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How ORUNMILA was born

How ORUNMILA was born

I know you are all eager, eager to know how ORUNMILA the father of IFA was born.

Unlike Jesus who was born from a virgin without having intimacy with any man, ORUNMILA's birth was different.

Unlike Mohammed who was born from a woman, ORUNMILA choose a different path to earth.

Unlike other religious figure who came to this world many many years after ORUNMILA, ORUNMILA wasn't born of any man or woman or from the intimacy of a man and a woman.

How then was ORUNMILA born.?

When ORUNMILA was sent from heaven, he passed through the most famous portals guided by OLOKUN the father of secrets.

I wouldn't want to go deeper into this or make a confusing statement for your mind to comprehend.

To make it simple,

ORUNMILA emerges out of water without being born of any man or woman.

He (ORUNMILA) walks out from the water.

ORUNMILA wasn't born neither do any woman carried his pregnancy. He (ORUNMILA) walks out of water passing through the portal through OLOKUN.

In those days when OLODUMARE sent people to this world, they were never born. Infact most of them are not born by mortals , they usually walks or emerges out of water.

In those days Omo Omi (water children, children of YEMOJA, OSUN, OLOKUN) are not always born like today, they usually walks out of water, mingle with people and settle down with a family usually a poor family so that they can turn their poverty to riches (wealth).

Today in this century, if you visit any hotel that is close to the beach or you visit the beach at a certain time of the day, you are likely going to be with people who are from the depth of the sea unknowingly for you except you have a third eye, that is only when you can recognize them.

Though the rules is far different from that of those days, so they (Omo Omi) who walks or emerges out of water to relax and party with people can't stay for a longer time beyond 24hours. Anyone that want to stay longer would have to look for a suitable woman to give birth to them.

If you found my article somehow, you can always consult your IFA for more clarity but I know you won't because you are not seeing anything, I know you won't because it's not written by your favorite authors.

I AJE NLA is not here for anyone but to speak what was spoken to me and has been confirmed before publishing.

On a final note, ORUNMILA AGBONIREGUN Baba IFA wasn't born. He emerges from water, knowing where he was sent to, goes straight to OBATALA's devotee to learn the ways of Man and from there started teaching what must be taught to mankind.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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