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Causes of Many Broken Homes

Causes of Many Broken Homes

So many people especially ladies still thinks that their pastor has more authority over them than their husband .

Who paid the dowry between the Pastor and Husband?

Who did you knew first between the Pastor and your husband ?

So because that man is a pastor , you forget he is human being like you. I am not shock that many house wives are sleeping with their Pastor. Is it for anointing or for what exactly.?

So you went to your Pastor and download all that happened in your house to him.

What does Yoruba Tradition tell you? 

Yoruba believe and teaches that whatever happened in the family must remain in the family, no outsider must known about the good and bad of the family, not even close friends .

Why must you invite or tell an outsider about your Marriage? No marriage is perfect, even your pastor is also having issues with his wife at home .

In problem and hardship in marriage, the only person to talk to is ORISA OSUN 

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