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OBATALA the great ORISA that give obi it's power

OBATALA the great ORISA that give obi it's power 


It is not a doubt that OBATALA is the ORISA for authority and that is why you can't do without him.

Have you ever ask where Obi got it's power from?

There is no feeding of any ORISA that they would not cast Obi.

They have to cast obi to know if the feeding is successful or not.

The role of obi cannot be underestimated because obi tells us if there is something that is still needed to be done after the each ceremony or feeding of ORISA.

I have been wandering how Obi got that power to speak and I always thought it was IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO that give obi it's power until I consult IFA .

OBATALA is the ORISA for authority, there is no authority outside OBATALA and there is no authority without OBATALA.

Whether you believe in OBATALA or not.

There is no way you would do anything without casting Obi .

Obi is powered by OBATALA, the authority to grant authority to Obi 

Respect the old man,
The creator of all

The son of OBATALA 

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