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Monday, May 20, 2024

Which Tribe and Religion owns AJE?

Which Tribe and Religion owns AJE?

Which Tribe and Religion owns AJE?

Everybody hate the truth but it would not stop us from speaking the truth.

In Africa they don't like Tradition but in the diaspora, they love African Tradition more than Africans such that Africans that found themselves in the diaspora cried and which they had known, Africans in diaspora wished they had embraced their own culture while they are in Africa.

Africans hate other African ORISA but they loved AJE.

Africans go to church and mosques to pray to AJE for wealth and prosperity in their business and many things they do.

Some do all sort of things and spiritual works to enhance their business, they go to church to collect spiritual work for blessings.

They go to mosques to collect OnTu and other spiritual work for blessing 

To them AJE is the only good ORISA because they see other ORISA has being bad.

So I asked which religion, tribe or country owns AJE?

AJE is an ORISA from Yoruba pantheon religious cosmology that deal with wealth and prosperity.

AJE is one of the daughters of OLOKUN because OLOKUN is a great ORISA with many sons and daughters, we can't limit or looks down on OLOKUN and said AJE is the only daughter of OLOKUN. Nah, OLOKUN has many daughters and sons but AJE is the most famous.

If AJE is the daughter of OLOKUN and OLOKUN is an ORISA known by or known for or known with the Yoruba people.

Why do we see AJE has a good ORISA and we see other ORISA has a bad ORISA ?

The answer is simple, white man supremacy and oyinbo Kolo mentality .

If you are one of those that thinks ORISA are bad and the white man ORISA who they called God or Allah is the good ORISA, then you are under the influence of the white man , you are a slave to the white Man.

The white man did a movie to honour OLOKUN by doing Wakanda forever in his honour.

The white man honoured OSUN and YEMOJA by doing films like sirens 

The white man honour SANGO by doing Thor

They honoured IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO by doing a lots of films that involves magic, witches.. 

Beyonce pays tribute to ORISA OSUN 

If our ORISA are wicked as you have been made to believe, why is the white man doing movies to honour them? 

I asked again, who is more holy? Or wicked?

Many white men are falling and coming to Africa to learn about Yoruba tradition and ORISA ways of Life . 

Visit OSUN shrines and other temples , you would see a lot of white people learning IFA and ORISA ways ..

As am writing this article ,a white man is here with me to learn about OBATALA and OSUN.

I asked again who owns AJE? 

Which tribe and religion does AJE belongs to?

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

If you find this article useful, kindly share it all over the world in support of Yoruba Tradition and ISESE.

How old is ORISA AJE?

How old is ORISA AJE?

How old is ORISA AJE?

It's another beautiful Monday today and we all know that Monday is always referred to as AJE's Day (OJO AJE).

The question begging for answer is how old is ORISA AJE

Can you guess the age of age or can you think of when AJE was born or when AJE came into existence.

No one can tell the age of AJE because she has been with mankind centuries after centuries before the invention of currency when the world was still using trade by barter.

Everyone knows one AJE but there are many other AJE. This particular topics about other AJE has sprouts a lot of argument among ISESE practitioners across the globe.

If you look closely, the way different people feed their AJE differs from the other. This is a proof enough that AJE is not just one but the most popular AJE is AJE OLOKUN.

Today unlike any other Monday is the day of AJE.

I prayed that AJE would locate your business and customers would come from all conners of the world to patronize your business in the name of OBATALA.

Kindly say ASE to that prayer ..

The son of OBATALA

Friday, May 3, 2024

How many ORISA AJE do we have?

How many ORISA AJE do we have?

How many ORISA AJE do we have? 

We. Have More than 200 ORISA AJE

When I wrote and said there are more than 200 ORISA AJE, many people want to fight me but they can't because if they do, it would have been their own demise.

I am not ABIDO SHAKER but believe me I have seen death and I know the father of all creation, they called him OBATALA.

You can't hear the truth anywhere except from me AJE NLA because I know the pain and torture that awaits me if I tell lies or do what is wrong.

You guys don't know the cost of telling the truth because telling the truth is cheaper for me and it save my neck from the dangerous dealing and correction from the ORISA .

