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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Why do you want your ex Back?

Why do you want your ex Back?

Why do you want your ex Back?

I have received calls that when I received such calls again, I would just switched off my mobile handset .

I really don't know why people loves to go back to their ex or have their ex back .


Mostly it is because of Money that people want their ex back. They want their ex back because their ex has money to spend on them .

Most people that want their ex back doesn't love their ex, they just want the ex because of what their ex has to offer or what he has been offering them.

Most people that want their ex back are majorly women .

I received a call from a woman that wanted her ex back. , So I ask her , why do you want your ex back.

I asked her whether the ex is rich or has some money to spend, she said yes.

She claimed that he used her and dump her.

I asked how?

I asked her what does she has to offer this ex.

I asked her whether she has a business or work doing ,guess what she said.. NO . she had no value to her life , only to steal from someone in the name of Love.

What you don't know is that you are doing yourself more danger than good when you forced your ex back into your life .

As you tie your ex down, you are also tying yourself down also.

The context of this article cannot contain all the consequences of your action by forcefully getting your ex back.

What I think you need right now is to buckle up, focused more on your life and business and move on with your life .

Advanced Spiritual usage of Egg you don't know before now

Advanced Spiritual usage of Egg you don't know before now

Advanced Spiritual usage of Egg you don't know before now

I remained AJE NLA the son of OBATALA, I just thought I should let you know some stuff they used egg for or to do which you don't know before .

This egg can be used to break some spell

It can be used for cleansing 

It can be used to break convenant 

It can be used to end a relationship or marriage 

It can be used to run you Mad 

It can be used to make you blind

It can be used to make you see 

This egg can add more eyes to your eyes and help you to see beyond what ordinary people are seeing 

This egg can be used to give you power such that no man can harm you

Yet it can be used to lock your glory and at the same time unlock your glory.

This egg can be used for many things but the most common usage by ordinary people is to used it to eat rice and fry with yam .

I am just here to sensitize and nothing more ..

If you eat egg in the dream, I think you need to consult me to tell you the meaning. 

Learn More and follow the spiritual path to unveiled the mystery 

I remained AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

The eclipse bring gift to the worthy

The eclipse bring gift to the worthy

The eclipse bring gift to the worthy 

I said yesterday that the eclipse opened portals for some spirits and ORISA to flow through into this realm .

I remembered I said this spirits would visits a lot of people including the good and the bad without to create a balance in the world.

This spirit would give you more Insight to what you do be it good or evil.

The good and purest of heart receives it's blessing and the darkest of heart receives theirs , the balance of nature must be maintained.

Good or bad,they are never fighting against each other but to complement each other to create a universal balance in the world .

Only fools would continue to pray for evil or good because they are not fighting each other 

Their criteria is what I don't know but I think I have received mine.

I think the eclipse really had it effects on me AJE NLA.

I have never read anything about the moon before and I was always focus on IFA and OBATALA while following the strict guidelines of OLOKUN.

I posted about the seven sisters of the moon and some other article schedule for posting the following day that emphasizes more knowledge about the moon.

I browse through Google just now to see if my article was ranking then I saw a lot of books on the sisters of the moon which I wasn't aware or read before.

I think the eclipse is a blessing on my side cos I can see the moon right from my mind As if I was there.

OLODUMARE thank you for this new gift you have bestowed on the son of OBATALA 

Monday, April 8, 2024

Eclipse and it's spiritual significance

Eclipse and it's spiritual significance

Eclipse and it's spiritual significance

Today we are experiencing eclipse in some part of the world and so many people are only eager on watching the video.

Anytime there is an eclipse, something is happening somewhere which you are not aware.

Let us start from what you know to what you don't know.

Do you know that there was nothing special about the death of bros J?

When the bible say that the day turn to night few hours after the death of bros J, it was talking about eclipse.

Jesus was lucky to die or choose to die on the day of eclipse for the reasons best known to him .

Anytime there is an eclipse, some ancient portal opened allowing some spirits,forces of old as time to transcend into this realm.

Let us have it at the back of our mind that this forces all loved to come to this realm as a servant looking for master or as a master looking for servant. 

Tonight in some coven, they would receive a lots of guest many of which flow through because of the eclipse.

