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Friday, December 8, 2023

Five ways why you cannot do without the Irunmole (deities)

Five ways why you cannot do without the Irunmole (deities)

Five ways why you cannot do without the Irunmole (deities)

The relationship between Irunmole and Omo eniyan was symbiotic in nature and rewarding especially for Omo eniyan.

  There are five major ways by which Irunmole relate effectively with Omo eniyan right from the emergence of man on earth. The ways include the following

Role models

.      Teachers    



       Benevolent givers 

    As Role Models

The Irunmole act as role models for Omo Eniyan (human beings) in many ways. Their exemplary characters and ways of life became what we now emulate today for us to live in accordance with the design of Olodumare. 

 As role models, they made us understand certain situations of life and how to react or adjust to such situations. 

When Olodumare was about to settle living beings on earth, He sent for Ogun (deity in charge of metals and creativity) first and foremost to come and plan the earth so as to make it habitable for beings. 

When Ogun came with his entourage, he brought woods with which to feed his entourage. Before long, those eating woods became powerless and could not accomplish anything. When Ogun realized that those he brought along to help in performing the task of making the earth habitable had become powerless for his mission, he returned with them to Olodumare.

However, Olodumare later sent Obatala to go and complete what Ogun could not finish.  When Obatala was descending from Ikole-orun, he traced the mystical path already cleared by Ogun. In his own case, he brought water for himself and his entourage. Unfortunately, water was insufficient for them to feed on.

 They also became powerless within a short while and they returned to Olodumare to report their failure.

Olodumare finally sent Orunmila. Before Orunmila set for his journey to Ikole-Aye, he went to Agbadudu-Orimo for advice and consultation. He was advised to offer ebo and to take all edible items along in his journey to Ikole-Aye.- alaafia

Sunday, May 28, 2023

IFA speaks on when the world will End

IFA speaks on when the world will End

Someone said to me that according to the Christian Bible, the world is going to come to an end someday. So he asked me what's ifa's position concerning that and I said:

Bi igba eni bá lo l'owúrò
Igba Eniyan a dé l'álé
Èrò rilo
Èrò ribò ni o

If 200 hundred people leave in the morning
Another 200 hundred people will arrive in the evening
People will go and return to both Earth and Heaven

Lesson: It's the way we are doing on earth they are also doing in heaven. If we loose a soul here on earth..........

as we are mourning, they are rejoicing in heaven and vice versa.

For that reason, the world is never coming to an end. People go and come. It's just a rotation of body and soul.

-Holy odù Ösé Öfún-






Any being that is worthy of worship is called an ÔRISÂ. The Christian beliefs they worship ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ, the Muslims belief too. Why would you ÌSẸSÉ thinks ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ is not to be worshipped or Celebrated? 

Contrary to many religions and believe that ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ is surrounded with myths and Mystery, ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ is not a one of such that doesn't want to be found. 

Such heretic Believe that ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ is surrounded with myths is the same reason why many people doesn't worship ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ or celebrate the greatest of the greatest. 

During my Journey to the spiritual realm, have celebrated ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ ,it's a giant feast that took a Month. The like of which have not seen before right here on earth. 

How does ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ looks like? 

I know you would ask this question but the answer is what I cannot tell. None of the Divinity show their Face. 

How do we Celebrate ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ? 

So we think / thought by singing for hours, we are feeding God with his food, and after he is well fed we begin to ask for something in returns by laying down all our problems. Just like a trade, something for something. 

But am sad to tell you that it doesn't work that way. 

God is not hungry, he is never hungry neither is he begging for Food. 

We calls him whatever we though can be qualified to him but there is no better way of saying it than the Yoruba traditional way calling ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ. The creator of the Cosmo and all there is. 

We just need to acknowledge the Fact that he is there, he is ever there.

IFA and other ÔRISÂ would guide you through on how to celebrate ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ. 

Stop looking for ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ, 
celebrate ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ . He would find you wherever you are. 

Be dedicated to Your ÔRISÂ, Never stain your spiritual essence, don't be involve in dirty/bloody rituals, don't think the ORISA forces of lights are not good enough. 
Don't be a slave to Money and don't fall into temptation of women. 

Add ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ celebration to whatever celebration you celebrate. 

I am AJE, I speak the Voice from the other Side. 

Saturday, May 27, 2023

Spiritual Hierarchy of the ORISA

Spiritual Hierarchy of the ORISA

Spiritual Hierarchy of the ORISA 

Don't forget that there is War in Heaven and there is still war, just that the war in heaven is not as heavy like the way it used to be. Read about primordial War here. 

There is hierarchy between the ORISA. We have IRÚMỌLẸ̀ and we have ORISA. You can read more about it here. The difference in their creation is what leads to hierarchy. 

Long time ago, the IRUMOLE used to distinguish themselves from the ORISA, they don't want to do anything with them. 

