,you need cleansing.

Spiritual cleansing to clean off the energies of your ex that is still with you. This cleansing would break and split the connection that is bonding you to your ex. The materials for this cleansing is not something difficult at all. You just need a guidance on how to do it.

After cleansing , you might need some restoration and feeding of the elders. 

But in most cases the cleansing would do, unless the matter is beyond what you are thinking and someone somewhere is using your ex image to penetrate your life to cause havoc.

In this havoc case, you might need IFA consultation to know what actually happened.

Thursday, November 9, 2023

Forcing people to love you and it's consequences

Forcing people to love you and it's consequences

Forcing people to love you and it's consequences 

People who forced someone to love them and the people who tied someone else destiny are the same thing, they are doing the same thing, they are tying someone down for their own selfish interest.

People who indulge in this act feel insecure and inferior to others. 

They think they are not good enough, this can only be cause by many factors which involve upbringing, having spiritual issues to work out. 

When you force someone who is not meant  for you to love you by force, you prevent someone who is suppose to love that person from accessing that person thereby causing pain for someone while you are enjoying, and at the same time deprive who was meant for you. This act can't go unnoticed by nature and it is against the natural Law. 

The consequences of this action are Always splitted unto those who take part in doing it starting from the Babalawo that do the job, the person who the Babalawo did the job for and those who are there when they are doing it. 

Many people have come to me for such thing but I decline, I don't get my hand dirty over money or anything. They left, they may think am incompetent, I don't care. I have rules and guidelines which I have to follow. 

The consequences arrived later in Life and if it doesn't happen this life time,such person Has accumulated spiritual debt that must be paid in another life time. Search this blog for spiritual debt    .
Is there sex in heaven?

Is there sex in heaven?

Is there sex in heaven? 

What is your understanding of sex?  Sex is the union of two energies to bring forth a common energy. 

Sex is the combination of two force to become one. 

Yes there's sex in heaven. 

The sex that occur in heaven is not the same like that that happened here on earth. 

The concept of sex in heaven is explained above and not like what you have experience before. 

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Sunday, November 5, 2023

There is no hidden curse attached to Sex

There is no hidden curse attached to Sex

There is no hidden curse attached to Sex

Yes, you heard me right. 

There is absolutely no hidden curse attached to sex, forget what your pastor is saying. 

Your pastor is not an initiate and he knows nothing about this deep secretive knowledge.

The reason why you are having such bad experience after sex with the wrong partner is because, some people are born with so much of bad energies such that if you have sex, sex is also known as bonding of energies. 

If you have sex with such people, it might take years to remove such bad energy from you.  There is no curse attached to sex before and after marriage. 

We are made of energy, this is fact. 

Some higher religion doesn't talk about who you had sex with or not. They just ask you if you are ready for the consequences of your action. 

Many people are not ready, they don't go to the right seminar because there is none. 

No one knows the truth anymore, so nobody is talking about the truth. 

Am not saying this to give you a courage to sleep around with ladies but to give you a hint on what actually happened. 

If you have such encounter with such a bad fellow of a man or woman, contact me on cleansing. 
The hidden purpose of Marriage

The hidden purpose of Marriage

The hidden purpose of Marriage 

I have seen many pastors and imam talk about different purpose of marriages and the rest just to make am headline. 

But majority of their talk is just rubbish. 

The purpose of Marriage is to Bond their Energy and walk into the spiritual realm together. 

Marriage is for Bonding and sharing of Powers to become one.

I wrote an article on sex the hidden passage to heaven, here I talk on how sex lead to you and your partner entering into heaven. 

Sex is meant for those who are ready to share a bonding of energies and power. But today we see sex as sport and that is why we are faced with a lot of problems yet no answer. 

Marriage is for people who are ready to grow in the spirit, there is lot you can do in the spirit world, you can build a mansion, go on adventures etc in the spirit realm. 

Praying is just a waste if time because it doesn't follow any spiritual principles. 

When you reach heaven as a couple, there is more you can do eg visiting many places of historical value in spiritual realm etc. 

Have a nice day

Saturday, November 4, 2023

What to do when Marrying Elegbe OMO (Your Wife)

What to do when Marrying Elegbe OMO (Your Wife)

What to do when Marrying Elegbe OMO (Your Wife) 

Almost all the girls in the world belong to one spiritual and heavenly group or the other. 

Some girls belong to the water, that is they are water girls. They come from the water. 

Some other girls belong to other groups which I am not supposed to say. 

