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Make sure you have the elders blessing before the end of this year

Make sure you have the elders blessing before the end of this year 

There are many ways to have the elders blessings, the role of the elders cannot be over emphasize.

The elders make sure you are loved by people around you and everywhere you go .

On this blog, I have written a lot of post on the elders which you can peep through.

Various way to beg the elders are the following..

Look for old people who are less privileged around you and give them some cash to spend the Festive Period, the money doesn't have to be hug. It can be as low as N1000 divided into 100 which you would give to 10 different old people.

You can make your 1000 pieces and give like 10 elders, if you have more money you can buy food stuff, cloths etc and give to older people who has no money or you give out some cash .

The other form of begging of the elders require you to give an IFA priest to beg the elders in your behalf. I can help you to beg the elders and within two weeks you would start seeing changes. This method of the elders begging is what mostly happened and most common.

You need to buy favour against next and coming years , so that next year would be easier for you.

The best time to do the begging is now.

Why do you think celebrity are doing give away this period, it's to buy favour in the coming years .


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