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ORUNMILA never left this world because of this shocking reason

ORUNMILA never left this world because of this shocking reason

Many religion put the faith of their followers hanging by promising them that they would return after going to prepare a special place for them somewhere which they believed was heaven .

ORUNMILA is not one of those who promised their devotee or followers neither does he (ORUNMILA) promised his devotee that he has prepared a place for them somewhere .

ORUNMILA never left this world and he (ORUNMILA) makes it a duty to visit all babalawo every day.

If you don't know this before, you need to know this that ORUNMILA the father of IFA always pay you a visit as a babalawo.

He looks into what you do, makes a comments, give you more wisdom, promote you spiritually or demote you depending on what you do.

In fact ORUNMILA score the performance of each babalawo and he give out some gift to some of his trusted devotee and lovers .

This is one of the reasons why babalawo grows bigger in the spirit as they grow Spiritually in what they do .

ORUNMILA never left this world in as much as there is babalawo, he always pay each babalawo a visit and he (ORUNMILA) does that every day.

I remained AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA 

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