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Differences between OSANYIN and SANPONNA

Differences between OSANYIN and SANPONNA 

SANPONNA and OSANYIN are brothers when it comes to healing .

But SANPONNA is a bit different from OSANYIN and those little difference in what they do or those differences in who they are is what I want to talk about.

When someone is sick and they feed OSANYIN for that sick person, OSANYIN would definitely heal the person , no doubt.

But when a person is sick and that sickness has spiritual backings , I mean that sickness is not an ordinary sickness then SANPONNA is the man for the Job .

SANPONNA is a warrior and a healer .

SANPONNA would fight any body, kill anybody who is behind that sickness and at the same time healed the sick of the sickness .

When sickness is out of the ordinary then SANPONNA is the ORISA to rely upon for the solution to such sickness .

SANPONNA doesn't take nonsense from anyone and he (SANPONNA) is very strong and powerful ORISA.

Some people are just wicked, they loved to inflict other people with sickness due to jealousy or other reasons known to them.

If you know anyone who is sick or have been sick for a while now without any solution to such sickness, the best thing to do is to feed ORISA SANPONNA for such person .

That sickness would disappear from such a person who is sick and SANPONNA would not take it easy with the perpetrators .

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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