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Monday, November 27, 2023

Sanponna / OBALUAYE (small intro and myth)

Sanponna / OBALUAYE (small intro and myth)

Sanpona, referred to as the divinity of Small pox was divined aspect of communal diseases- Epidemics.

 In other to prevent epidemics like small pox, chicken pox, measles and other deadly diseases, this divinity is worshiped among the Yoruba. 

The concept Sanpoona was developed among the Yoruba when they began to live in close communities within large cities. 

That period is identified as the Oduduwa Age and cities affected were initially, probably, in the northern areas of the Oyo kingdom.

The name Sanpoona itself indicates a Nupe Origin and means, at least in Yoruba, Smallpox. 

The Yoruba considered any feverish attack manifesting alongside with rashes as smallpox.

 Since chicken pox and rubella have similar presentation the name Sanpoona is not specific for small pox.

 Epidemics of fever and skin rashes were dreaded in traditional Yoruba society as a divine visitation. 

Consequently the terms like Ile Gbigbona (Hot Earth), Olode ( the scourge in town) were substituted for the word Sanponna.

The tutelary deity of the Sanponna cult was called Obaluaye (Universal king) no doubt because rapid dissemination of contagion and the resultant mortality and morbidity.

 In other words, the epidemic was regarded as an evidence of displeasure. 

This is reminiscent of the ancient Israelite attitude to Leprosy.
Sanponna Shrine and Groove

Sanponna Shrine and Groove

If you are thinking of having your own Sanponna shrine and groove, below is am hints on how it would look like 

His Grove and shrine 

 The grove is always at the backyard of a house.

 The door of his grove is usually a leather strip or cloth decorated with abundant cowry shell. 

The grove has no wooded or metal door.

His Grove also has a pot.. 

A pot containing cool water.

 This pot is known as Àwè Sànpònná. 

Small pebbles collected at the hill side. 

These pebbles are usually kept inside the pot for getting water. 

These pebbles are known as Ota-Olode

additional feeding Material for Sanponna

additional feeding Material for Sanponna

I have listed few feeding materials before this post, you can browse this blog for Sanponnna feeding materials. 

In addition to what was written before, below are additional materials regarding the feeding of Sanponna 

Don't forget that Sanponna is also called OBALUAYE 

 Obaluaye feeding materials:


bitter kola, 



palm wine, 

palm oil,




yam pottage, 


corn pudding, 


 roasted corn,


he goat, 

Sanponna Symbols

Sanponna Symbols

These are symbols associated with Sanponna. 

Sanponna Symbols are the following :

 A short sleeve shirt and pants soaked in camwood.

 A string of cowries known as Kérénsé. 

A club of iron known as Osé Sànpònná.
Mode of feeding Sanponna

Mode of feeding Sanponna

Mode of feeding Sanponna 

How do you feed Sanponnna? 

 His mode of feeding is discussed below in a simple highlight :

To feed Sanponnna, 

 Fed with palm wine first,

Then feed him with water 

Followed by any other material to feed Sanponnna . 

You must remain standing while feeding Sanponna. 

Sanponna praise name

Sanponna praise name

 Sanponnna Praise name 

If you want to be a devotee of Sanponna or you have interest in knowing his ORIKI or praise name. 

This blog is for you as we have written how praises below

Sanpoona’s praises names are;

Olode (The scourge of town)

Olofa (The arrow shooter)

Afi Olugbongbo daju ija ru (User of baton to cause more confusion)