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Differences between OLOKUN AND OSUN

Differences between OLOKUN AND OSUN

Every ORISA has their Father and Mother so am I AJE NLA, I have my Father and Mother.

You all knew my Father, OBATALA is my father but the story of my Mother is what you don't know. 

Well, am telling you what you don't know now. OSUN is my Mother.

After I was born, she (OSUN) gave me to OLOKUN for safe keeping, teaching, guidance and mentorship. Hence OLOKUN became my Godfather.

Just like SANGO was born by YEMOJA, I AJE NLA is not different.

Many have tried to write about OLOKUN but they can't put their finger on it because nobody can write about OLOKUN. 

OLOKUN is a very busy ORISA who loves what he is doing ,he/she (OLOKUN) hides everything about himself that you can't understand or knew anything about him unless he (OLOKUN) told you or wanted you to know.

One of the reasons why people can't write or know much about OLOKUN is because OLOKUN is a very disciplined ORISA with millions of Laws.

Many people can't keep up with his discipline and laws so there is no reason in wasting his efforts on anyone.

OLOKUN is a giant ORISA who is multifunctional but his ways are not easy for mortal man to follow.

If I were to say the differences between OLOKUN and OSUN, you would have to sit and relearn something.

I wasn't going to say something big or something extra secretive.

OSUN is a mother to everyone with full passion, OSUN support the good and bad hoping that one day the bad would turn good.

Most time OSUN behalf like OLODUMARE who give rain to the good and bad at the same time.

But when you are talking about OLOKUN, you need to pay some respect for this ORISA because he doesn't like any stain whatsoever.

OLOKUN doesn't like bad people, OLOKUN doesn't want to see them at all in his presence.

If you want to follow OLOKUN then you must be a good person because being bad would only get you into more OLOKUN troubles.

OSUN is very compassionate and answer people's request any time and any day but when it comes to OLOKUN, you can't control him with your request. You have to wait till he examined you very well, you have to wait till he wants to give you. OLOKUN Must have tested you before he give his consent .

OLOKUN is a disciplined ORISA not meant for indisciplined individuals.

Everyone is rushing to OSUN because she doesn't look at your bad sides but nobody can walk the path of OLOKUN unless that individual is disciplined and ready to be good in everything.

OLOKUN loves his children and he cares for them very much.

Being an OLOKUN child, no one can harm you because OLOKUN protection is second to none.

All ORISA takes their children to OLOKUN for ultimate protection because that is one of his strength.

Don't forget I mentioned in one of my articles that no one can kill the child of OLOKUN because you would definitely saw it coming.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA 

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