As some good forces are entering this realm. So also we have some bad forces that would also enter this realm .

This forces either good and bad already have their destination or who to visits and that is why I said some coven would be filled up tonight because of this strange guest which they had .

This eclipse would cause an increase in power for magis , druids, magicians, politicians and all those involve in one or two spiritual dealings .

Though this power would not cut across board because it is going to be first come first serve or survival of the strongest.

Many coven are going to have a power contest tonight to select who would be giving the power . Someone has to be selected for this new and strange power .

On a final note, eclipse are a way by which the universe purge out some forces and at the same time create some new bond , forces for the greater good of man kind .

Those who are not in any coven or Initiation can just be on their kneel and beg the father of creation for mercy.

The son of OBATALA 

Saturday, April 6, 2024

Friends and clique - The downfall of many great man

Friends and clique - The downfall of many great man

Friends and clique - The downfall of many great man 

Many great Man have come and gone in the history of Mankind and they all have some things in common.


Friends and cabals are the reason and forces behind the fall of many great man who could have been greater.

I mean no disrespect but if igb*h* wasn't in any cabals of friends and clique,he would have achieved the unachievable.

He was probably betrayed by a friend, arrested by a friend, setup and charged by a friend.

And after some time was released by a friend .

Not everyone could read in between the lines , not everyone could understand the pressure.

Those who are friends are the same people he (igb*h*) tried to remove from power by his movement. If only he (igb*h*) succeeded, the cabals would have been downgraded to just boys and they don't want that.

I remember when Ad@ms Osh!0m0l€ was still Ad@ms, .fighting for the NLC like a saviour pro Max. We all knew what happened when he joined the Cabals..... 

Bros J of the christians was also betrayed by his dear friend Judas.

If you really want to retain your position and power both in the spirit realm and physical.

If you want to accomplished that which is impossible for anyone to do.

Then you need to stay away from friends and cliques.

Note: I mean no disrespect for any one whose name was used in this article ,it is just for citation and I thank you for your love.

The son of OBATALA.

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

What would people say about you?

What would people say about you?

What would people say about you?

It does matter what people would say about it and sometimes it doesn't matter .

But if people would say something about it, what do you think it would be?

That you slee with them and they don't have a choice but to run away?

That you have a good prediction but nothing works for them out of many spirituality that you have done for them.

That you don't have disciplined?

That you too like money?
Don't be a slave to Money as a Babalawo / Alfa / Pastor

Don't be a slave to Money as a Babalawo / Alfa / Pastor

Don't be a slave to Money as a Babalawo / Alfa / Pastor 

You heard me right , many of you babalawo, alfa , imaam and pastors are slave to Money .

We are so self centered that we don't care about anyone or anything except ourself irrespective of the consequences of our actions on us or our children..

We just want to make the money at all cost.

Why are you bothered with money?

Why is money so important?

I guess not everyone can be like AJE NLA.

You would definitely get the money and money would look for you, you just have to remain pure and be focused.

Let your work and discipline speak for you but it can't speak for you because you don't have any.

You don't have discipline, you don't have specialty in what you do. You do all works in as much as it would fetch you some cash 

Monday, April 1, 2024

Most Babalawo can identify your problem but can't tell you solutions

Most Babalawo can identify your problem but can't tell you solutions

Most Babalawo can identify your problem but can't tell you solutions

I know this topic would sprout out a big confusion and even make some enemies but it is good. In as much as it is making more enemies I have no worry .

There are types of IFA and Babalawo

There are some IFA that sees all the heaven and earth with nothing hiding from them

We have some IFA that only see what is happening on earth alone.

We also have some IFA that doesn't see anything at all.

Why did I say all this?

They are only using eye opener or something that would help them to see part of people's problem .

They have olugbohun (animal horn enhancer) which they used to put authority in what they do.

Once you visit a babalawo and you see olugbohun, just run because they don't have any power whatsoever.

They would tell you your problem which would be very close to being accurate but when you pay them for the solution, the problem would not be solved.

This kind of Babalawo has a lot of charisma and they can they can sweet mouth, they can scare the hell out of you .

They would say there is danger if you don't do this in 7 days or else....

