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OSUN sacred spiritual cleansing bath

OSUN sacred spiritual cleansing bath

This bath is for sweetening your Aura.

it will enhance your spiritual vibrations and give you a burst of energy and attractions. 

This bath should be followed by a bath that removes negative energy and influences from you aura and help you to attract positive only positive.

Ladies always put honey in your mouth, keep those words sweet and soft.

This is a great time to try a honey mask while soaking in this bath for 3o minutes. 

You can use a lemon slice to rub on your face to remove dark spots from your beautiful skin. This is great for aged spot.



Boil cinnamon stick (one or five small) in a large Pyrex or stainless steel pot allow to cool down to room temperature

Cinnamon Oil and Cinnamon perfume and patchouli, 

your favorite perfume

Fresh Yellow rose petals, 

Fresh Basil blend in blender with some of the Cinnamon water

2 tablespoon honey

Pour everything into a large container and use Florida Water.

Mix well and separate into Bottles for later use


Use this as a daily body splash after your showers after you have removed influences.

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