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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Why white cloth is so powerful and the ORISA That owns the protection that comes with wearing of white cloth

Why white cloth is so powerful and the ORISA That owns the protection that comes with wearing of white cloth

Why white cloth is so powerful and the ORISA That owns the protection that comes with wearing of white cloth

I have discussed in my previous post the reason why you must wear white cloth to bed at night. Even though I can only give one reason in that particular article . Read about it here

Here I want to talk on the reason why white cloth is so powerful and the ORISA that comes with it or the ORISA that owns it.

If you want to do IFA INITIATION, you would wear white. If someone dies that would bury the same person with white cloth.

Look at our senators and politicians , they are all wearing whites.

Pastors claimed that white signify purity , so they wear white.

Everyone see the need to wear white based on one reason or the other.

The truth is that white cloth is very powerful and it is the most powerful cloth in the world . White cloth is the most powerful cloth anyone can wear and should have but people don't like white cloth because it is not easy to maintain.

They loved to wear black cloth and they don't know the danger that comes with wearing black cloth . This would be a topic for another day.

White cloth is the most powerful cloth in the universe because white belongs to the oldest and the most powerful ORISA in the world. White belongs to ORISA OBATALA. The father of creation.

By wearing white, you are naturally protected from any form of forces in the world. 

Wearing white signify that you are in one accord with OBATALA. Wearing white means that you carry OBATALA's symbols .

Anyone with OBATALA would never face adversity or trouble or sorrow.


Who dare challenge anyone wearing white?

No ORISA , I repeat no God, No demon, no entity, nothing in the whole vast world and universe can or would challenge the father of creation, my Father OBATALA.

If you wear white and you are wearing white, remember that you are wearing OBATALA symbols and nothing would happen to you.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA
Reason why you must wear white to Bed

Reason why you must wear white to Bed

Reason why you must wear white to Bed

Many people have been told to wear white to bed anytime they wanted to sleep but they have not been told the main reason behind it .

Many prophet and pastors or imaam can't even say something reasonable for this action.

I was chatting with a client yesterday and we bump at this topic , she said one Iyanifa told her to wear white at night before going to bed so as to stop or break communication with spiritual husband .

I laughed when she told me and I had to explain and explain the main purpose of wearing white to bed. After my explanation I had a nudge that many people still need to learn .

Hence I decide to share few insight to this topic.

It is good to wear white cloth to bed and we all know this .

Know this and know peace that whatever cloth you wear to bed would be the same cloth you would wear to dream.

If you wear black cloth to bed, when you fall asleep the same black cloth is what your spirit would wear before coming out of your body to travel into dream land .

Wearing black cloth may prone you to many spiritual attack in the dream world or spiritual world and this would have a bad influence and a bad effect on your life because your spirit would never remain the same. Your spirit would be wounded and faces a lot of tribulation and stress. 

This is what causes some set back for some people. Others would wake up tired . LoL.

If you wear white to bed, your spirit would wear the same white out of your body into the spiritual world. White is bullet proof in the spirit realm as it serves many purpose out of which protection is one of them.

Wearing white to bed would protect you from all forces in the spirit and dream realm . Your spirit would not be attacked and you would do what you went there to do successful.

This is why Babalawo and IFA INITIATe are always advise to wear white all the time or when going to bed.

Many people with a lot of spiritual problems are also advise to wear white .

White garment church also wear white for this purpose but they can't explain it .

I remained AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

The coming of OBATALA - Are you ready?

The coming of OBATALA - Are you ready?

The coming of OBATALA - Are you ready?

OBATALA is not coming in the sky as the world are expecting their religious Master but OBATALA is coming.

Next year is for OBATALA, 

The year dedicated to honour the greatest of the great ORISA , the creator of the universe and everything within 


How next year would be still remain a mystery even for the son of OBATALA to solved.

But all I know is that ....

People are not ready for the Truth

The world is not ready for OBATALA

The still look at him as if he(OBATALA) has no relevance.

I smiled at the world because they don't know it's value .

The value with no price ..

Whether they are ready or not, the world cannot stop him.


Oba takun takun
Niranje agba ye

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

Sunday, April 28, 2024

OBATALA is the beginning and the End

OBATALA is the beginning and the End

OBATALA is the beginning and the End

I know what you are thinking, let me set this straight.

