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Pastors and the cult they belong

Pastors and the cult they belong 

It is no longer News that Pastors are now cultist.

Pastors are doing rituals more than anyone that you could imagine and it is gradually becoming a norm.

Pastors sleep in coffins for some specific days of the month especially on a full moon nights.

This Pastor uses church as a cover to cover their evil deeds and if you are not ready to join them, then your church ministries is not ready to grow.

This cultist Pastors knew themselves and this are few things to note about them.

They love to be the centre of attraction, they want people to notice them.

They love fame so they work with media and you hear a lots of news about them.

They produce a lots of slangs more than Yahoo boys and notorious thieves.

They preach more on giving to God (themselves) than giving to fellow man

They claim that you won't make heaven if you don't pay tithe or offering as if they were the one who made it. If only heaven was real then the white man wouldn't have introduced the white supremacy religion. 

They call their followers sheep because they know their followers are brain dead.

They do fake miracles by hiring people to trick other people .

They sleep with female members of their church. If your pastor has ever slept with you, you need deliverance because to make it in Life would be much harder. You have been used by your Pastor, anointing is not transmitted by sex 

They drive big cars and have a lot of security yet they (Pastors) preached that God would protect their church members.

They curse any member who ask them questions relating to accountability, they don't want to be hold responsible or accountable to whatever they do with the church funds.

They have wives and children outside marriage and they keep it a secrets . Yet they disgrace church members who had a child outside marriage or who has more than one wife.

They smoke weeds in the Conner of their house.

They often go to strip clubs and bar to drinks.

They create such a wonderful imaginary stories when they preach to convinced people.

Some pastors teachers how to speak in tongue, what a nice concept. Do they learn that from angels?

Pastors now teachers how to do miracle as if they owns all the power in the world.

If your Pastor has one or two of this traits, you need to exit that church

I remained AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

Don't reason my matter because ELEGBARA Elegba is not your mate.

OBATALA is calm but ............. 
If you know, you know 

OLOKUN is not smiling in the face of evil.

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