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The ORISA for Agriculture and Solution to Fulani herdman - Video


 The ORISA for Agriculture and Solution to Fulani herdman - Video 

I have a visitor two days ago while I was preparing for a soul travel,a spiritual journey to visit my Godfather OLOKUN.

As I was preparing to sleep on my bird, the atmosphere changes and it was ORISA OKO that entered the room.

He said AJE NLA bring your head let me give you some inspiration and I did.

ORISA OKO is the ancient ORISA for agriculture, he make sure that you see your money and profit back in your agriculture business.

ORISA OkO makes sure that your animals didn't die ,he make sure that whatever was planted germinate in a giant way.

ORISA OkO was the ORISA that make sure that Fulani herdman are at bay in the olden days because any Fulani herdman that enter the farm with his cattle will pay with the life of all the cattle.

Orisa OKO is very common in OYO and am not sure if we still have it in OYO .

ORISA OKO is very active in India and Philippines because this country are doing well in agriculture.

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