When does IFA tell us to scare people ?

Or create fear in people so that they can quickly come back and do what we ask them to do.

A lot of people have acquired problem from a fake babalawo using olugbohun to force things into reality in their life after making consultation for them. Thereby telling them of a danger coming if they don't do what he says .

We know there is consequences to everything, if you do IFA consultation and you didn't do what IFA says . 

IFA foretell coming events and how to prevent it and it is left for you to decide if you want to prevented or you want such event to happen . 

This are the consequences. Not any babalawo telling you or giving you 7days ultimatum or telling you something bad would happen. 

Any babalawo that is using olugbohun is not a babalawo. They are just a hungry nigga looking for what to eat .

I rest my case on this and I want to sip my Juice .
Power Test

Power Test

Power Test

For every power you acquire, you would be tested.

Sometimes the test is a very elaborate one and sometimes it is a simple test.

You can be tested in your dream, you can be tested via your close family, you can be tested by a stranger and you can be tested by anything and anyone.

The reason for this test is to confirm if you are ready for such power and to know how you would behave or use such power once it gets to you.

Those who are not having a good mine and intentions always failed this test.

These are the same people you see up and down with many rituals to have power and at the end of it, they have one member of their family to always paid the price .

I am AJE NLA, there is no shortcut to power and those shortcut come with their prices.

Friday, March 29, 2024

The stone and it's secrets

The stone and it's secrets

The stone and it's secrets

Every rock has a spirit and what it represent 

Not everyone believe in what I say because they are yet to experience it and because they are not pure of heart or due to other reasons .

Many don't know that rock is an important part of Life that carries the DNA of many relations and families .

In the olden days , some great men turned themselves to Rock for them to save their family, clan and villages from war and many other disasters .

Go and check the history of many villages with rocks , you would understand that rocks are more than just rocks , they are history .

You can't deny this fact that the bible talk about rock and the christians think Bros J is the Rock of Salvation. No wonder they all loved to go on top of a rock to pray .

The Muslims also speak of rocks and in kabba there is rock .

I was urinating on a rock when it speaks , I have to look for a way to beg the rock and I move on.

People would think am running mental cos of this expression of the rock speaking to me but I am in a good mental state of health.

The facts that they have polluted with mind with the love of money, they all wanted to be rich with good cars and houses.

The fact that they want to enjoy their life when in the real sense they don't know how to enjoy.

I would drop an article on how to enjoy life to its fullest cos I am enjoying my life .

The rock plays a major roles in faith and religion but many still don't know it's significant.

If you go to Jerusalem or where do the christians go to? You would see them praying to a rock . A rock representing one family which is not in any way relating to your family yet you go and pray to another man's ancestors .

I would still explore more and talk on this issue of rocks and his belief but first let me relax on this .

The son of OBATALA 
what is good about this Friday?

what is good about this Friday?

What is good about this Friday?

We tell more lies to ourselves

We believe that Traditional worshipper are evil and you believe that The biblical God is so powerful.

We believe that today Some dies for your sin and yet you make no progress in Life .

Yet we live in a hard country facing extra hardship 

We believe that we would go somewhere peaceful after we die 

Nothing is actually good about this Friday .

Making more enemies yet we pray and nothing happened.

Just a bunch of scams they used to brainwashed us from becoming what we are destined to be

Thursday, March 28, 2024

How can a child’s destiny be determined?

How can a child’s destiny be determined?

How can a child’s destiny be determined?

Your destiny can be determined or known when you do AKOSEJAYE.

This is done at early years of a child's life , most especially during the naming ceremony or before or after .

Most parents stop checking this because of some bad belle people who may be present at the child's naming or during the akosejaye rituals.

AKOSEJAYE is not bad because the necessary sacrifice to avert many things would have been done and the child in question would have been fortified from birth.

When I had my children, it was OBATALA and ORUNMILA along other ORISA that were there for the AKOSEJAYE.

I remember my family ORISA AGBODERE was there with us for some days . Not everyone could see them and not everyone is allowed in that room where the child was.

I can never forget the impact and the contribution of each ORISA in my life 

Should I talk about when I took my wife for delivery, the doctors check and said the baby is still far after checking with their fingers. So they left Yet the pain was so much on my wife . 

