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Friends and clique - The downfall of many great man

Friends and clique - The downfall of many great man 

Many great Man have come and gone in the history of Mankind and they all have some things in common.


Friends and cabals are the reason and forces behind the fall of many great man who could have been greater.

I mean no disrespect but if igb*h* wasn't in any cabals of friends and clique,he would have achieved the unachievable.

He was probably betrayed by a friend, arrested by a friend, setup and charged by a friend.

And after some time was released by a friend .

Not everyone could read in between the lines , not everyone could understand the pressure.

Those who are friends are the same people he (igb*h*) tried to remove from power by his movement. If only he (igb*h*) succeeded, the cabals would have been downgraded to just boys and they don't want that.

I remember when Ad@ms Osh!0m0l€ was still Ad@ms, .fighting for the NLC like a saviour pro Max. We all knew what happened when he joined the Cabals..... 

Bros J of the christians was also betrayed by his dear friend Judas.

If you really want to retain your position and power both in the spirit realm and physical.

If you want to accomplished that which is impossible for anyone to do.

Then you need to stay away from friends and cliques.

Note: I mean no disrespect for any one whose name was used in this article ,it is just for citation and I thank you for your love.

The son of OBATALA.

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