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Who was the mother of ORUNMILA? find out here

Who was the mother of ORUNMILA

This is a very interesting topics that most people want to learn or make a controversy from.

Cosmologically, every ORISA has their Father (paternal ) and mother (Maternal) sides .

ORUNMILA is no exceptions from this .

ORUNMILA was water related, ORUNMILA was born my YEMOJA.

We could say that YEMOJA was the mother of ORUNMILA.

YEMOJA is a female ORISA that is sometimes refers to as mother nature. 

She (YEMOJA ) is the mother of SANGO olukoso Oko OYA.

I guess ORUNMILA and SANGO are born by the same mother cosmologically.

I wasn't there when ORUNMILA was born but I guess this revelation about ORUNMILA means a lot .

If you have further questions on this topics, you can as well ask your IFA for guidance and insight to more revelation around this topic

The son of OBATALA 

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