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Monday, June 3, 2024




Let us carry out this simple assignment to find out if there are forces in our dwellings. Ofcourse, everyone should know that if there are forces in your home, things will not go well, there will be bad dreams, cobwebs within the house, dissapointment and other bad experiences.

 Infact, with forces in your dwellings, no amount of spiritual things will work for you when you use it no matter how effective or costly it is.

Put one cube sugar or one spoon of sugar in each of the corners of your room. After 5hrs or more, check if there are ants on the sugar.

a. If no ant, then there are too powerful forces in your house and have gained much ground there.

b. If there is small ants on it, it means there are forces in the house but not much

c. If there is plenty ants on it and they almost finish sugars within a shot while, it means your house is free from forces.

In the case of when no ants in the sugar at all, put native or sea salt (salt measured in cups in the market, not sachet salt) beside the sugar. After three days, pack eveything and put another sugar there to see if ants would come on it. Keep doing it till you're satisfied with the outcome. You can do it in your shop as well.

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

EPO OBO and its Uses

EPO OBO and its Uses

 Epó Ọbọ́ - Ficus Platyphylla Also known as the Broadleaf Fig or Flake Rubber Tree, Epó Ọbọ́ is a potent tree bark with protective properties. It serves as a deterrent to evil spirits and malevolent individuals, creating a shield around homes and individuals.

Epó Ọbọ́ acts as a poison to those with malicious intentions, ensuring positive energy within its vicinity.

 This versatile substance can be used to create soap for bathing or added to bathwater for spiritual cleansing.

Placing a piece of Epó Ọbọ́ on your table offers continuous protection against negative influences and dispels bad dreams.

It is employed for various spiritual practices such as iyonu (attraction), arobi (protection), and awenu (cleansing). It holds a special place in the wisdom of our ancestors (Ebe awon agba).

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

our Body as an Energy Explained

our Body as an Energy Explained

Our Spiritual Force Fields:

Every one has an Aura and Spiritual Energy. 

As we move through out our lives we pick up vibrations. 

We exude an energy and this energy or force field so to speak sends out messages of attractions either negative or positive. 

We draw that like energy towards us. When this energy is interrupted, blocked and or the alignment to a positive flow turns into a negative one then we need to cleanse the energy. 

By fumigation, smudging or burning incense. 

This is done to restore or transmute the energy, from bitter to sweet, or negative to positive.

 It all depends on what the objectives are.
Why we use incense

Why we use incense

Why We Use The Incense:

Incense can be used to cleanse a car, apartment, home, place of business or a new place of dwellings. 

You can also cleanse, or smudge or fumigate a person and your pets. Stronger cleansing incense can actually have a detrimental effect upon those who are unskilled in their use.  

We will share the incense and their generic individual usages for your personal information.

Incense affects the sense of small affecting us in a pleasant or unpleasant way. 

Incense believe it or not seeps into the spiritual and astral realms effecting changes there as well. 

When having a basic generic understanding of the reason for the usages, the incense will be extremely effective. 

Incense will remove negative forces  or draw positive forces towards you. It is very important to understand how and why the incense are being used. 

Burning incense can be compared to sending up a bacon or flare to attract those spiritual forces.

These forces have a regular job to do for us,  to restore the natural harmony in our lives. we wish to call. 

Each odor appeals to a particular force and the force answers the call. 

Once the forces come to where the incense is burning, they manifest their nature and we obtain the effect we wish in the place to which we call them.

When we use incense to cleanse a place, or space we are calling those astral forces to come and aide us and to remove  Negative Influence from  situations. 

Be it a person, a place or a thing. We burn the incense to improve the vibrations.  We use a single or a combination blend this is like a telephone number so to speak. 

We should always be aware of what and why when burning incense. We should begin to burn incense with a consciousness. 

When we burn incense out of this order we are risking the vibration we are summoning and this can very well block or send out the wrong messages and will not act in a harmony to our desires. 

People with a consciousness will not burn an incense just because it smells good. We also pay close attention to whom distributes and makes the incenses we purchase.

We use incense in summoning the forces that will act in harmony with our desires. In summoning, the forces will only act in direct proportion to the sincerity and clarity of the prayer extended. 

In order to use an incense properly we must first understand theses spiritual rules. Until the individual is familiar with the basic usages it is fruitless to experiment, so follow these blogs to the letters.  

