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The eclipse bring gift to the worthy

The eclipse bring gift to the worthy 

I said yesterday that the eclipse opened portals for some spirits and ORISA to flow through into this realm .

I remembered I said this spirits would visits a lot of people including the good and the bad without to create a balance in the world.

This spirit would give you more Insight to what you do be it good or evil.

The good and purest of heart receives it's blessing and the darkest of heart receives theirs , the balance of nature must be maintained.

Good or bad,they are never fighting against each other but to complement each other to create a universal balance in the world .

Only fools would continue to pray for evil or good because they are not fighting each other 

Their criteria is what I don't know but I think I have received mine.

I think the eclipse really had it effects on me AJE NLA.

I have never read anything about the moon before and I was always focus on IFA and OBATALA while following the strict guidelines of OLOKUN.

I posted about the seven sisters of the moon and some other article schedule for posting the following day that emphasizes more knowledge about the moon.

I browse through Google just now to see if my article was ranking then I saw a lot of books on the sisters of the moon which I wasn't aware or read before.

I think the eclipse is a blessing on my side cos I can see the moon right from my mind As if I was there.

OLODUMARE thank you for this new gift you have bestowed on the son of OBATALA 

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