But as time goes on, their pride (IRUMOLE) fails as people tend to appreciate ORISA more than them and so, the names of the first IRUMOLE are becoming less relevant, people are beginning to forget them or know how they look. 

Even now, no one can say clearly the list and names of the 401 IRUMOLE. Read about the names of IRUMOLE here. 

Few of the IRUMOLE embraced the ORISA, teach them one or two things and these few IRUMOLE are the ones we knew today. Read about list of primordial ORISA

Today, these divine divinity are all called ORISA but sometimes the worshipers always differentiate between them by calling on the first created list of ORISA (called IRUMOLE).

They all known their boundaries and Power and they all understand their position and usefulness within the vast universe of ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ. 
List of ORISA (orisha) and their Power

List of ORISA (orisha) and their Power

List of ORISA (orisha) and their Power 

After writing about ÌRÚMỌLẸ̀, ORISA and many things unknown to many of us. 

It's high time we write about the uses and functions of this Orisa. 

Each of these ÔRISÂ have their special functions and hence the reason for ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ to create more ÔRISÂ or should I say transcend some hard working, uplifting spiritual fill people into the spiritual realm as ÔRISÂ. 

In these article I would like to talk to few about the functions of few ÔRISÂ. 

ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ : Function is to create More universe of human and non human existence, create more ÔRISÂ and many more. 

YEMOJA : SHE is referred to as Mother Nature. She represents nature and is worshiped in all universe depending on people's beliefs which dictate how she is worshiped or called. She give wealth and Children to people. Coordinates the law of Karma and ensure there is balance between the universe. 

OSUN : goddess of Fertility and and healing. But her Major area of specialty is to give Children and help procreate. She also heals those who fall sick or have one ailments. 

OBATALA : His Functions is to create more human beings, creatures and all. He help settle dispute between the ORISA and people and dispute between the ORISA. His Powers are more than what this text could contain. 

OLOKUN :He is responsible for spirituality. He is the Father of Wealth. He owns the largest treasure of wealth. He helps in divinity . There is no IFA readings without Him. He is a wise King and doesn't talk Much. 

AGEMO : create wealth and give children

ORISA OKO: Responsible for Farming, bringing out good crops from the soil. He is the spirit behind different varieties of food. He provides food for every man.

OSUMARE : He is the bringer of rains. He is responsible for seasons, birth and rebirth also known as reincarnation.

AGBODERE : medically recognise as a healing God. That is why there is a snake symbols is pharmacy. He is known by many names over the years. He protect his children too. We have a written story if Agbodere here because you can't find it anywhere. 

ESUU : He is in charge of temptation without which there is no spiritual growth and upliftment. He is a wise King and also guides his children to freedom. He is a good protector. 
Stories of the 401 ÌRÚMỌLẸ̀

Stories of the 401 ÌRÚMỌLẸ̀

Stories of the 401 ÌRÚMỌLẸ̀

The ÌRÚMỌLẸ̀ are the ORISA that ever walk the earth long before man was created. 

We can also called them primordial ÔRISÂ, you can read about the list or primordial ORISA here. 

Let it be known that ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ is creating more ÔRISÂ everyday or every month or every years. I can't say for sure how ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ is creating them or when ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ is creating them. 

If we could try and give account of all the ÌRÚMỌLẸ̀, we would see that we have more than 401 ÌRÚMỌLẸ̀ in Yoruba land. 

Calling on ÌRÚMỌLẸ̀ is calling on the first 401 created ORISA before Men transcended into being an Orisa. 
Difference between ÌRÚMỌLẸ̀ and ÔRISÂ

Difference between ÌRÚMỌLẸ̀ and ÔRISÂ

Difference between ÌRÚMỌLẸ̀ and ÔRIS 

The Irumole are the Primordial ÔRISÂ, these are ÔRISÂ that have been in existence before the creation of Man. 


Orisa refers to Man and women who transcended into the spiritual realm due to their effort, contribution to mankind and their spiritual advancement and growth. 

Today they are all referred to as ÔRISÂ but there is hierarchy between the ORISA. 
List of Primordial Orisa (Orisha)

List of Primordial Orisa (Orisha)

List of Primordial Orisa (Orisha)

There are ÔRISÂ that created long before the existence of Mankind, at some point war breaks out. 

The Greek mythology also records it as the clash of the Titans but they can't tell it all. 

That's why I wrote about primordial war between ORISA in this article here

The primordial orisa have lived a millions Years before the creation of Mankind. 

I can't list them all, but I can tell you a few out of the primordial orisa. 

The primordial ÔRISÂ are the Following 





These are few list of the primordial Orisa that ever lived and existed. 

These list would be updated from time to time as the ORISA gives me permission to write them out. 

These primordial ORISA are called ÌRÚMỌLẸ̀. Read about ÌRÚMỌLẸ̀ here