So I said again, No one can tell you the truth except AJE NLA. I feared the OLODUMARE's judgement than anything else in the world .

I have said it times without number, many people can't tell the difference between AJE OLOKUN and other ORISA AJE.

I once said that AJE OLOKUN doesn't eat ekuru but they see me as enemy and I loved making enemy.

I already have two out of 200 ORISA AJE, I know it's a long way but the journey of 200 ORISA AJE started with AJE OLOKUN.

AJE OLOKUN doesn't eat EKURU and eggs.. 

There are other AJE that does eat those but don't confuse it together.

You can argue all you want, what do you know? 

Reading books and waiting to get information from a book.

Do you know that some ORISA doesn't like me talking about them in public ?

Just like the other ORISA AJE I posted some days ago, I had to delete the post because the ORISA doesn't want it.

I remain AJE NLA
The only son of OBATALA

Monday, April 22, 2024

Can AJE OLOKUN fight ?

Can AJE OLOKUN fight ?

Can AJE OLOKUN fight ?

We have been made to believe that AJE OLOKUN doesn't fights or go to war.

Every ORISA has their own way of fighting and war, AJE is not an exception.

Those who are beaten by AJE OLOKUN are always in abject poverty .

If AJE OLOKUN is fighting you, you would know 

If AJE OLOKUN is angry at you , you don't need to be told because you would know.

Sometimes in the times of war , AJE OLOKUN would also goto war side by side with her beloveth followers to strike against their enemy...

She (AJE OLOKUN) crumbles their business and source of income till they come and beg , till they pay tributes.

Nobody wages a war against AJE and win.

AJE's war is always prevented because if it's not prevented, it can cause a lot of damages.

Many in this country are living in poverty, they are still praying to their foreign oyinbo God for money.

When the money is not coming , they blame the government for bad economy.

Is it not in this bad economy that some people are building houses?

Is it not in the bad economy that someone said Money na water..

Money na water indeed because wealth came from Water .

Wealth is from the depth of the might ocean.

Money is attributed to OLOKUN the father of all wealth.

I think a word is enough for the wise ...

Are you one of the wise men and women in Nigeria? 

I remained AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA
Who owns Monday ?

Who owns Monday ?

Who owns Monday ?

Everyone believe Monday is for AJE OLOKUN and AJE only.

But is this true?

Well, if you have a better answer kindly drop it in the comment .

Today is Monday and we are feeding ORISA AJE OLOKUN to boost her business, bring customers, and for us to make more money legitimately.

Do you know that AJE has her way of dealing with people?

No one want be be beaten by AJE. 

Let us feed ORISA AJE OLOKUN for you so that your business would boom..

Monday, April 8, 2024

If you have ever wash your cloth with money inside, you have committed an offense against AJE

If you have ever wash your cloth with money inside, you have committed an offense against AJE

If you have ever wash your cloth with money inside, you have committed an offense against AJE

Little things count and matters a lot.

There are some things we do unknowingly or just because we don't know the consequences of such action.

Do you know that to wash cloth with money inside is one of the reason why you are always broke?

This actions get AJE OLOKUN angry , while some people don't have any money yet you are washing your clothes with money inside the pocket 

Those who do this are in one way or the other always short of money..

To rectify this issue, you first need to always check your pocket before washing to be sure that there is no money left in this pockets .

Secondly is to look for a legit AJE and feed.

Feeding of AJE OLOKUN would restore those goood times of your life and also make AJE to forgive you of all those wrong doings.

The son of OBATALA

Saturday, April 6, 2024

AJE NLA and his ORISA family

AJE NLA and his ORISA family

AJE NLA and his ORISA family.

All this ORISA have been carefully selected by ORISA NLA, OBATALA the father of creation.

OBATALA the creator , created so many vast realm undiscovered by man yet occupied by living creatures.

OBATALA is the authority without which nothing happened.

I cannot forget the role of OLOKUN,my Godfather.

The ORISA that put my under his wing and trained me to be who I was.

I remember yeye OSUN, my first point of contact.
I met her when I had nothing.

The key to other ORISA .

Her patience and words of advise got me going.

I cannot forget SANGO olukoso, who light the path  to any battle with his lightening. Causes rain of fire to fall on the battlefield.

