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OBATALA is the beginning and the End

OBATALA is the beginning and the End

I know what you are thinking, let me set this straight.

OBATALA is the Father of Creation, the first and only ORISA created by OLODUMARE and giving the task to create other . This make him the first in everything.

As a man only OBATALA knows when you are going to die, this make him the end of all life.

The beginning and the end.

If you found yourself with spiritual problems, OBATALA would make sure to direct you till you get to where you would see solutions.

Even if OBATALA is the ORISA of your head, you would still have to pass through other ORISA before you gets to him. The end of all ORISA.

OBATALA you are too good sir.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA 

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