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Thursday, May 16, 2024

Clarity differences between money rituals and Oshole

Clarity differences between money rituals and Oshole

Clarity differences between money rituals and Oshole

After a careful consideration between oshole and money rituals, AJE NLA have decided to drop a peep into what oshole means and it's differences with money rituals.

Oshole in those days involved using herbs and animals to enhance business and lifestyle in a little way that has no effects or cause imbalance in the universe.

While oshole this days doesn't really care about universal balance, they just want to take it all .

Oshole this days uses small part of human beings with other herbs and they eat or used as soap for bathing .

Whereas money rituals take and uses a whole human being for money .

A whole human being can be killed for money rituals or used alive for money rituals. The person used alive would be sick with all sort of sickness,  the person used would be going from sickness to sickness , the person being used would be seeing cockroaches / flies  in their dream, the person being used would be seeing coffin in their dream or dream that someone died when in the real sense they are the one that is going to die. Sometimes they feel as if they are followed, when they sleep they are bitten by ants, when they sit down all sort of creatures walk on them and many more.

People that did oshole this days either die young because of the imbalance they have caused or they become useless after some time because they have already fast forward everything and they have used it all finished along with the imbalance they have caused.

People that did money rituals too don't live long because they have defiled natural law and order and nature doesn't take this for granted .

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I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

If you found this article anywhere without proper reference to AJE NLA, just know that it was stolen .

Please let is respect originality and put an end to spiritual copyright except if we are looking for future trouble occurrence which waits for us.

Monday, April 1, 2024

Have you heard of ÀPÈTA?

Have you heard of ÀPÈTA?

Have you heard of ÀPÈTA?

 There are instances where they summon the spirit of some people wherever they are and once they answered the call, they give up the ghost.

 There are also instance where they call people from far distance back to their home country empty handed.

 They will never be able to travel back and then remain stagnant forever.

Saturday, January 13, 2024

Thursday, January 11, 2024

Amudo meaning

Amudo meaning

Amudo meaning 

Is. when someone touches you and have intimacy on bed with you 

Just touching you 

You will follow him and he would have all of you on his bed. w

Amudo is touch and have have intercourse with me.

The moment he touches you, you would not know anything until he after he has achieved his bad aim of bed intimacy with you .

It is after that your sense would come back to you.

It is used by most stupid and evil men to get to woman that say no to their proposal.

Sunday, December 10, 2023

Friday, December 8, 2023

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Meaning of Osole (OSHOLE)

Meaning of Osole (OSHOLE)

Meaning of Osole (OSHOLE) 

OSO are men who are indigenous and her powerfully equipped with the knowledge of herbs. 

OSOLE is when you as an indigenous men belonging to the group of OSO and using their power and knowledge to use herbs to attract money. 

But the true meaning of OSOLE as describe above is not what is is today. 

OSHOLE today is money ritual and nothing more. 

what is ebora and Oso?

what is ebora and Oso?

what is ebora?

I know you are dying to know the meaning of some words. 

Ebora refers to The spirits of fire and lava.

They are somewhat equivalent to angels k. Biblical terms. 

Their work is to assist and serve as servant. 


Oso: refers to Souls of warlords and indigenous medicine men. .

This are for men while AJE ELEYE are for women. 

The work of Oso is similar to that of IYAAMI ELEYE but few differences. 

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Orunmila gave the meaning of Aboru Aboye

Orunmila gave the meaning of Aboru Aboye

 Orunmila gave the meaning of Aboru Aboye

 Orunmila bowed down and knocked his head on the ground three times for IFA saying ABORU ABOYE meaning, ‘obeisance to you oh divinity’- 

and while his devotees who were with him responded ‘a agbo a a to’ meaning: “we will live long , with wisdom and understanding”.

Saturday, September 2, 2023

Meaning of Eleri Ipin and why Orunmila is also called Eleri Ipin

Meaning of Eleri Ipin and why Orunmila is also called Eleri Ipin

Orunmila is believed to be the 
mouthpiece of the other gods. 

It is through him that one knows the wishes of the other gods.

 As a mouthpiece for Ori Orunmila is regarded as ~Eleri-ipin (witness of man's choice of destiny).

 It is believed that Orunmila was present when every person chose his destiny in heaven. 

It is not difficult  therefore for Orunmila, through the Ifa divination system,  to tell every person here on earth the wishes of his Ori.

Thursday, August 31, 2023

Meaning of Olubobotiribo (The Father of Sacrifice)

Meaning of Olubobotiribo (The Father of Sacrifice)

Meaning of olubobotiribo

Olubobotiribo is the Father of baba ebo (that is father of all sacrifice) .

The people who are present doing your sacrifice, who eat from the sacrificial animals that you kill, who eat from the remains items used in making sacrifice are the Olubobotiribo

They help to make the sacrifice accepted. 

You can't do without them. 

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Meaning of ABIKU

Meaning of ABIKU

Meaning of ABIKU

Have you been searching for the meaning of the word abiku?

Well your search has ended as we have a small note with the answer carrying the meaning. 

Abiku: Souls of children who continually die during childbirth or shortly there after.

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Meaning of KADARA

Meaning of KADARA

Meaning of KADARA 

KADARA is a Yoruba word which means Fate. 

Fate can be a good one or a bad one. It depends on the step you take which will later give the outcome of good or Bad. 

If you take the wrong step in Life, you will ended up having a bad fate. 

Hence we have to be extra careful of our decision as they tends to lead to bad fate or good fate. 
Meaning of AYANMO

Meaning of AYANMO

Meaning of AYANMO

AYANMO means predestined. 
We all have what have been predestined for us before coming to earth. 

Example is a people are predestined to be rich through Farming. 

When he got to the world, he wants to be a banker and be wealthy through banking. 

You can see that such person is not following what has been predestined for him. He wants to do what he loved to do not what is predestined for him. 

What was predestined for a person can also be changed on earth while joining some occult or secret society. 

This society switch somebody's predestiny with someone else. 

It always come or end in short life span while few people joined such cult, follow what has been predestined for them but add more flavour to it. That is if a man is predestined to be a farmer. He would not abandoned farming, yet he would all have other things to do which are directly or indirectly relating for farming. 

Thursday, August 3, 2023

Meaning of ASE

Meaning of ASE

The word asé () means "the power to do." It is the Will. The orisa of the Will is Sango. So what did the egun (ancestors) mean when they spoke of the "will" or "asé?"

The Will is the ability to accomplish. The Will is not the desire to accomplish, as some may say.

It is the ability itself. The egun described the Will (Sango) thru associating it with fire and lightning. This is because fire is the most powerful force on Earth.

The reference to lightning is because of its association with the sky/heavens; it thus represents the power/asé that is derived from heaven (orun).

Much confusion regarding asé/will derives from the misunderstanding that a person can have a strong or weak will.

They are imagining the will is someTHING you possess. The will is not something that can be possessed because it is something you ARE not something you have. You ARE asé. You ARE the Will. You ARE Sango.

Sango is said to live in the heart because the heart is the emperor of you bodily is the physical manifestation of the Will. For the will to be fully harnessed, you must recognize that it is an aspect of your true self.

It is what you are the power to accomplish because you are a microcosm of the allpowerful Olodumare