His wife OYA is no exceptions for her kind support.

I can't forget Sanponna, the healer of all sickness and bringer of justice to the evil doers who bewitch people with sickness.

I can't ignore the big birds in the sky and ocean. IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO. They bring clients and make sure I never go broke .

ORISA ONIMERE has been supportive in dreams and job creation .

ORISA EGBE for all Egbe in their millions ..they love to see me grow and successful.

Orisa OLUBORI,  a giant female dominating force and ORISA that always have a simple solution to most problem

Orisa AGBODERE, the family ORISA that never forget his own blood 

ORISA OKO, the lord of harvest and plenty which make sure I never run out of food.

OSUMARE the ORISA for season , weather and climate. Always making sure I have a good weather at all time. I don't have any bad day , thanks to OSUMARE.

ORISA AGEMO, the ORISA for plenty. She makes sure I have enough.

Elegba, the father of ESU... He told me to remain focus and worried less about anyone, he got my back so no one dares do evil.

ORISA KUDETI, the bringer of death on those who wish me death. He makes sure that I never die young or before my time because he owns the key to the underworld,he is death .

ORISA OGUN,he clears the path and make sure my way is clean and free of obstacles.

ESU ORITA,he is always waiting for me each time I go to T junction to throw things , he is more than supportive.

ORISA ORIMADE , he make sure I remain pure and not stained . He keep my bloodline purest and undiluted because I am royalty. He fought those who fight against me.

ORISA ORIKI makes sure that all my ORISA and friends are well praised from time to time .

And many millions more....

This are the few I can remember as at this evening when I wrote this...

I couldn't have been where I am without them,I can't be AJE NLA without this ORISA.

They powered my name, they fueled my mind and they are my business associates.

I remained the son of OBATALA 

Tuesday, April 2, 2024




This is a post that has been on my mind for some time now.

OSUN is IRUNMOLE, the salt of the world. Without OSUN no one is going anywhere in this world or next and the world beyond .

Those who don't know about OSUN only attributed her to pleasure . She is mightier than the mightiest.

The reason for this topic was to try and look from another perspective, the personality of this two great ORISA.

OSUN is an irresistible woman such that any man that set his eyes on her would abandoned everything in his life and follow her.

While AJE on the other hand is very calm and quiet.

Every human that come in contact with AJE want to kidnap her and add her to whatever he already has .

They don't mind tearing AJE into pieces, in as much as they could have just a small piece of her. 

That is human being for you, always self centered.

AJE and OSUN has a lot of followers such that I can't say who has the largest follower.

Both young, old, boys and girls want AJE. They don't care what AJE wanted. They just want her at all cost.

While OSUN holds the key to everything.

AJE and OSUN are two forces anyone can't play with and their roles in our lives leave a long lasting effects .

The son of OBATALA 

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Dark secrets of AJE NLA

Dark secrets of AJE NLA

Dark secrets of AJE NLA

I don't have any secrets o because my cloth is clean and my wardrobe has no skeleton.

I just want to talk about the dark past of life.

Almost all Babalawo doesn't like AJE NLA because they think I am telling the truth and by doing that am blocking all the lies which they used to decieve people and eat.

If you guys have not been deceiving people, OBATALA would not have called me .

I am not a Jobless Man that see this as a source of survival, I get my Job .

I know a lot of people have carried a lot of sacrifice because they want me dead and yet am still standing .

I have decided to retaliate by locking anyone who try that shit again, I would lock your soul in the deepest part of the ocean such that you would be in coma in real Life, you would be in coma till eternity and if your family can no longer pay the hospital bill they would be advised to remove your life support system.

I remember that for years have been in the spirit realm as the friends of the ORISA and yet nothing happen, I leave a very bad life and I struggle a lot .

I remember I once told OLOKUN that they should all leave me alone since they can't change my Life for better.

They told me that they have done all they can for me to reverse my time that has been fast-forward.

Even though my time was reversed, yet it is not yet my time and there is nothing I can do.

I have fought my own battle and I won before I was giving the task to librate others .

Unlike other Babalawo who are yet to win their own battle of life. Get the embark on a spiritual journey of no return only for them to look for power where there is no power.

On a Final note, let everyone be.

