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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Differences between OSANYIN and SANPONNA

Differences between OSANYIN and SANPONNA

Differences between OSANYIN and SANPONNA 

SANPONNA and OSANYIN are brothers when it comes to healing .

But SANPONNA is a bit different from OSANYIN and those little difference in what they do or those differences in who they are is what I want to talk about.

When someone is sick and they feed OSANYIN for that sick person, OSANYIN would definitely heal the person , no doubt.

But when a person is sick and that sickness has spiritual backings , I mean that sickness is not an ordinary sickness then SANPONNA is the man for the Job .

SANPONNA is a warrior and a healer .

SANPONNA would fight any body, kill anybody who is behind that sickness and at the same time healed the sick of the sickness .

When sickness is out of the ordinary then SANPONNA is the ORISA to rely upon for the solution to such sickness .

SANPONNA doesn't take nonsense from anyone and he (SANPONNA) is very strong and powerful ORISA.

Some people are just wicked, they loved to inflict other people with sickness due to jealousy or other reasons known to them.

If you know anyone who is sick or have been sick for a while now without any solution to such sickness, the best thing to do is to feed ORISA SANPONNA for such person .

That sickness would disappear from such a person who is sick and SANPONNA would not take it easy with the perpetrators .

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

Sunday, March 17, 2024

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Monday, December 18, 2023

Sanponna spiritual work to prevent / cure sickness

Sanponna spiritual work to prevent / cure sickness

Sanponna spiritual work to prevent / cure sickness

I'd like to describe to you a ritual of spiritual purification involving Babalú-Ayé, sanponna that is commonly practiced in Cuba. It’s used to prevent illnesses.

Begin by finding a piece of cloth or a bag, preferably white or purple. If these are not available, any color will do—as in my experience, I used red. Fill the bag with a mixture of uncooked solid grains such as rice, beans, and peas, along with sugar and coffee. Don't worry if you're missing some components; whatever you have will suffice, and it need not be a large quantity.

Rub the bag over your entire body while praying to Babalú-Ayé (Obaluaye), asking for deliverance from any illness or virus. Afterwards, bring the bag to a mountain or a crossroads and leave it there.

Upon returning home, ensure you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

What is the Orisha that heals?

What is the Orisha that heals?

What is the Orisha that heals?

Sanponna and Osanyin are the Orisa that deals with healing .

If you have any sickness, this are the Orisa you might have to feed so that they would take away your sickness.

In most cases you might have to first of all beg all the elders before feeding the above named orisa , that is you must first beg the elders before feeding of sanponna and Osanyin.

Monday, November 27, 2023

Sanponna Taboos

Sanponna Taboos

This are Sanponna taboo for you as his devotee or what you must not do on his shrine 

His Taboos are:

Nobody must stop drinking palm wine when the Deity is being fed.

 if so they will be afflicted with disease.

No one must whistle while feeding Sànpònná.

No drums to be beaten while feeding Sànpònná

Those with shaved head must not go near the shrine when feeding Sànpònná

No cursing while feeding Sanponna 

Put the shrine inside or in front of the home.
Sanponna's colour

Sanponna's colour

Sanponna's colour

For those who have been looking for Sanponnna favourite colour. 

Below is his favorite colour. 

His favorite color is Red.

Sanponnna is known to love red cloth. He is known to wear red most of the time. 

He also love other colours but Red is his favourite colour 
Another name for Sanponnna

Another name for Sanponnna

Another name for Sanponnna 

Sanponna is know with many names in many part of the world but the most common other name of Sanponna is OBALUAYE. 

OBALUAYE IS another name for Sanponnna. 

Those in diaspora only known Sanponna as OBALUAYE  .

If you have been hearing OBALUAYE anywhere, just know that it is Sanponna 


Sànpònná, one of the great deities in Yoruba. He has great facts about himself which make him the Deity he is today. 

Some of the facts are listed hereunder.

1) He is also known as Obaluaye, Igbona, Baba-Agba, itase, Olode.

2) He is responsible for pestilence

3) This Irunmole is well known for quick temper an furious nature.

4) He is also a very ugly-looking Irunmole

5) Sanpoona is a very straight forward, honest and sincere Deity.

6) He abhors cheating, wickedness and crime of any nature.

8:) He is a confident of Orunmila

9) He is the divinity of Small pox.