OBATALA is the Father of Creation, the first and only ORISA created by OLODUMARE and giving the task to create other . This make him the first in everything.

As a man only OBATALA knows when you are going to die, this make him the end of all life.

The beginning and the end.

If you found yourself with spiritual problems, OBATALA would make sure to direct you till you get to where you would see solutions.

Even if OBATALA is the ORISA of your head, you would still have to pass through other ORISA before you gets to him. The end of all ORISA.

OBATALA you are too good sir.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA 

Monday, April 8, 2024

The Test for Patience - Who is more patience between OBATALA and OSUN

The Test for Patience - Who is more patience between OBATALA and OSUN

The Test for Patience - Who is more patience between OBATALA and OSUN

We have reached a stop where I must confess, all of my articles were sent to me and it is my duty to write it out.

Like this particular one has been sent to me for some days now and am lazy about it.

I didn't have that peace of mind until now that I am letting it all out.

People think or find it hard to know who is more patience between OBATALA and OSUN.

OBATALA has been living for trillions of years before he created the world.

I keep asking myself, how did OBATALA survived the vast world of loneliness?
Being alone in the world and just being patience, waiting for the right time to create the world.

OBATALA understand time better than anyone and he understands that everything should happen at its time.

While OSUN on the other hand , in her own time was neglected by other IRUNMOLE because she was a woman.

To speak the truth , OSUN is always patience but her patience comes with a scheme to win in the end.

Imagined all the IRUNMOLE didn't take OSUN for anything important and OSUN on her own has already created IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO to counter all that was done by the IRUNMOLE without the IRUNMOLE knowing anything about it.

The IRUNMOLE thought OSUN was of no value, the IRUNMOLE didn't take her serious and OSUN was busy created Powers, energy, forces that owned the world.

The IRUNMOLE went back to OLODUMARE to complained about their failure, guess what OLODUMARE said.... OLODUMARE sent them back to involved OSUN or else they would continue to labour in vain.

OSUN make her point cleared that women owned the world, when we are talking about women we are referring to IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO owned and created by OSUN.

OSUN make her point that without IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO nothing can be done if you didn't give them their rights, attributes and respect.

Without the support of IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO, no one would do anything in this world.

To say that osun is patience is partially true but don't take OSUN's patience for granted because she is dangerous, her silence must not be mistaken for patience because she has a mighty dangerous backup plan .

On a final note, OSUN is patience partially while OBATALA is patience on a full scale.

OSUN is patience but OBATALA is more patience.

Don't take OSUN patience or quietness for granted because you would regret it while you don't disrespect OBATALA for being too calm and patience because OBATALA is the only one that control time , you don't want to mess with your own time or lost in time.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

What every OBATALA child must do - OBATALA's rule for his children (Tablet of OBATALA)

What every OBATALA child must do - OBATALA's rule for his children (Tablet of OBATALA)

What every OBATALA child must do - OBATALA's rule for his children (Tablet of OBATALA)

As OBATALA first son, I have been giving the task to liberate others from religious bondage and other forces.

I remained AJE NLA the son of OBATALA.

While having a good conversation with ORISA NLA , my mind goes to some things and I decided to write it out for people.

This are OBATALA tablets of rules that must never be broken .

Must never be dependent on anyone for anything 

Must know what he wants ,when he want it and how he/she want it

Must not be hiding behind the truth, must be bold to speak the truth at any point in time 

Must not be a coward , must always be bold to face his/fear or enemy 

Must create his/own path 

Must be able to make his/her decision

Must never be influenced by anyone 

Must not disrespect anyone 

Must not be promiscuous

Must always stand on verdict 

Must be trust worthy

Must learn to be alone,be in charge. Not following people up and down.

Must be disciplined and calm just like OBATALA

Must learn to be patience in all things 

This are the few from what baba told me.

The son of OBATALA 

Sunday, April 7, 2024

The advantage of being OBATALA devotee

The advantage of being OBATALA devotee

The advantage of being OBATALA devotee

There are many advantage of being the son of OBATALA or should I say OBATALA devotee.

Many people think OBATALA is of no importance until they have a problem with IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO, we know it is OBATALA that would speak with the birds to forgive such a person, we know it is OBATALA that would bring a positive change to that person.

We know it's OBATALA that powers the Obi and that is why it is always needed for it's authority after feeding of ORISA .

Let me rest in what OBATALA has been doing .

