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Osoosi feeding Mode

Osoosi feeding Mode  This are the way osoosi is being fed. Some ORISA are fed kneeling down while some ORISA are fed while standing . Òsóòsi mode of feeding is that he is fed while standing

Osoosi Taboo

Osoosi Taboo Osoosi Taboo are what must not be used to feed him. This item must never be used to feed osoosi. The taboo are the following  Osoosi Taboos include:  Snake flesh,  Alligator and other reptiles. Thank you

Osoosi shrine and groove

Osoosi shrine and groove  For those of us that want to have osoosi shrine and groove, we can use the following items to set up your shrine. Your shrine must contain the following items if you are osoosi devotee and child Òsóòsi grove: it…

Osoosi feeding Materials

Osoosi feeding Materials  Every ORISA has their own way and technique of feeding them. Osoosi feeding Materials are what I would be listing below. Òsóòsi feeding materials are: • Kolanut with 3 valves Bitter kola,  water,  li…

Symbols of osoosi

Symbols of osoosi Every ORISA has a symbol, they have what we used to represent them in a simple diagram . Osoosi is not left behind with his own symbols. The symbols are there to help us associates with the ORISA . Òsóòsi symbols are:  …

Who is the ORISA for hunting ?

Who is the ORISA for hunting ? As we all knew , there is an ORISA for almost everyone and everything that was created. The name of the ORISA for hunting is called osoosi Osoosi help farmers in hunting animals and also help th…

Facts about Osoosi

Òsóòsi also known as Oxoosi by the Brazilians is one of the indigenous and prominent Orisa in Yoruba religion and he had facts that will interest you.  Below are 15 amazing facts about Òsóòsi. 1.: He was a great hunter who us…