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Asking Banana Tree for Children

Asking Banana Tree for Children Banana tree is an Orisa Called Agbagba. It is know to have many Children and also known for its blessing. If you are one who has been married but jot having a child,you can look for a banana tree near you and make a…

Biblical Reference of ORISA Agbagba

Biblical Reference of ORISA Agbagba  Orisa Agbagba is also mentioned and reference in the bible, the Holy book of the Christians.  The ORISA Agbagba is mentioned in the book of Psalm 128v2 And also, Banana has a lots of spiritual referen…

Colors of ORISA Agbagba

Colors of ORISA Agbagba  This Colour Associated with this Orisa is Green and a little bit of white and yellow but majorly green.  Since green is the colour of Ogede.

Orisa Agbagba Sacrifice

Orisa Agbagba Sacrifice  To sacrifice for this ORISA is as easy as anything.  You don't need a special alter but a living tree of Big Banana plantain banana, in other case any banana tree would do.  You would need Ọgẹdẹ Agbagba that …

Characters of the children of ORISA Agbagba

Characters of the children of ORISA Agbagba  This are the characteristics of the children of Agbagba.  The children of this Orisa are known to have long life, they tend to live beyond normal human age expectancy.  The children of ORISA A…

Meaning of Agbagba

Meaning of Agbagba  Agbagba is the ORISA. Agbagba relates or represent Orisa that has to do with Big Banana Plantain plantation.  To read more about this Orisa. Kindly follow this link

Orisa Agbagba

Orisa Agbagba This is one of the ancient ÔRISÂ that has been long forgotten due to civilization.  It is an ÔRISÂ that dwells on big Banana Plantain plantation.  This Orisa give spiritual Prosperity and forwardness.  It also give children…