Should I remind you that OSUN was there to ease the pain in the labor room, in 15minutes the baby's head was outside and the doctors were nowhere to be found.

When I talk about this ORISA people think I am just bluffing even Babalawo doubt my words but I know what I saw, I know my relationship with each ORISA and I know I am not bluffing.

You are doing yourself more evil by neglecting this Tradition and rituals .

You can't deny that you are struggling and suffering.

The truth 
The son of OBATALA 

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

The truth is always misunderstood

The truth is always misunderstood

The truth is always misunderstood

When you speak the truth people would think that it is because you are hungry that is why you are saying what you are saying.

They think you deliberately want to spoilt market for some other people .

But it is not.

When I started this blog , I speak nothing but the truth even though I wasn't a babalawo as at that time.

Pastors and the rest called me for advice, knowledge and I never resist anyone. I have nothing to hide .

I cannot remember how many times I was taken to the river of wisdom in the spiritual realm to drink.

So sometimes it is the breeze that blew that carry knowledge from other realms, sometimes it is the bird that would bring the knowledge, sometimes it is a spirit and sometimes nobody was sent and I have to be there to investigate things myself.

I know I have a lot of enemies but I don't think I have made enough enemies cos I think I need more enemies.

It is a deliberate act that I make a lot of enemies because I want people to pay for their stupid acts and uncultured behavior.

It is a deliberate act that I am shaking everyone's believe about IFA and everything about it because I know some people in their stupid behavior would fall for this bait .

They think they are all powerful but they are not. You have been making incision on your body but I doubt if those incisions have reach a million incision on you. Do you have a million incision on you? I doubt not.

I have decided not to be a burden on my clients by ignoring them and only replying when they talk because I am not a burden and at the same time I can't pray for anything evil to happen to them just because I want to collect money. No .

I can't answer everyone because I have rules and many can't stand those rules .

I can't answer everyone because I have my discipline in this spirituality. I don't jump at all what people want and I don't dance to anyone's tune. E.g Some ladies call me to give them soap for clients , I don't do such .

In short I specify on what I do not because I don't know other but I have choosen not to do them.

e.g people wanting to make money without having anything they actually do for a living.

The main purpose of my website was to correct some misunderstanding about IFA and the way people see it or practice.

It is not because I am making advert or hungry.

Just to give you what you don't know actually existed.

The truth can't be changed.

My Journey so far as AJE NLA

My Journey so far as AJE NLA

My Journey so far as AJE NLA 

I have tried in my own way to enter the spiritual realm, I have try to take some mushrooms, LSD etc to have a glimpse of the spiritual realm as it was discussed in some books and ancient text.

But there is no back door into the spiritual realm , you can enter it forcefully and this is called astral projection because you project yourself in there.

While at some point you have one experience or the other and this experience has been hunting you, this is called astral travel.

I know the difference between astral projection and astral travel.

Many who delve into this don't know the difference.

They just read books and lots of books and yet they are not going anywhere.

They don't know that no one can enter anywhere without Initiation 

Out of many ,I can only remember this few list .

This are the few people have read about or books I can remember out of many.

The book of assamaian, 
about Albrecht Durer, 
mystic Christianity, about Ptolemy, 
Hermes Trismegistus, 
Hindu vendatic scripture, 
Bhagavad Gita, 
The complete Zohar,
 symbolism of Melencolia I, 
soduku for geniuses, 
John Milton paradise lost, 
The book of Moloch , 
Pandora Box,
The ancient text De occulta pholosophia , 
Celtic druids, 
the Jeffersonian Bible, 
gnostic gospel of Mary, 
mind of the world by Plato, 
carl Jung
Book of Jasher, 
book of numbers, 
Runes and it's Magic, 

And many more 

I have found a beautiful religion some years ago that teaches philosophy, mystics , religion, truth and everything but I found myself entangled in between Tradition when my childhood egbe orun came back into my Life after years of separation and I have to make a choice .

I chose Tradition and it has choosen me.

That is how I found myself here.

I can't be anything today if not for my Egbe Orun, they came looking for me when they think it is time for me to start my spiritual journey.

