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AJE NLA and his ORISA family

AJE NLA and his ORISA family.

All this ORISA have been carefully selected by ORISA NLA, OBATALA the father of creation.

OBATALA the creator , created so many vast realm undiscovered by man yet occupied by living creatures.

OBATALA is the authority without which nothing happened.

I cannot forget the role of OLOKUN,my Godfather.

The ORISA that put my under his wing and trained me to be who I was.

I remember yeye OSUN, my first point of contact.
I met her when I had nothing.

The key to other ORISA .

Her patience and words of advise got me going.

I cannot forget SANGO olukoso, who light the path  to any battle with his lightening. Causes rain of fire to fall on the battlefield.

His wife OYA is no exceptions for her kind support.

I can't forget Sanponna, the healer of all sickness and bringer of justice to the evil doers who bewitch people with sickness.

I can't ignore the big birds in the sky and ocean. IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO. They bring clients and make sure I never go broke .

ORISA ONIMERE has been supportive in dreams and job creation .

ORISA EGBE for all Egbe in their millions ..they love to see me grow and successful.

Orisa OLUBORI,  a giant female dominating force and ORISA that always have a simple solution to most problem

Orisa AGBODERE, the family ORISA that never forget his own blood 

ORISA OKO, the lord of harvest and plenty which make sure I never run out of food.

OSUMARE the ORISA for season , weather and climate. Always making sure I have a good weather at all time. I don't have any bad day , thanks to OSUMARE.

ORISA AGEMO, the ORISA for plenty. She makes sure I have enough.

Elegba, the father of ESU... He told me to remain focus and worried less about anyone, he got my back so no one dares do evil.

ORISA KUDETI, the bringer of death on those who wish me death. He makes sure that I never die young or before my time because he owns the key to the underworld,he is death .

ORISA OGUN,he clears the path and make sure my way is clean and free of obstacles.

ESU ORITA,he is always waiting for me each time I go to T junction to throw things , he is more than supportive.

ORISA ORIMADE , he make sure I remain pure and not stained . He keep my bloodline purest and undiluted because I am royalty. He fought those who fight against me.

ORISA ORIKI makes sure that all my ORISA and friends are well praised from time to time .

And many millions more....

This are the few I can remember as at this evening when I wrote this...

I couldn't have been where I am without them,I can't be AJE NLA without this ORISA.

They powered my name, they fueled my mind and they are my business associates.

I remained the son of OBATALA 

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