Marriage goes beyond marrying in the church and paying the family dowry. It goes way beyond that. 

Before you marry your dream woman, there are some things which must be done locally, spiritually which will make the marriage prosper. 

Inability to do this will make the marriage hard the first few years, some marriage even break because of a little issue as small as toothpaste. Can you Imagine? 

There are rituals that must be done in order for the marriage to be fruitful and blessed. 

So many people don't do this, hence marriage is not sweet and fruitful for them, some people even divorce after few years like 20years.

It's not because they are not compatible, it's because they have not done the rites and rituals of marriage in the spiritual realm. 

Your Pastors don't know this, they would tell you to pray and what has that done for you? 

Follow those who know road, contact me for your marriage rituals so that your marriage would be blessed. 

Relationship consultation - Relationship is more dangerous than Life Wire

Relationship consultation - Relationship is more dangerous than Life Wire

Relationship consultation - Relationship is more dangerous than Life Wire

Some ladies are doom, their middle name is doom and they are looking for who to affects with this doom. 

This ladies are so inconsiderate that all they care is all about themselves, and you will be the one to suffer for it as a man. 

We also have some men who are extra wicked, they will take you to their friends house and they gang rape you. 

In short, the both gender are all becoming wicked and evil, so the need for spiritual consultation.

Before you go into any relationship, consult about it, no matter what happened at the beginning of such relationship because at the beginning you wouldn't know their intentions, all you see is pretence and game. 

Some people will wake the good years of your life and later say sorry, that is one of the reasons for consultation. 

We have yahoo boys and girls now, who would use you for anything just to buy a car and house,  you need consultation. 

Relationship is now more dangerous than Fire. We need to be extra careful. 

And if you are a victim of such,  there is still hope for you. 

Friday, November 3, 2023

Sex - The hidden passage to heaven

Sex - The hidden passage to heaven

Sex - The hidden passage to heaven 

This article would go against your beliefs so therefore I would advice you not to read it if you are not ready to know the truth. 

The main purpose of sex were many which include passage rites to heaven, pleasure, bond of energies, sharing of Powers etc. 

The world we live in Today doesn't know all this, they only know the pleasure aspect which leads to procreation. 

In another article, am going to talk on the main purpose of Marriage but am not here to talk about marriage. 

Whether you like it or not, the vagina Is a portal, and the male Pennis is the key that unlock the portal. 

You can't open it yourself as a woman, you need a man. A man can't open it with any types of woman but the right woman. 

Not every key opens all door, some key opens other doors but doesn't mean it would open the right door. 

If you have ever had sex with the right girl, you feel as if you are in heaven, why are you not?  You are actually in heaven, you just don't know it until now that you are reading this article. 

Those different sex position were to induced trans in you, to make you go beyond this world and reconnect with your true self in heaven. 

Many ladies know this and they prey on it to do evil. While you are busy having the pleasure, they are busy trying to enter your energy space because during sex, both energies combine as one and the portals to heaven open.  

While both energies were mixed, you need to watch out because MOSt girls uses this means to introduce a very big destroying energies into your energies which will later influence you into doing things which will not be fruitful. 

In most cases, after sex you need to bath with Epsom salt to clear off this bad energies. But many doesn't know this and they never tried it. 

In ancient times, am taking about 300BC.
During sex like this, both gender are in ecstasy and in another realm, they both fell off and sleep off. 

They started the journey with sex in the physical world, and they sleep off during sex to continue the journey into the inner of heavens. 

This knowledge is lost for centuries until now. 

There is a road map and a spiritual guidance who guide, monitor and supervise this events. 

I can't talk more than this but I am telling you, you didn't have to die before going to heaven. 

Your pastor are all Fake... 

They are looking for what to eat and nothing more, so they Feed you with false knowledge. 


Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Why am I Facing hardship after breaking up with her?

Why am I Facing hardship after breaking up with her?

Why am I Facing hardship after breaking up with her? 

So many people have this question about this and they don't know what to do or where To go. 

The truth is MOST girls belong to one spiritual group or the other. There is this saying that ladies are our mothers. 

If you go into relationship with a girl who is powerful than you, they would always be jealous of other girls and they always do things to provoke you. 

If they don't do any of these things, they do other things but the moment you break up with them, your own is finished. 

Sometimes you dream of having sex with her in the Dream.

They come unto you with everything you have and if you are not careful enough you might not recover from this fall and it might also take a lot of time or even years to recover. 

We can do consultation and guide you on what to do to be spiritually free.