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Life without Elegba is full of Evil

Life without Elegba is full of Evil

This life is full of Evil, everyone want to have a piece of you because of what you are destined to be or the glory you have.

They used your star, energy and glory while you battles with hardship and troubles.

You moved from mountain to mountains and still nothing changes...

Elegba is the right Man for you...

Elegba is sent my OLODUMARE for this purpose .

Elegba is the father of justice and he doesn't care how many people would die for you to live in as much as they have committed a crime against you .

Elegba the father of ESU .

Elegba is not an ORISA you see every where .

I salute you..
I remains AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

Don't forget that every Sunday is for OBATALA, the father of creation .

OBATALA I am greatly indepted to your kindness, love and guidance.

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