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Sanponna spiritual work to prevent / cure sickness

Sanponna spiritual work to prevent / cure sickness

I'd like to describe to you a ritual of spiritual purification involving Babalú-Ayé, sanponna that is commonly practiced in Cuba. It’s used to prevent illnesses.

Begin by finding a piece of cloth or a bag, preferably white or purple. If these are not available, any color will do—as in my experience, I used red. Fill the bag with a mixture of uncooked solid grains such as rice, beans, and peas, along with sugar and coffee. Don't worry if you're missing some components; whatever you have will suffice, and it need not be a large quantity.

Rub the bag over your entire body while praying to Babalú-Ayé (Obaluaye), asking for deliverance from any illness or virus. Afterwards, bring the bag to a mountain or a crossroads and leave it there.

Upon returning home, ensure you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

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