It is also very important to have a clear mind and clear thought when proposing a prayer. 

When your mind is distracted,  the delusions of ones mind provides as to their effects only harm the individual, as well as assist him in making your life a bit better.

All the spiritual work is primarily a matter of sensitivity symbolizes an intent.  When proper symbolism and intent is utilized , the matter of sensitivity decreases in importance. 

Your intent is utilized the matter of sensitivity decreases in importance. Intent is really a matter of how sincere you are about what you are trying to accomplish.
Spiritual Cleansing with water

Spiritual Cleansing with water

Spiritual Cleansing with water

We have gained some familiarity with water and how it can be used in spiritual baths. 

Now consider water in its natural state, and see how it may be used for spiritual cleansing. 

Water has a number of uses and when it is combined with herbs or other ingredients, it can be very useful for cleansing. 

Water is, after all, the largest single constituent in life on earth!
In several religions traditions, God told King Solomon he created the sea to absorb and hold every evil thing. 

For this reason the noble and learned monarch deposited the flasks and bottles containing ten thousand evil spirits into the sea. 

He had contained the evil spirits to relieve the sufferings of humanity. 

Along the shores of the Eastern Mediterranean many stories are still told about fishermen bringing up one of the ancient bottles. 

The men have remarkable adventures with the genii-spirits that are released from the bottles when they are opened.
Sea water is powerful for absorbing and removing negative influences. 

Fresh water can be used for this purpose as well. All fresh water falls upon the earth and is used in cleansing, it is simply necessary to command it (through prayer) to take the negativity it is removing to the ocean. 

If there is a difference and a similarity in the effects of fresh ans sea water, we might inquirer as to whether there is a difference between the effects of other types of water. 

Those who have devoted time to opening the intuitive faculty assure us that there is a difference. 

They say that each kind of water has its own particular function, and thus its own use in the universal scheme of things. 

We will discuss some of the various kinds of water and see just how they can be used for spiritual cleansing.
Symbolism of spiritual cleansing with egg

Symbolism of spiritual cleansing with egg


An egg is a symbol of the potential for life–especially one of growth and development. 

It represents a pure state, one in which the potential exists for the fully divine life. Birth indicates an entry into the world of matter and egg symbolism indicates that birth has not yet occurred. 

Because of this natural symbolism, the egg is one of the most effective agents for absorbing psychic or spiritual negativity. 

Those forces which are inimical to life, growth or development in the world of spirit will turn from the human or animal victims to which they are directed and seek the egg as their their prey.

The spiritual function of an egg is different than agents of dissipation, such as vinegar, mothballs or camphor. 

The egg absorbs negative energies from the area where it has been placed. It absorbs without thought or question, whether it is in a chicken house, a store or a kitchen when it is used specifically to remove negativity by a spiritual practitioner.

If someone prays over an egg, it is able to absorb more of the spiritual negativity from an individual than if the egg is not prayed over. 

A sincere prayer will help the egg in the removal of negative forces. The prayer includes the object and helps it fulfill it’s mission in the ritual. 

In Western Civilization, we seldom have the same respect for what we use, as those for example who were raised in less sophisticated cultures. 

The prayer over the egg is similar to the prayer or blessing used in a mass or other religious ceremony. 

Prayer directs the egg to the work desired by the person who prays over it. 

The words of the prayer are manifested. Those who work with such things say you must be careful what you ask, as you may get what you ask for.
Spiritual Cleansing using egg

Spiritual Cleansing using egg

Spiritual Cleansing using egg

An Egg can be used to cleanse oneself of any trace of spiritual negativity resulting from contact with evil or malicious people.

Pray over the raw Egg for spiritual cleansing and apply the Egg to the back of your neck, moving it up and down from the base of the skull to the “Lump” at the shoulder blades. 

The Egg should then be broken by throwing it into the toilet. Flush away the remains.

Other areas of the body can be rubbed with an egg to remove spiritual negativity. 

These are the sternum, the area between the between the breasts, the base of the spinal column above the pelvic bone and the genital area.

Local eggs should be used. 
Ending a relationship using egg

Ending a relationship using egg

Ending a relationship using egg

The genitals should be rubbed with an Egg when you desire to end a sexual relationship. 

A sexual contact with another person will always result in an astral connection. 

This connection will remain for about a year with an ever decreasing intensity when the relationship is over in the physical plane. 

