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Dark secrets of AJE NLA

Dark secrets of AJE NLA

I don't have any secrets o because my cloth is clean and my wardrobe has no skeleton.

I just want to talk about the dark past of life.

Almost all Babalawo doesn't like AJE NLA because they think I am telling the truth and by doing that am blocking all the lies which they used to decieve people and eat.

If you guys have not been deceiving people, OBATALA would not have called me .

I am not a Jobless Man that see this as a source of survival, I get my Job .

I know a lot of people have carried a lot of sacrifice because they want me dead and yet am still standing .

I have decided to retaliate by locking anyone who try that shit again, I would lock your soul in the deepest part of the ocean such that you would be in coma in real Life, you would be in coma till eternity and if your family can no longer pay the hospital bill they would be advised to remove your life support system.

I remember that for years have been in the spirit realm as the friends of the ORISA and yet nothing happen, I leave a very bad life and I struggle a lot .

I remember I once told OLOKUN that they should all leave me alone since they can't change my Life for better.

They told me that they have done all they can for me to reverse my time that has been fast-forward.

Even though my time was reversed, yet it is not yet my time and there is nothing I can do.

I have fought my own battle and I won before I was giving the task to librate others .

Unlike other Babalawo who are yet to win their own battle of life. Get the embark on a spiritual journey of no return only for them to look for power where there is no power.

On a Final note, let everyone be.

You would get there .

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