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What makes AJE NLA special from others

What makes AJE NLA special from others

I am not OLODUMARE and I don't want to be OLODUMARE, I am not OBATALA yet OBATALA back me in his mighty back that I shouldn't fall.

I am not OSUN but I can't stop learning to be patient from her , am not IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO yet they covered me with their wings such that I can fly and I never fall down.

I pay my tributes to all the ORISA and I have more than just faith in them because they have prove more than alive than any other religious Beliefs.

Someone came to me for feeding of ORISA ONIMERE and after the feeding the person ask me.

Aje NLA why are you not putting sakamaje or small shakara Into what you are doing,make it look bigger than what it is .

I laughed and told him that I don't need to stress myself,I already see the presence of my friends from the other realms, I am also in the spirit realm to enhance the prayer and feeding of the ORISA .

I don't need to do any stress or sakamaje for my prayers to be answered .

The authority is there and i don't need to use horn power or whatever.

I said I am already stress with you being here and using my spiritual energy to enhance the prayer.

I don't need additional stress by jumping up and down and adding what doesn't add value to it.

On a final note I said,if you didn't see any changes within 3 month come and collect your money.


He was shocked..

How many babalawo can say that?

I have faith in what I do and I drive on a full tank of faith .


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