This connection can be absorbed by the egg if you rub the genitals with it for the purpose of breaking the tie. 

This ritual is also practiced by some who are engaged in illicit liaisons. 

The Egg Ritual reduces the chance of discovery, for the “Loyal” partner may sense the out-of-relationship sexual contact.

Always use local egg
Using egg to remove eye strain

Using egg to remove eye strain

Using egg to remove eye strain 

Severe eyestrain, or headaches in and around the eyes, whether or not due to Malochia, Evil Eye, can often be relieved by placing an Egg over each eye and relaxing with the Eggs in place for 10 to 20 minutes a day. 

A folded towel can be used to hold the eggs in place. 

All eggs used in the removal of spiritual negativity should be broken in the toilet and flushed away.

Use local eggs 
Using egg to remove physical pain

Using egg to remove physical pain

Using egg to remove physical pain

Pains in various parts of the body can be removed through the use of EGGS.

 The individual either relaxes with the EGGS HELD IN PLACE  or RUBS THE AFFLICTED AREA with it. 

This procedure is not always effective for the removal of pain, but when it is, the results are startling.  

Occasionally the pain of arthritis or bursitis can be removed, it usually indicates that the problem has a psychic cause.  

A SPIRITUAL PRACTITIONER should be consulted in these instances.

Always use local eggs. 
Home cleansing using egg

Home cleansing using egg

Home cleansing using egg

Should you find a vacant house that you like, you can cleanse it thoroughly with EGGS before you move into the house.

The EGGS will absorb any SPIRITUAL NEGATIVITY which may be present. 

This provides a more harmonious vibration in the NEW RESIDENCE. 

In addition, it reduces the time it takes to make the NEW OCCUPANT, FEEL AT HOME. 

Simply place an EGG in every corner of each room in the house, and leave them in place for 7 days. 

At the end of this period, the EGGS should be put in the trash. 

Leave them whole don’t break or crush them.

We are referring to local eggs
Cleansing pet with egg

Cleansing pet with egg

cleansing pet with egg

EGGS can also be used to remove negative SPIRITUAL ENERGY from animals. 

In the Pennsylvania Dutch country, EGGS are used to remove HEXES or CURSES from COWS that go off milk.  

AT least one Wyoming  SHEPHARD has used EGGS successfully to keep his SHEEP DOG from absorbing NEGATIVE ENERGY from his work. 

He rubs the dog with an EGG every time he seems to be irritable or mentally distracted, and he feels that the process is particularly beneficial to the dog.

Do t forget to use fertilized egg or eggs from local chicken
Cleansing the sick with egg

Cleansing the sick with egg

Cleansing the sick with egg

Another use for the EGG is in the SICK ROOM. 

An EGG placed in the corners of the invalids room will often benefit him for the sick to rest better. 

The troubled ASTRAL state of the SICK, AGED, or CHRONICALLY infirm can be removed, or at least eased, by the presence of EGGS absorbing the energy of the turmoil. 

Place the EGGS by the four corners of the bed as an additional aid.

The EGGS must be changed every week. 

When working with any SPIRITUAL FORCE, suspect the obvious.  

When an EGG cracks and smells of hydrogen sulfide (Rotten Eggs) don’t suspect a spiritual cause.

Don't forget that we are referring to local eggs. 
OSUN sacred spiritual cleansing bath

OSUN sacred spiritual cleansing bath

OSUN sacred spiritual cleansing bath

This bath is for sweetening your Aura.

it will enhance your spiritual vibrations and give you a burst of energy and attractions. 

This bath should be followed by a bath that removes negative energy and influences from you aura and help you to attract positive only positive.

Ladies always put honey in your mouth, keep those words sweet and soft.

This is a great time to try a honey mask while soaking in this bath for 3o minutes. 

You can use a lemon slice to rub on your face to remove dark spots from your beautiful skin. This is great for aged spot.



Boil cinnamon stick (one or five small) in a large Pyrex or stainless steel pot allow to cool down to room temperature

Cinnamon Oil and Cinnamon perfume and patchouli, 

your favorite perfume

Fresh Yellow rose petals, 

Fresh Basil blend in blender with some of the Cinnamon water

2 tablespoon honey

Pour everything into a large container and use Florida Water.

Mix well and separate into Bottles for later use


Use this as a daily body splash after your showers after you have removed influences.