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How many ORISA AJE do we have?

How many ORISA AJE do we have? 

We. Have More than 200 ORISA AJE

When I wrote and said there are more than 200 ORISA AJE, many people want to fight me but they can't because if they do, it would have been their own demise.

I am not ABIDO SHAKER but believe me I have seen death and I know the father of all creation, they called him OBATALA.

You can't hear the truth anywhere except from me AJE NLA because I know the pain and torture that awaits me if I tell lies or do what is wrong.

You guys don't know the cost of telling the truth because telling the truth is cheaper for me and it save my neck from the dangerous dealing and correction from the ORISA .

So I said again, No one can tell you the truth except AJE NLA. I feared the OLODUMARE's judgement than anything else in the world .

I have said it times without number, many people can't tell the difference between AJE OLOKUN and other ORISA AJE.

I once said that AJE OLOKUN doesn't eat ekuru but they see me as enemy and I loved making enemy.

I already have two out of 200 ORISA AJE, I know it's a long way but the journey of 200 ORISA AJE started with AJE OLOKUN.

AJE OLOKUN doesn't eat EKURU and eggs.. 

There are other AJE that does eat those but don't confuse it together.

You can argue all you want, what do you know? 

Reading books and waiting to get information from a book.

Do you know that some ORISA doesn't like me talking about them in public ?

Just like the other ORISA AJE I posted some days ago, I had to delete the post because the ORISA doesn't want it.

I remain AJE NLA
The only son of OBATALA

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