As OBATALA devotee I can choose to speak with any ORISA at any point in time with my cowries.

I may decide to cast cowries and speak with OSUN, I may start by saying ....

OSUN kindly speak with me via this cowries, I heard this happens this and that...

And I would cast the cowries...That is how we start the conversation.

I may decide to talk with my egbe orun and cast cowries... That is how we start the conversation.

Since OBATALA is the father of all creation, it make it easy to speak with any ORISA via OBATALA.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA 

Saturday, April 6, 2024

OBATALA the great ORISA that give obi it's power

OBATALA the great ORISA that give obi it's power

OBATALA the great ORISA that give obi it's power 


It is not a doubt that OBATALA is the ORISA for authority and that is why you can't do without him.

Have you ever ask where Obi got it's power from?

There is no feeding of any ORISA that they would not cast Obi.

They have to cast obi to know if the feeding is successful or not.

The role of obi cannot be underestimated because obi tells us if there is something that is still needed to be done after the each ceremony or feeding of ORISA.

I have been wandering how Obi got that power to speak and I always thought it was IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO that give obi it's power until I consult IFA .

OBATALA is the ORISA for authority, there is no authority outside OBATALA and there is no authority without OBATALA.

Whether you believe in OBATALA or not.

There is no way you would do anything without casting Obi .

Obi is powered by OBATALA, the authority to grant authority to Obi 

Respect the old man,
The creator of all

The son of OBATALA 

Monday, April 1, 2024

The Ways of OBATALA the great ORISA NLA

The Ways of OBATALA the great ORISA NLA

The Ways of OBATALA the great ORISA NLA

OBATALA is the ORISA that doesn't disturb his followers

As the son of OBATALA I found it amazing that Baba doesn't really disturb his followers .

OBATALA is always around every time and every day but you have to learn his way in a very hard way to experience OBATALA.

If you are not doing it rightly you might to experience OBATALA presence.

You might not feel his presence if you are not spiritually lifted high .

OBATALA is a highly spiritually raised ORISA yet he is always everywhere but to tap into his essence you just have to learn the way of OBATALA.

The way of OBATALA is a very hard path to take.

 Talking of his patience ,I still find that hard to accomplished because I am kind of impatient.

Talking of discipline, I am still managing myself on this road of discipline.

Talking of Abstainance from sex , drink, women, No one is 100% righteous.

Talking of Abstainance from drinks and hard drugs, many fall in this wide pit.

Talking of Purity of Mind and intentions, are you pure in this aspects ?

Abstainance from the world and creating your own world, this means you have to be in your own world,create the environment you want and the life you want or desire . 

This is where people failed because they just followed others like sheep when you can think on your own .

The ways of OBATALA is not easy to take and those who claimed to be olobatala or OBATALA sons and daughters or OBATALA devotee can not deny that they are not meeting up to OBATALA's standard .

How many OBATALA devotee follows the way of ORISA NLA?

The son of OBATALA.

Saturday, March 30, 2024

IF OBATALA really created the world, why do we have different races ?

IF OBATALA really created the world, why do we have different races ?

IF OBATALA really created the world, why do we have different races ?

This is a question from someone very close to me and I had already explained to him but I think the world need to know the answer as well.

Civilization started from somewhere, everyone is trying to picture how early life looks like . Most religion had their own story of creation but am so sorry to break your heart because those stories are not true.

Why would their God confuse them because they work in unity to build a giant tower that could reach heaven?

Another question is that, was it the same sky above our head that is referred to heaven or there is something different the people of babel were doing differently that is not recorded .

Does it mean that God doesn't like unity among his people ?

I know they would said that it was the devil that escaped from heaven that went there to confused them.

All this motherfucking religion are only good at pointing or putting blame on something or someone . They never accepted responsibility.

Still on still they assume that one man has died and carry all their sins away when in the real sense no one can take responsibility for another man's action because of the law of karma .

If you want to look deeply then you would understand that the law of karma and other laws state that everyone is responsible for their actions.

How can someone used his child for ritual and claim that someone has died for his sin?

It is just a way of running away from responsibility.

No man or bros J or Pastor can take your responsibility, it is just like eating and you don't want to defecate. You have eaten and it is a must to defecate.

Understand this Law and you would understand life better .

I am a man of law and I quote law before action ,thanks to OBATALA and the ORISA .

