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This Blog was created to Give an accurate knowledge of all the Orisa both lost and unaccounted Orisa and the present ones.

There are many reasons why you should contact Us, these are

Spiritual Work 

Spiritual Consultation 

Decision making advice and steps

Egbe orun initiation 

Ifa initiation 

General knowledge of the Orisa

Dream interpretations 

Stars and taboo

Marriage consultation

Business consultation 

And Many Many More.

Am AJE NLA, you can contact me on WhatsApp +2347031178647 or via email

If paying tithe in the church is not a bad idea, paying for Consultation is not a bad idea.

You dont ask your Pastor what they use the money for, Babalawo too have Families and they help the society more than your Pastor Did.


  1. I am interested in the initiation, please how do I go about it? This is my email:

  2. "We need to wake up from our slumber". In other to see the truth.