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Meaning of AYANMO

Meaning of AYANMO

AYANMO means predestined. 
We all have what have been predestined for us before coming to earth. 

Example is a people are predestined to be rich through Farming. 

When he got to the world, he wants to be a banker and be wealthy through banking. 

You can see that such person is not following what has been predestined for him. He wants to do what he loved to do not what is predestined for him. 

What was predestined for a person can also be changed on earth while joining some occult or secret society. 

This society switch somebody's predestiny with someone else. 

It always come or end in short life span while few people joined such cult, follow what has been predestined for them but add more flavour to it. That is if a man is predestined to be a farmer. He would not abandoned farming, yet he would all have other things to do which are directly or indirectly relating for farming. 

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