Nobody actually has the story of creation or how the human race expanded but I would say one or two things to give you hints.

Creation started with one or two people or even few. Who knows .?

They are more spiritual and advanced in everything than people of  today . Nobody took them as a slave to teach them what is entirely different from who they are or are meant to be

All I know is that the earliest people are together at a place and due to one or two reasons they have to move ahead  ...

Wanting to discover themselves more, they have to leave their normal gathering and travel to another place or even create their own settlement .

Many cities in Yoruba were founded by people who their IFA told to leave that particular place of their dwelling and move ahead to form another settlement . 

If a child is born different, the father may be chase out of the clan or community for being different.

Such child may be seen as a calamity .

This is another reason why people spread across the globe.

When we talk about language, spirituality bring about inspiration and such inspiration can lead to the development of language.

Someone develop Morse code, I believe it is from inspiration. Now Morse code is accepted in army and other military operations.

This is how people of those days developed their own language.

This is how people spread across the world . 

There are instances where a family give birth to a child that doesn't resemble the parents but resemble their grand parents. This is to show that in our gene DNA we have all sort of codes in it which are just sleeping or inactive.

Human beings have gone through a lots of evolution over the years and our body keep on adapting to the environment we found ourself .

We know creation started from Africa and the race with the red colour become jealous and has burnt down many books of history, site of history , created a new religion and capture others to prove their superiority.

What can I say? Humans would forever remains human, fighting for land ,power and superiority.

We are still fighting today, fighting for freedom from religion , for freedom from economic and political influences, freedom from family problems and everything that has to do with Humans .

Only those who are ready to walk in the spiritual realm would life be easy for  .

Spiritual people are protected In one way or the other and those who know the law are super protected .

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA 

Sunday, March 10, 2024

Magnificent Power of OBATALA , it's relevant to other ORISA and the Society - Video

Magnificent Power of OBATALA , it's relevant to other ORISA and the Society - Video

 Magnificent Power of OBATALA , it's relevant to other ORISA and the Society - Video

This is a 8mins Video of the history you don't know about OBATALA and other ORISA.

How OBATALA empowered other ORISA .

Why OBATALA is the king of all king and why all king pay homage to the true king .

This video talk about why other ORISA feared, love and respect OBATALA.

If your IFA is still saying the truth, the video challenge any IFA priest and priestess to consult and ask IFA about the truth revealed in it.

Kindly share this video if you found it useful and helpful.


Tuesday, February 27, 2024

The fear of OBATALA is the beginning of wisdom

The fear of OBATALA is the beginning of wisdom

The fear of OBATALA is the beginning of wisdom

OBATALA is a high class first class disciplinary ORISA that doesn't love nonsense.

If you don't have sense before becoming a devotee of OBATALA, you would eventually grow sense after you become a devotee of OBATALA.

OBATALA is the most wisest ORISA such that in the olden age when the world was young, the oriki of OBATALA is .....

My mouth can't say that ..

You can't be olobatala and you delve into evil, you know the baba doesn't take rubbish from his devotee.

I would try and have a conference with the ORISA and see how we can bring discipline back to Yoruba tradition and religion.
OBATALA and the Sun God

OBATALA and the Sun God

OBATALA and the Sun God

The world has been in a long argument whether the sun god is also referred to as OBATALA or OBATALA is the son God.

The reason for this comparison is because the sun is the centre of everything and OBATALA is the centre of the universe,the centre of all the ORISA .

I cannot belittle OBATALA to a mere sun created by OBATALA when OBATALA is the creator of everything within and without.

OBATALA is not the sun god and shouldn't be referred to as the sun god but the ancient people who are from other part of the world or didn't know about Yoruba tradition always think the sun is the most powerful.

So they thought.

The sun is not the powerful and no one is more powerful than OBATALA.

The greatest of the greatest ORISA .

Monday, February 26, 2024

Dreaming of seeing snail and it's meaning

Dreaming of seeing snail and it's meaning

Dream of seeing snail

I remember very well one of the myth and lies about dreaming about snail which are the following

Many people have been made to believe that once you see snail in your dream, you would forever be a poor man.

I have also been in that space before and now I want to write about it for the people to learn.

Snail is a higher spirit animal that has nothing to do with poverty.

There is one myth about snail been sent to OLOKUN in one time or the other along with chameleon.

Snail is a patient animal,so patient that it is an animal attributed to ORISA NLA, OBATALA.