You would get there .

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

A story to learn, Reason why AJE NLA is expensive

A story to learn, Reason why AJE NLA is expensive

A story to learn, Reason why AJE NLA is expensive

I know I am extra expensive

My IFA consultation is expensive

My feeding of the ORISA is expensive

Am I using price to chase people away?  No.

Then why am I expensive?

Because I am legit, I would tell you the truth and nothing else.

I never for once put myself in anyone's hand or use any power to forcefully collect something or anything.

I rely on OBATALA and other ORISA .

I didn't call myself they called me to do this.

I remember when all I have was my site and people called me for IFA consultation, I would gladly informed them that am not a babalawo.

I never knew they are testing my patience, loyalty and trust.

I remember I started my IFA divination with Obi. You can't imagine how many months I use ordinary obi for divination.

Still I never complained. When they noticed that it is time, they told me to choose between Opele and cowries and I make my choice following OBATALA and his cowries.

Since it is OBATALA that called me, since it is OBATALA that is my Father , since I learnt all this from my Godfather OLOKUN.

I can never forget I ask OBATALA and ORUNMILA, can I be collecting money from people any time I do IFA consultation?

I can never forget at first few months while using my Obi for consultation, I never collect any money from anyone . The people never care and I never ask.

I have seen a few if not a lot.

I know I am not perfect but I am trying my best to be the best 

I know what I have and I know what I am carrying.

I know the ancient ORISA and I practice the ancient ways .

I never have to worry if my price is high, the IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO always bring people and am always grateful.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA
The son of OLOKUN
The son of OSUN
AJE OLOKUN doesn't eat egg

AJE OLOKUN doesn't eat egg

AJE OLOKUN doesn't eat egg

I have been saying a lot of things about AJE OLOKUN since yesterday and here is another shock of the moment .

If they or someone or a babalawo claimed to feed AJE OLOKUN for you and the ingredients or the food they want to feed AJE OLOKUN include eggs.

Have it at the back of your mind that that is not AJE OLOKUN.

What they are feeding for you might be called AJE but it is not AJE OLOKUN.

AJE OLOKUN doesn't not eat egg 

Wise up and know the difference between real AJE OLOKUN and ordinary AJE 
AJE OLOKUN doesn't drink blood

AJE OLOKUN doesn't drink blood

AJE OLOKUN doesn't drink blood

I have seen many people, babalawo or whatever feed AJE OLOKUN with blood.

I even have a message from someone asking if he can put the blood inside the AJE OLOKUN calabash or beside the calabash or near the calabash.

The sender of the email claimed he doesn't know what to do because most video he saw online are involving people putting blood inside AJE OLOKUN.

Whatever the AJE is that you guys are putting blood is not AJE OLOKUN.

AJE OLOKUN doesn't eat blood.

You can't shed blood of any animal used in feeding ORISA AJE OLOKUN.

If you have been killing the animal and putting the blood of that animal inside the AJE calabash.

What you are feeding is not AJE OLOKUN.

I know AJE OLOKUN very well and I followed the ancient way of feeding AJE OLOKUN.

I remained AJE NLA.
The son of OBATALA 
Can someone feed ORISA AJE OLOKUN without Initiation?

Can someone feed ORISA AJE OLOKUN without Initiation?

Can someone feed ORISA AJE OLOKUN without Initiation?


You don't have to be initiated into AJE OLOKUN before you feed AJE OLOKUN.

As a matter of facts AJE OLOKUN is a quiet and thorough Initiation that shouldn't involve a lot of people like cats and dogs because of her simplicity and holiness.

Not everyone knows AJE OLOKUN to her core, she has her own way of dealing with people . Have you been dealt with before by AJE OLOKUN?

I guess you won't want to be dealt with.

AJE OLOKUN is very clean ORISA that has rules and principles , not everyone can meet up to her standard and that is why there are many AJE but not AJE OLOKUN.

Every one claim to have AJE but is it AJE OLOKUN?

You don't have to be initiated before they feed ORISA OSUN for you and as a matter of facts you don't have to be initiated before they feed any ORISA for you.

Monday, March 11, 2024

How can I redeem my AJE after have been used

How can I redeem my AJE after have been used

How can I redeem my AJE after have been used 

So many of us have been used and because we have been used there is nothing that we do that would prosper.

