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Monday, May 20, 2024

Different between Sara and Sacrifice

Different between Sara and Sacrifice

Different between Sara and Sacrifice 

There is lot of differences between this two things but people don't know the difference.

Sara is done for many purposes few of which are to buy time or seek help or to seek favor from higher beings and spirits .

Some times after prayer or spiritual work, you are told to do Sara (give to the poor and needy) to gain favour of spiritual beings and ORISA which would enable the spiritual work to do it's thing faster or smoothly.

We do Sara to buy time from our egbe orun because that is what most people do, they buy biscuits, sweets and share to people . They may decide to share other things and buy other things for people .

There are times we do Sara for our loved ones who are in another world or land of the death for us in the land of the living to have a good life , we give them food in form of Sara and they give us their blessings which make things right for us. We do this to gain favour of our lost ones and to make way for us .

Sacrifice on the other hand is what we do out of necessity whether we like it or not but we just have to do it.

AS a parents you have to take care of your child till they reach certain age whether you like it or not.

Sacrifice can be in form of anything, something you do because you believe in the course of that thing .

If we are to look at sacrifice from the perspective of ISESE, sacrifice is what you do that clear those roads for you. It can be in any form .

Sara in most times as to do with you dealing with your fellow humans in order to gain the favor of spiritual beings or spirit while sacrifice has to do with you and the spirit being directly.

For example you carry sacrifices to a junction etc.

There is a thin line between sacrifice and Sara but the line is still visible .

Some wicked people would give sacrifice for their fellow humans to eat and those humans become a living dead. They are used while living but the are dead. Just living .

That is why you have to be careful of what you eat and which party you went or else you become the sacrifice for whatever it is .

This article may be subjected to argument..

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Clarity differences between money rituals and Oshole

Clarity differences between money rituals and Oshole

Clarity differences between money rituals and Oshole

After a careful consideration between oshole and money rituals, AJE NLA have decided to drop a peep into what oshole means and it's differences with money rituals.

Oshole in those days involved using herbs and animals to enhance business and lifestyle in a little way that has no effects or cause imbalance in the universe.

While oshole this days doesn't really care about universal balance, they just want to take it all .

Oshole this days uses small part of human beings with other herbs and they eat or used as soap for bathing .

Whereas money rituals take and uses a whole human being for money .

A whole human being can be killed for money rituals or used alive for money rituals. The person used alive would be sick with all sort of sickness,  the person used would be going from sickness to sickness , the person being used would be seeing cockroaches / flies  in their dream, the person being used would be seeing coffin in their dream or dream that someone died when in the real sense they are the one that is going to die. Sometimes they feel as if they are followed, when they sleep they are bitten by ants, when they sit down all sort of creatures walk on them and many more.

People that did oshole this days either die young because of the imbalance they have caused or they become useless after some time because they have already fast forward everything and they have used it all finished along with the imbalance they have caused.

People that did money rituals too don't live long because they have defiled natural law and order and nature doesn't take this for granted .

If you found this article useful kindly share it with your loved ones across all platforms .

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

If you found this article anywhere without proper reference to AJE NLA, just know that it was stolen .

Please let is respect originality and put an end to spiritual copyright except if we are looking for future trouble occurrence which waits for us.

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

What is Alfa doing with oshole, is it in the Quran?

What is Alfa doing with oshole, is it in the Quran?

What is Alfa doing with oshole, is it in the Quran?

Oshole is not what it used to be anymore and now it is a thing that belongs to Alfa .


It seems Alfa are the ones looking for quick money this day .

They can do oshole for people and they would not do it for themselves.

They would do oshole for you and would collect half of the money after the rituals ..

Secrets of how many Alfa gets money to ride big cars .

Alfa and Muslim clerics have a lots of oshole and all sorts of rituals with sacrifice that I asked if it is inside the Quran.

Can Alfa come outside and tell us which verse of the Quran talk about Oshole?

Please am answer would be most welcome.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA
The hidden law you need to understand before doing spiritual work

The hidden law you need to understand before doing spiritual work

The hidden law you need to understand before doing spiritual work 

People always asked me after consultation, AJE NLA is there anything we can do that is cheaper or anything to make doors open for now and when door open, we would do the necessary things .

They would say AJE NLA your price is very high and we can't afford it at the moment , do you have something cheaper for us.??

My answer or reply is always NO.

My reasons are not because I don't have what to give them but because of the following reasons .

1. No human being has the authority to interfere in another people's problem either physical or spiritual . The only FORCES or being that can interfere are the ORISA .

Hence I put feeding of ORISA first in all I do.
To allow the ORISA to interfere before I interfere.

After feeding of the ORISA , then the all the necessary spiritual work may then follow.

At least they have the ORISA to guide all other processes involved.

Breaking of this law is what is killing most pastors and prophets and they died earlier than normal . They think they have power to do and undo but they don't understand the hidden laws of the universe.

Breaking of this law may lead to untimely death, reversal of works back on your family.

This is when a babalawo or pastor do a spiritual work for someone and it bounce back on their children or family.

I think you can understand what am saying.

When this happens, the ORISA would always interfere and help the situations.

2. There is no shortcut to anything, my reputation is much more important. Let's do it according to law.

Am not used to doing sub standard work and sub standard is what people are looking for or should I say can afford .

At the end of the Day, they would say you are fake but they wouldn't say they can't afford the real thing.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA 

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Who are the three elders in three elders Prayer In white garment church?

Who are the three elders in three elders Prayer In white garment church?

Who are the three elders in three elders Prayer In white garment church?

If you have been following my post keenly, you would have read about 777 ( the ORISA on the 7th heaven and how it's power was used by white garment and other churches .. read about it via

You must have read about Using candles to win spiritual Battles ( and candle magic and the white garment church (

Also I have also written about the seventh heaven via , it's location and how white garment uses it's power.

Before I proceed I would like to remind you that AJE NLA has no power of any kind but I have OBATALA who is unequal, undefeated and has no equal.

Before you wage war at me AJE NLA remember that if you die your children would be an orphan.
But if you still want to fight me, please go ahead.

Na who want to kill me I dey find... Let's see who would die.

If you have been going to some white garment church's, there are some prayer point like prayers of the three elders.. 

Why are we mentioning the three elders?

Who are the three elders?

First of all the three elders are nothing more than IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO. Are you shocked? 

Don't be shocked .. The white garment church are always trying to pay tributes to IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO, no wonder the white people are filled with groups and sub groups of IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO.

I am not shocked at all, after reading all the articles above then you would agree with me that some church's are not so different from YORUBA Tradition simply because of the source of their power and their ways of doing things .

You have heard it from AJE NLA, the three elders are nothing but IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO.

Can they pray without the three elders Prayer?

I don't think that can ever happened in a white church.

It's Ok.
This article was not to cause rancho or fight but to tell the truth to that world and nothing more .

If the truth hurt your ego and feelings, please go and jump into a flowing river very close to you.

Before you go, read this article on Irapada (restoration) and how white garment pastors are killing themselves because of irapada (

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA