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What every OBATALA child must do - OBATALA's rule for his children (Tablet of OBATALA)

What every OBATALA child must do - OBATALA's rule for his children (Tablet of OBATALA)

As OBATALA first son, I have been giving the task to liberate others from religious bondage and other forces.

I remained AJE NLA the son of OBATALA.

While having a good conversation with ORISA NLA , my mind goes to some things and I decided to write it out for people.

This are OBATALA tablets of rules that must never be broken .

Must never be dependent on anyone for anything 

Must know what he wants ,when he want it and how he/she want it

Must not be hiding behind the truth, must be bold to speak the truth at any point in time 

Must not be a coward , must always be bold to face his/fear or enemy 

Must create his/own path 

Must be able to make his/her decision

Must never be influenced by anyone 

Must not disrespect anyone 

Must not be promiscuous

Must always stand on verdict 

Must be trust worthy

Must learn to be alone,be in charge. Not following people up and down.

Must be disciplined and calm just like OBATALA

Must learn to be patience in all things 

This are the few from what baba told me.

The son of OBATALA 

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