If you fall in this category,there is hope for you to redeem you AJE and everything about you would be back to normal .

To redeem yourself, you will do some ritual and feed some ORISA and finally you would have to feed ORISA AJE so as to restore all the lost AJE in your life.

Once you feed AJE your life would be back to normal 
AJE the currency of Life

AJE the currency of Life

AJE the currency of Life 

AJE is the force of life or a force that works with the force of Life.

Whether we agree or not We all have AJE in us and it is locked .

The number of AJE in us determine the number of years we are going to spent on earth and that is why I said AJE is the force of life in us or AJE work with the force of life in us.

This is the reason why when they use someone for ritual, the person might die in days or months later or even years later .

This is because the AJE force in such person is deplicted and used up .

There is nothing left for such person on earth again, so they would die.
Does ORISA AJE OLOKUN give long life ?

Does ORISA AJE OLOKUN give long life ?

Does ORISA AJE OLOKUN give long life ?

AJE OLOKUN does not reduce the number of years you have determined to spent on earth neither does AJE OLOKUN add to the number of years you would spent on earth.

AJE OLOKUN is not an ORISA for adding years to our years .

AJE OLOKUN is an ORISA for only one purpose and that purpose is to give health unmeasurable.




There are so many ORISA AJE and as matter of facts we have more than 200 ORISA AJE.

Some AJE live in the tree,some AJE live inside banana, some AJE live inside the earth and some AJE live inside water.

AJE OLOKUN is the only AJE the produces AJE and other ORISA AJE always beg and subscribe to AJE OLOKUN for their own AJE.

What makes AJE OLOKUN different from other ORISA AJE is because AJE OLOKUN doesn't require anything in return after feeding of ORISA AJE OLOKUN.

AJE OLOKUN doesn't ask for commitment or do convenant with you or ask for something in return if you feed her .

AJE OLOKUN is the real AJE while others are just AJE.

AJE OLOKUN doesn't eat egg and as a matter of facts she detest the word egg.

Those who add egg to the food which they give AJE knows in their mind that their AJE is not AJE OLOKUN.

OLOKUN has been my mentor and a godfather for years and he has introduced me to AJE OLOKUN.

So I know AJE OLOKUN very much and there Is no day in my life that she doesn't visit me,if she doesn't come and I would go to her.

We are family and we talk at length.

AJE OLOKUN is very scarce and every one who claimed to have AJE cannot swear on OBATALA that the AJE they have is AJE OLOKUN.

I remain AJE NLA.
Remained blessed.
What to do when you dream of seeing Money

What to do when you dream of seeing Money

What to do when you dream of seeing Money

We have been made to think that anytime we sleep and dream of seeing money that it is evil .

There is no evil thing on seeing money or dream about money when we sleep 

As a matter of fact the dream carry a bigger message than frightening.

Any time you sleep and see money, it doesn't mean that you will be poor .

If you have been thinking that anytime you sleep and dream about money, it means poverty change your mentality about it .

Anytime you sleep and dream about money, it means that you need to feed ORISA AJE OLOKUN.

THE meaning of the dream or dreaming that you see money is that you need to feed ORISA AJE OLOKUN.

Stop thinking that you would be poor if you dream about money or you see money in your dream .

You can see raw money in your dream like real life money or cowries.

Whatever the dream is, you need to feed ORISA AJE OLOKUN.

To feed ORISA AJE OLOKUN, you can contact me AJE NLA for that .

Don't fall for another AJE that would require you to be paying convenant .

AJE OLOKUN doesn't ask for convenant.

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

You don't have a business you do but you want to make money

You don't have a business you do but you want to make money

You don't have a business you do but you want to make money.

Is that not ritual ?

Or is he/she not a thief?

Am not one of those, if you come my WhatsApp to talk rubbish I would rubbish you down.

I am a man of principle and I have my specialty.

Quick money, money rituals , blood money etc is not my specialty. I don't do such.

But if you are looking for real solutions to everything where nothing works, where everything doesn't work.

If you want answers to all problem when everything fails.

You can contact me.

Am AJE NLA. Odewole Oluwo Aje Nla