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When you tell people the solution to their problem and they didn't do it - why are you bothered?

When you tell people the solution to their problem and they didn't do it - why are you bothered?

Most people think I am super rich role wealthy rich because of the way I talk but it is not but I am thankful to OBATALA' and the ORISA.

I am contended whenever I have and when I don't have. 

I have met someone online that says he want to enquire about a society which I did,I told him what I find out and do you know what, he disagree with me saying all sort of things . He said all the babalawo in his country said something different from what I say.

I just locked up and move on, few days later he came back to say he had a vision and in that vision he saw something relating to what I say. He apologize BLA BLA 

I have already moved on and I told him, the choice is yours to make .

I have made consultation for a lot of people who were shocked at what I say, what I say mostly is often different from what they have been told in other places ..

But do I care? No I don't care .

It's your life and it's your decision to make.

The truth is always different from a million other lies and the truth is always scarce to see or find.

You would tell people they are in this egbe orun, they would deny and said , other Babalawo says this and that, why is your own different??

If you are a babalawo told your client to do something and they didn't do it, must you be worried about them?

No.. You don't have to worry at all.

It's just that You have seen those clients as your ATM or money withdrawal scheme and their money goes a long way in solving your basic needs or something.

As a legit son of OBATALA, it is impossible to go broke or out of clients.

As the king of all IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO, it's never possible to run out of clients .

As the AJE NLA of all Spiritual realm, AJE OLOKUN and all other ORISA AJE are always at my back so I can never go broke.

As the heartbeat of all the ORISA, I can't run out of customers wherever I am.

There are some things more important than money, when you get there you would know 

I always follow the laws of not interfering, not holding or pressing pressure on people, ...

Just a follower of laws and rules .

The son of OBATALA 

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