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Differences between feeding of egbe Orun and doing Sara for egbe orun

Differences between feeding of egbe Orun and doing Sara for egbe orun 

I know it is hard for some people to find a common grounds to this things as they don't really know the difference.

What many people have been doing is Sara for egbe orun and this is when you buy fruits etc and you take it to a flowing river. 

What you do is Sara and it is a very good and effective way of begging for more time from your egbe orun.

When you do Sara for your egbe orun, you are buying more time for yourself till you do the right thing.

If you continue to do Sara everytime and you didn't do the right thing for yourself, you are somehow creating more problem for yourself indirectly because doing Sara is like promising to do the right thing. Now that you are only doing Sara up and down,at a point your egbe orun would not even look at the Sara and it would look as if they didn't hear you .

It is because you have made so many vows with each Sara you make and you didn't fulfill any.

On the other hand ...

Feeding of egbe Orun is when you visit a legit Babalawo who has a confirm ORISA egbe and ORISA ONIMERE.

The babalawo would feed ORISA egbe and ORISA ONIMERE for you which would cut across all your egbe orun, power, charging your life and making life easier for you.

Not everyone has a legit ORISA egbe and ORISA ONIMERE is an ancient ORISA that's is not seen everywhere.

So, most feeding are null and invalid hence you move from one babalawo to another feeding the same egbe and yet no difference or changes desired from you.

I think the son of OBATALA has spoken wisely and lightly on the difference between egbe orun feeding and doing Sara for egbe orun.

I remained AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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