My Egbe Orun make sure they stand firm with me, cleanse me up, link me up with the ORISA and the other world.  Infact I owe it all to them.

This is why I wrote that egbe orun is the first heaven and your point of contact with other spiritual realm. But it is so shameful that those who are doing egbe orun initiation today doesn't have the power to link up the Initiate.

To me Initiation is an energy link up, a spiritual marriage between two and more forces .

I have been struggling for years now and it is now that the world is hearing about AJE NLA.

They think I don't know anything and I don't care, I have tried all book , tried all religion but I found myself here.

No one is in a power tussle with anyone.

Whether IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO are the smallest of power or not, nobody dares play with fire when it comes to them.

All I know is that no matter what cult you belong to, be it RF, Aboriginal etc. You dare not talk about it neither can you give details on what happened, how you enter their realm and the rest.

Talking about cult groups, I can say with my mouth open that they have nothing to offer to anyone. They just use you and dump you.

This cults or whatever doesn't identify talents, they sat down doing nothing and you walk to them for help and they saw your talents and manipulate it.

If this cult groups are so powerful, they should have identify me when I was in pit or gutter but lo and behold they are blind to see the choosen one because they have nothing to offer and they are all after the wealth of the world that won't take you anywhere .

Ever since you join this cult, how many spiritual experience have you had? 

If not for the bloody rituals and the driving of big cars, what have you achieved?

Are you truly at peace?

I was haunted by my childhood memories of what I saw. It has been my guide since to look for it and religion didn't give it to me.

I have read a lot of book before and  I stop reading books written by man because books by man are half knowledge, half baked. It contain 50% false information and knowledge that won't solve anything . So I stop reading book and read scrolls from deep down the ocean which contains more information.

I have not gotten to where I was destined to be or where I intended to be but I have a conviction that am on the right path.

ORISA don't like people who don't know their left from their rights, this is the case of many ISESE people because they do ISESE and still do other religion , they do ISESE but don't really believe in it, they do ISESE but don't have their own mind for making decisions. when in the actual sense, you are to be focus.

Orisa don't like people who doesn't read or not exposed to knowledge naturally.

Some Babalawo don't have exposure in the spirit realm or to the spirit realm and they are not making any effort sooner.

IFA has gone beyond throwing or casting of Opele etc. IFA is everything talking about philosophy, culture, mystics, and many more.

If my article found you offensive, go and fight with OBATALA if them born your father well.

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Congratulations to all Christians ,Rapture date have being announced

Congratulations to all Christians ,Rapture date have being announced

Congratulations to all Christians ,Rapture date have being announced.

Who went to heaven to get this information for all Christians ?

There is this news going over the internet about the rapture date.

Start buying white clothes 🏃

Start packing your bags for the beautiful journey.

The date for rapture is 

25th of April.


We traditional people would be left alone, at least we go manage the resources well.

Employment go dey for youths and all that is remaining

The Mystics of giving

The Mystics of giving

The Mystics of giving

Everyone loved to be given something for free but we don't want to give shi shi.

Who does that?

That mentality of people giving me while I don't give shi shi is called greed .

Life is all about give and take.

You want the blessings of the devine beings and spirits but you don't want to give to anyone.

Perhaps you are waiting for OLODUMARE to appear to you and said,I am OLODUMARE kindly give me something to eat.

This is the excuse giving by those who don't want to give, they are waiting for OLODUMARE to ask for them to give .

What you don't know is that this ORISA most often take a human form to tempt us, to see if we are really worthy of their blessings .

How would you differentiate an ORISA from non ORISA ? 

You just have to give generally to everyone and you might give to a supreme being or spirit in that process or manner and this beings would go in the spirit realm to give a report of how magnanimous you are.

I can't remember how many times Yeye OSUN has come in human form to seek my help, sometimes I failed and sometimes I pass .

She would still come and tell me, do you remember this day when a woman BLA BLA BLA. And I would smile .

Sometimes they don't come to ask for money, I remember one morning when the land was dry and a woman with a child come to ask if they can fetch water from our well.

The land is dry and we need water as we don't have much water in the well that time, I said no problem .

