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Controversy sorrounding the birth of ORUNMILA and his relationship with Oke Igeti

Controversy sorrounding the birth of ORUNMILA and his relationship with oke igeti

I made a post some days ago on how ORUNMILA was born and it was haywire.

So many questions and so many troubled mind.

Well , let me put your mind at rest .

ORUNMILA had many reincarnation just like OSUN , YEMOJA and others before him.

In many of his reincarnation, he emerges out from the water .

Those are in the early years on mankind when man are not known to evil and evil has not yet filled the heart of men.

In his later reincarnated years, he was born like humans via a family.

This is when he was born at oke igeti and formed his relationship with oke igeti 

ORUNMILA is attributed to oke igeti because he was born there in one of his reincarnation.

There are rules and guidelines for this ORISA and they all followed them gently and diligently.

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Follow this link (http://www.orisa.com.ng/2024/04/how-orunmila-was-born.html) to read on how ORUNMILA was born.

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