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Can Babalawo advertise themselves ????

Can a Babalawo advertise themselves?

AJE NLA the son of OBATALA has come again with his mind blowing articles.

Today's article would not be different from insight and wisdom as it is my duty to dish it out for everyone to learn.

Sit down and learn what you don't know before now .

I argue and disagree with this bible verse that command the christians to go into the world and preach the gospel..

Everyone understands the importance of marketing. That verse or chapter of the bible is nothing more than marketing.

I asked, since all the years that the christians have been busy doing revivals, evangelism, have they succeeded in converting everyone into their religion? No.

The more evangelism the more money for pastor.

In the Qur'an and Bible, there is a clause that said No one would enter heaven without their religion.

Those who has been dead before the birth of their religion, where would they go?

Let us continue on our purpose of this article...

In the days of ORUNMILA, he wasn't sitting down in his house waiting for people to come with their problem.

ORUNMILA was always on the move from one town to another depending on how he was led by OLODUMARE.

Those who already knew him for his work, or ORUNMILA has helped or ORUNMILA was sent to before.

These people always go to his house anytime they had another problem that needed solutions.

Now I asked, if OLODUMARE didn't sent ORUNMILA to those villages and people, would they looked for ORUNMILA for the solution to their problem if they have another problem?

If ORUNMILA didn't move from places to places, how would IFA travels to other places and part of the worlds?

The truth is that Babalawo are not supposed to be in one place , sitting down like a Jobless Man.

Babalawo are supposed to go outside to help people and not wait for people to come to them with their problem.

This days , Babalawo are as lazy as a slot.

Babalawo these days don't have any power or gotten any special power from ORUNMILA that enables them to go to people's house to solve their problems or for babalawo to move from one village to another helping people .

No power from above shows them people's problem or direct them to people with problem.

In those days Babalawo has this power that enables them to know who they would visit or which town they must go to. This power from OLODUMARE directs and lead babalawo to where they must go. Today Babalawo are just Baba . 

It is those who you have help that would come back if they had a problem or issues. Those who you have helped would come looking for you .

Imagine as a new babalawo, you sat in your house with your leg crossed on your bed. Tell me how would people come to you?

 Na juju?

I guess this is why babalawo are so much in a dubious act, they have all kind of power to draw people to them by force by fire.

ORUNMILA didn't use force or any kind of forcefulness on people. It was an act of love and kindness that ORUNMILA uses to conquer the world.

ORUNMILA wasn't lazy like many babalawo of today. He was hard working.

He had a woman who is always at home to solve people's problem anytime ORUNMILA is not around . Her name is OSUN 

Tell me the truth, you has a babalawo have you been lead by ORUNMILA to go somewhere and helped them ?

The spirit of ORUNMILA, IFA and ELA is not with my Babalawo. No spirit is with many, they are just good in doing soapy and more soapy like naira Marley.


Has ORUNMILA ever told you to travel to another place before to helped the people in a village or community or state before? Where you would spend your own hard earned money and come back without anyone giving you anything..

Let us Thank OSUN who has never relent on her work and the way she does her thing. You can't enter a street without seeing OSUN priestess..

Babalawo are not doing their Jobs anymore , just chasing after Yahoo boys up and down for ghost soap and clients tie .

The world has changed from what it is known to be, we have technology and with technology we can share more insights and thought on IFA to the world, yet many people see Babalawo that does that as scam. 

They claimed babalawo must not do evangelism or advertise his work, But Anytime a new church is created, the first thing they do is to evangelize to the people of that area telling them they are opens for business ,and then people would try and patronize them and of course if the pastor is having the gift of sights the church would be flooded with goats and all sort of animals .

Go out and do what ORUNMILA sent you to do.

On a final note, nobody would know you as a babalawo if you just sit down and sleep waiting for people to come with their problems.

I remained AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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