Is OBATALA a poor man? 


OBATALA is the richest of all the ORISA ,the oldest of all the ORISA .

Once you dream about snail, just know that you need to feed OBATALA.

The meaning of seeing snail in the dream is that you need to go and feed ORISA OBATALA.

Forget those lies about snail or what people say about snail that if you dream and see snail, that you would be poor.

It is a very thick lie.



Sunday, February 25, 2024

Monday, February 19, 2024

OBATALA Sacred water that cure all sickness

OBATALA Sacred water that cure all sickness

OBATALA Sacred water that cure all sickness 

Many people still don't know much about ORISA OBATALA.

The only ORISA that was created by OLODUMARE and handed everything in his hand .

OBATALA is the Father of all ORISA and all .

After creating other ORISA he designated jobs and position to them .

Many people don't know that there is OBATALA sacred water which can cure majority of all sickness.

While I was doing my OBATALA mantra Infront of my OBATALA, OBATALA came down to me and said AJE NLA come I want to show you something.

My soul left the Body and I followed him into the spirit realm, he said this is how you would make OBATALA sacred water for whoever is sick and having one ailments or the other in other to cure them.

I bowed down my head and greet OBATALA in a million times and my spirit went back into my Body.

If you think you have sickness like stroke, or mental disorder. You can come to my OBATALA temple in ABEOKUTA.

I would be more than Happy to help you by using OBATALA sacred water on you.

If all things failed, when all ORISA failed.

OBATALA the father of all ORISA who shared all he has with everyone would never failed.

OBATALA never failed for any milliseconds.

Am AJE NLA the first son of OBATALA.

Saturday, February 10, 2024

Respect the old Man, Respect OBATALA

Respect the old Man, Respect OBATALA

Respect the old Man, Respect OBATALA 

I see some people put their OBATALA in the calabash or their OBATALA is done in the calabash

I have seen some people use Pot for their OBATALA

Infact I have seen many sort of temple for OBATALA and it disrespectful to the king.

We are talking about the king of all the ORISA, kindly show some respect to the Man.

Whether it is in a Calabash or in a Pot, you are doing rubbish and you have no respect for elders.

You are not well trained at all and I doubt if you would be an elder someday. 

Here I am again talking my usual rubbish abi?

OBATALA no be Joke oooooooo

The Old man dey spit fire pass SANGO

The old Man dey Angry Pass OLOKUN

The old man is peaceful than OSUN

The old man is older than time

The old man is wiser than ORUNMILA 

His wisdom is Parallel to none

Nothing exist without him and nothing can be done without Him

Let us pay respects to the old Man,the father of all father ..



Sunday, January 28, 2024

Ìgbìn - the favourite drum of Ọbàtálá

Ìgbìn - the favourite drum of Ọbàtálá

Ìgbìn - the favourite drum of Ọbàtálá (Òrìṣàńlá)...

Ìgbìn drums are log drums with single leather heads fastened and tuned by wooden pegs. They are always upright and open-ended. The drums are generally thick and squat and stand on three legs roughly carved out of the bottom of the drum.

These drums are sometimes roughly hewn and sometimes carefully carved with decorative figures and designs; sometimes the whole shape of the drum is adapted to that of the human figure.

Three drums of different size played by three drummers make a set. The largest set is called ìyá ìgbìn, the second jàgbà and the smallest epèlé. The two smaller drums are played with two unfashioned sticks, while the larger may be played with a single stick and the palm, fist or fingers of the left hand. By varying the fingering and the use of the left hand, a variety of effects may be achieved

Ìgbìn drums are sacred to Òrìṣàńlá (“the great deity") who is also known as Ọbàtálá (“king of the white cloth"), and who may be described as the deity of whiteness. His worshippers are distinguished by the use of opaque white beads and white cloths, and many of the things associated with his ritual are white.

In Yorùbá mythology, Ọbàtálá is believed to fashion children within the mother's womb by opening the eyes, mouth, nose and ears, and by separating the arms, legs, toes and fingers much as a woodcarver does when making a figurine. 

Ọbàtálá is also credited with fashioning the first humans, male and female, in a similar fashion. Albinos, hunchbacks, cripp!es, and children with six toes or six fingers are sacred to Òrìṣàńlá and worship him.

Bascom W: Drums of the Yorùbá of Nigeria (1953)