In fact, I got to know it was Osun after few months of doing it.

Some of you do the begging of the elders and you pay no respect to elders, in fact you don't give to elders . How would the begging of the elders work?

Many beggers are evil, there is no doubt about it but it shouldn't stop you from giving . This is why you should pray before giving to sanctified the money against other forces even if they want to use it for evil.

When we give, we buy ourself time, luxurious lifestyle and luxury in the spiritual realm which would speak for us as time goes on .

Some times giving buy us some grace in the spirit realm and the grace would speak for us in the future. 

The spiritual world is bounded by laws and only a very few people understand this laws .

In ancient Greek and Romans, they buried the dead with some coins because it is believe that the Gold coin would buy a better life for the dead in the afterlife .

The law of give and take would take it's effect . Some people called it trade by barter.

The spiritual law behind this knowledge is what give rise to currency and civilization.

You give money and you collect the goods .

In the spirit realm, you give and you don't ask for anything in return.

This is the perfect gift you can give and if you have been asking OLODUMARE for anything you need to stop it 

This goes for those who goes to church and ask their God for something when in actual sense they are not supposed to ask for anything.

When we talk about spirituality, you don't ask for anything in return and that is purity of minds .

You don't quote the law in front of those who made the law because they would also quotes their own law which might swallow the law you just quotes.

We all know that life is all about give and take but when you give, don't ask for anything in return and that would make you receive something greater than what you have giving .

That is the law.

My name is AJE NLA The son of OBATALA and this is the mystics of giving.

Saturday, March 23, 2024

No promise would ever failed you again after using this Soap

No promise would ever failed you again after using this Soap

No promise would ever failed you again after using this Soap.

Not yet activated, hence it can be snap.

Once it is activated, it can't be shared publicly.

Another trouble,you think after doing spiritual work you can start using it.


At that point it is ready but not yet activated for us.

You have to activate all spiritual work before sending it out.

Most people don't know this .

It's just like cooking half done.

Friday, March 22, 2024

Disgraceful list of Yoruba King that has knelt down before a Pastor or has allowed Pastor to sit on their throne

Disgraceful list of Yoruba King that has knelt down before a Pastor or has allowed Pastor to sit on their throne

Disgraceful list of Yoruba King that has knelt down before Pastor or has allowed Pastor to sit on their throne.

I don't want to talk much on this one.

This is a list of atrocities done by kings 

Oba Ghandi, the Sọnù of Ogbomoso knelt down publicly and even removed cap for Daddy-General Adeboye.

Alake of Egbaland knelt down publicly before Bishops of Anglican Church in Abeokuta.

Oba Olùgbọn of Orílé-Igbón and his Olori were both on their feet and stood up throughout the period Adeboye sat on his Royal chair.

The Kábíyèsí of Ifewara was seen rolling on the ground for a gospel artist. The same man and his Olori earlier knelt before an even junior Pastor in redeem church.

We have seen many Kábíyèsí removing the caps in their heads in public.

Ọba Olúwo publicly declared that he was above the ÒRÌSÀS of Yoruba land.

Olofa of Offa openly ridiculed our indigenous belief system.

Oba Olówó Eko said he is a Bini man.

Oba Osile Òkè-ọnà says he is an Evangelist and therefore organizes crusade where they do " Tèsùmọ́lè"

Awùjalè Ijebu-land, Ògbágbá II had to write book where he said Yoruba taboos were over rated and that he had breached many of them without consequences. The same man said his ancestors were from Waddai in Sudan.

To cap it, Oòni Ojaja II led about 200 OBAS to do songs and dance for Adeboye at his business center after which they invested him the title of "Spiritual Father"

He became Spiritual Daddy over Ooni Òrìsà ILÉ-IFÈ!!!!

Olódùmarè sàánú o.

OONI of ife allowed Pastor Adeboye sat on his throne some years back.

There have been so many atrocious and abominable scenes after this one in the photo so we don't know whether to forgive this as a small matter or not.

And many of these atrocious conducts are from very prominent Ọbas so you can imagine what is happening at the lower levels of junior Ọbas of smaller kingdoms!!!!

© Adedamola Adetayo
         21 March 2024

Edited by AJE NLA